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She jumped off of the bed and stood there frozen in fear. She wanted to try and help him, but she didn’t know what to do. She thought of calling for the butler as she stood there, contemplating her options.

Thinking the butler might be her best option, she turned for the door. Suddenly, Tanaga shouted, and she stopped dead in her tracks. His loud voice rang in her ears as she stood frozen, waiting to endure Tanaga’s wrath.

“What is wrong with you? If you decided you’re not ready, you could’ve just said so! I asked you! You didn’t have to kick me. You know, that can cause damage! What if it caused enough damage that I couldn’t ever have children?” Tanaga’s face flushed, both from the anger and the pain he was experiencing.

Ashley didn’t know what to do. Should she leave? Should she apologize? Should she find the butler to ask for help? She decided apologizing was the first thing she needed to do. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

Before she could say anything else, Tanaga was shouting again. “What are you doing? Don’t just stand there like you’re stupid! Come over here and help me up!” He yelled furiously as he glared at her. His words did not bode well with Ashley, and now she was as pissed off as he was.

Instead of going to him to help him, she walked out the door. She turned to look at Tanaga, “Go die! You asshole, what do you take me for? Help yourself!” With that, she slammed the door shut as hard as she could.

The bang of the slamming door startled the butler awake as he sat dozing in a chair in the hall. “Ma’am, is there something I can help you with?”

Ashley paused for a moment. At a loss for better words, she replied, “It’s not me who needs help. It’s your boss. Go in there.” She turned around and headed for the deck, desperately feeling the need for fresh air.

The butler quickly got up and went into the room. His eyes grew wide at the sight of his boss. The butler was sure he was wide awake now. Tanaga was still lying on the floor, his hands clutching near his groin, a look of desperation on his face.

The butler snickered to himself as he thought to himself, ‘I wonder what could have happened? Oh, my! Look at him! He still has a lot to learn…’

The butler helped Tanaga get up and sat him on the edge of the bed. “Just a moment, Sir. I’ll go and get an ice pack.” Before the butler could turn to leave, Tanaga grabbed his arm.

“No! I don’t need an ice pack. I just need you to help me get up and support me while I walk.” Before he stood, he asked, “Where did Ashley go?”

“I don’t know! I came in as soon as she told me you needed my help. I didn’t see where she went.” The butler said, helping Tanaga to his feet. Slowly the two began making their way to the ship’s deck to look for Ashley.

When they finally reached the deck, Ashley was nowhere in sight. ‘Where could she be? She couldn’t have gone far. She left the room just before we did.’ He thought to himself as they looked around.

“Sir, she may have returned to your room.” The butler said as if he had heard Tanaga’s thoughts.

“Are you kidding? Eh! We just came from there. There’s no way she could’ve gone back there without passing us on her way. Right?” He pointed out to the butler as he glared at him, his eyes nearly bulging from their sockets.

“Go! Find out where my wife went. When you find her, tell her I need to talk to her and send her to the lounge. Right now!” Tanaga ordered, worried that she might’ve jumped into the sea after he shouted at her like that.

He went to the lounge to wait. A few minutes later, the butler walked in with a concerned look on his face. He, too, now growing worried that something might have happened to her.

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