PASTOR DONATUS – Episode 2 (21+)

PASTOR DONATUS - Episode 3 (21+)


#In The Church Garden

Episode 2

Pastor Donald stared at the man’s wife a** and licked his lower lip lustfully, many thoughts going on his mind as the corner of his lips cracked into a smile.
He released his locked hands and opened a locker attached to one of the legs of the four legged table and brought out a red box.

He opened the red box and mumbled some incoherent words to himself and tapped the edge of the white handkerchief twice on his forehead before putting it inside the red box and closed it, he returned it to were he has taken it earlier.

He was still thinking on the next action he will take when a knock landed on his door,
he closed and opened his eyes and released a hot breathe after adjusting his tie.
“Make ona enter” he instructed the people at the door.

A woman and a young girl about seventeen years walked in,
“Pastor, good evening” the woman greeted him.
He stared expectantly at the young fair tall teenager who is with the woman for greetings.

She only waved her hand shyly, “make ona sit down” he offered them chair and they sat.
“Pastor, I hear say you dey heal people. I no be member of this church,
but if you fit make my daughter to talk, I go come this church”
the woman told him, he nodded slowly.

“You really come the right place,
go outside and wait for your daughter, she go come join you with sweet voice” pastor Donald told the woman who nodded and smiled in appreciation.

The woman left the room closing the door behind her,
Pastor Donald brought out the white handkerchief and placed it on his laps.
“Come this side” he told the naive young girl to come across the table were he sat,
she walked slowly without any iota of self-confidence and stood before him.

He asked her to squat with signal, she squatted betwixt his legs.
“Close your eyes and open your mouth” he instructed her.
she obeyed, “don’t dare open your eyes o, if you no wan dey blind” he told her.

She nodded slowly and did what he asked her to,
Pastor Donald saw the fear he has set in her grinned happily.
He unzipped his trouser ‘s zip and brought out his long cu*** black d***,
he rotated the white handkerchief twice around it,
before he wrapped the white handkerchief on his ha*** d***.

He held her head and insert his ha** d*** inside her mouth,
“Yes, yes, that is the spirit in form of the rod of God’s servant, umhh..” he gro** in excitement,
as her soft lips wrapped his h*** d***.
He started moving her head slowly on his size,
he tighten his face as he enjoyed the feel of blo***.

“Kokoko!” a knock landed on the door, he stiffened.

“Who.. b.e th..a..t!?” He blurted those words within clenched teeth of se**** excitement.

“na me pastor, the treasure of this church” the voice at the door replied. “So, you wan see God?!” He responded angrily with raised voice.

“Sorry!” the voice replied quickly. “Umh.. oohh!” Pastor Donald started pushing the girl’s head up and down faster,
as she pop her lips on his ha** d*** incessantly.
“Oooohhh” he mo*** as he feels his explosion building up and tingling sensation growing in his ba***.

“Swallow a..m, th..e h..oly is” he mumbled incoherently as his mouth wide open,
he pushed into her mouth and c** heavily.
the girl’s face tightened in disgust and she felt the taste of his c** in her mouth.

She tighten her eyes and swallowed it since she has no choice but to to do,
Pastor Donatus exhale and inhale momentarily catching his breathe.

He wiped out the sweat forming on his forehead,
“Go in peace” he told the girl, she stood up and opened her mouth to talk “thank you, sir” she said and marveled.

She couldn’t contain her excitement and ran off happily outside to meet her mother,
the treasurer stepped into the room smiling sheepishly with the bag containing the offerings for the day and a book.

Outside the consultation room, the girl was jumping happily shouting and praising God.
“Thank God, my daughter fit talk” the woman said happily,
her daughter couldn’t wait to talk to her friends.
she ran off leaving her mother behind “Onyi, you no go wait so that we go thank man of God?” her mother called after her.

She didn’t even respond or look back, inside the consultation room.
“Brother Tom, na all the offerings be this?” Pastor Donald asked suspiciously,
he nodded vigorously and handed the record book to the pastor to confirm, he flipped some pages and took some glances before covering it.

“What of the Secretary?” Pastor Donald asked him, “em don go house, emergency” he replied.
Donald waved him off, and he left his office.


Back at the young couple’s house, it was evening and the appointment her wife booked with Pastor Donald she was determined to fulfill it.
She sat on her dressing mirror,
making sure she looks attractive as possible.

“You wan go seduce the pastor, this one you no gree leave mirror again?” Her husband threw at her,
he has began to suspect his wife of misconduct.
his wife simply hummed a praise song “cleanliness is next to godliness” she replied him and cleared her throat.

She stood up and turned around before the mirror,
checking herself out.
“I don go” she told her husband and grabbed the Bible on the bed.

Her husband ignored her and laid on the bed,
he wish he can tell her that the reason why they can’t have baby is because he has low sp*** count.
he rolled on the bed frustratedly, wondering if not telling his wife is a wife decision.


Right at the church compound, Pastor Donald was walking around inspecting the environment.
he had gone under the apple trees, that the bell is situated betwixt two of the apple trees.
he was about walking back when someone greeted him from behind,
he turned sharply and lower his eyes in recognition on the beautiful face he is seeing.

“Aahh.. I even forget to ask you of your name that time wey your husband and you come” he told her smiling and walking towards his house with the short he wore.
“My name na Choma, my husband name na Emeka” she replied him and followed him to his house.

When they got inside “lock the door” pastor Donald told her,
she did and took a seat.
Pastor Donald nodded slowly and mumbled some words Choma thought it is prayer.

He went inside the other room that serves as his bedroom,
he shifted the curtail and peeped inside the sittingroom “the spirit just tell me now say, make we do the deliverance inside room here” he told her.


PASTOR DONATUS - Episode 3 (21+)

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