One night with my billionaire boss episode 9




Tanaga was staring intensely at Ashley with a half-smile plastered on his face like a
possessed man.
Meanwhile, Ashley was in deep concentration as she read through the contract, and
would frown once in a while.

As the butler went inside the office, he heard Ashley asked about the last statement
of the contract.

“Sir, it was stated here in the last part of the contract that whatever the result
might be, either girl or boy, that I would receive ten million for each child? Is that
right?” Ashley asked astonished without blinking her eyes.

The butler almost dropped the tray he was carrying, which was filled with snacks
and drinks when he heard how much Tanaga was willing to pay Ashley.
‘With that great amount, for sure, after giving Tanaga an heir, she would leave
faster than a speeding bullet train to return home. This is wrong, and I need to find
a way for her to delay getting pregnant so she could not leave…,’ thought the butler.

All of a sudden, the butler’s face shone brightly as a plan spawned in this brain.
‘Why not make them fall in love with each other, it would solve her leaving after
giving birth. Hmmm?’

“Ahem! Sir, Miss, why not have some cold drinks and some sweets first to hold your
hunger while waiting for lunch. As you can see, the chef needs an hour to finish
cooking,” the butler said with a friendly smile as he set the tray down.
However, after placing the glass filled with juice…- His hand bumped into it and
spilled the liquid on Ashley and onto the contract in her hand. After the juice spilled on the contract, the butler quickly grabbed it from Ashley’s
hands while he begged for forgiveness and hurried out to get a cleaning rag.

Tanaga was also surprised and panicked. In a sudden move, he stood and went to
Ashley, and helped her shook off the liquid from the spilled part on her clothes. He
was so into the task and hadn’t noticed his hand was now touching the most
sensitive part of her body…

At the same time, Ashley was also troubled with her long wet pants and didn’t
notice Tanaga’s hands were now on the wrong place. When she felt a hand brushing
her thigh and went nearer to her… you know what, the urge to protect herself set in
and her hand pushed Tanaga involuntarily.

“Bang!” was the loud sound made when Tanaga’s butt powerfully struck the tiled
Floor. Due to the suddenness, he was also in utter shock, making his eyes grew big,
and his mouth gaped when he fell.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Ashley cried. “I didn’t mean to do it. I was so surprised and
did it!” she said as she almost burst into tears and covered her face in fear at the
same time.

Little did she know, Tanaga was not angry at all. Instead, he threw back his head
and roared into laughter by the thought that out of panic, he lost his composure and
almost touched the girl’s ahem…- And got what he deserved. His laughs were so
loud that it reverberated outside the office.

Just in time for the butler to come in after he read the content of the contract.
In truth, he purposely dumped the drink just to grab the contract away from Asley’s
hands and read what’s in agreement to find a way that it would not come to pass.


As of the moment, Tanaga printed another two copies of the contract, and Ashley
was now signing the papers. In other words, the deal was sealed. Ashley had given
her consent to become the surrogate mother of Tanaga’s heir.

[What will possibly be the outcome of their story? Do you think they will be
successful and have a baby? In case she will get pregnant, will Ashley can bear to
leave her child behind in exchange for the ten million bucks?] Tanaga purposely increased the amount from one million to ten million after he
asked his secretary to add the changes in the agreement to make sure she would not
decline the offer.

One night with my billionaire boss episode 9
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