One night with my billionaire boss episode 9

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The butler came in and was thrilled to see that the signing of the contract was done.
After signing, Tanaga put the two copies in two different brown envelopes. He gave
a copy to Ashley while he held his very own copy like a treasure. The butler had a massive grin on his face as he came in. “Ahem! Ahem! Boss, if
you’re finished, lunch is ready .”

Tanaga quickly put the envelope in the drawer and locked it. He walked out toward
the dining room without looking back. Unknowingly, Ashley was still thinking of
the incident.

Ashley couldn’t understand why her dreams ended this way. She was pondering
about what would her life be before she would be able to fulfill the agreement

While Ashley was still thinking, Tanaga stopped walking when he realized there
was no one following him. He turned around and saw Ashley was still in her seat, in
deep thoughts, and kept on sighing.

The butler also stopped and glanced at where Tanaga was looking… ‘Hmmm? He is
waiting for Ashley and wanted her to join him… But why not just tell her?

What does
he think of Ashley, a mind reader? Oh my, smart people are totally different. They
don’t know how to get along… ‘

Few more minutes had passed, and Ashley was still sitting, irritating Tanaga. “If
you’re done thinking, maybe we can eat now. I know that you haven’t eaten
breakfast yet. It would be diffcult if you faint from hunger.”

When Ashley didn’t respond and not moving, Tanaga decided to approach her.
Ashley was shocked to see Tanaga in front of her. “Oh my god!” Ashley screamed
and jumped in fright, causing the chair to fall from her sudden move. Tanaga
quickly wrapped his arm around Ashley’s waist to keep her from falling and
bumping her head on the floor

Their eyes met while dumbfounded because of how fast the incident that occurred.
Not for long, Ashley looked sideways, blushing red from her neck to her ears
because she could hear and feel Tanaga’s breath on her face.

“Sorry. I was just surprised ‘coz you frightened me,” Ashley said with a tiny voice,
and her body stiffened because of Tanaga’s tight embrace.

When Tanaga didn’t reply, “Sir, I’m okay now. Please…,” as she pushed him a little.
“Ah,” Tanaga said with disappointment. He thought if only they remained in this
position even for a few minutes. Nonetheless, he took a deep breath to smell the sweet scent of the lady and help Ashley to sit down properly at the same time while
he stood and straightened himself up to calm his heating body.

The butler smiled as he turned around and left the two.
“Sir, do you want something? I’m sorry! If I didn’t go out right away because I don’t
know what to do?” Ashley asked, looked down at her feet, still blushing.
“We’ll talk about that, but for now, join me for lunch first. Do you understand?”
said the irritated Tanaga to the nervous Ashley.

“Sir? You want me to eat with you? But Sir…” Ashley was not able to finish her
sentence because Tanaga suddenly grabbed her arm and let her stand. And
simultaneously pulled her toward the dining area. “If I said you’ll join me eating,
you’ll join me without more questions. Understood?”

“Yes…” Asley replied, almost like a whisper because her feet wobbled in fear.
Tanaga didn’t understand why his chest hurts as though a needle pricked his heart
whenever Ashley reacted like this as if she was afraid of him, … It was the first for
Tanaga to worry about a woman.


One night with my billionaire boss episode 10
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