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Ashley was about to pull away when Tanaga’s lips landed on hers. She was caught off guard; there was no escaping it.

He moved quickly at first, wanting to land his kiss before she had time to try and pull away. At first, it was like kissing a mannequin, getting no response from her. Tanaga slowed down. His kisses were soft and sweet.

Ashley found herself responding to the warmth and sweetness of his kisses. When his tongue entered her mouth and teased her, she was unable to stop herself.

This was a feeling she had never experienced before. After a while, she gave up, trying to resist him. The heat of the moment was intense, and she gave into it ultimately.

Tanaga kissed her with a passion that seemed intent on devouring her entirely, Ashley countering equally to his every move. Tanaga stopped suddenly, leaving Ashley breathless and shocked.

Tanaga’s mind was reeling. Was she only pretending she didn’t have any experience? She kisses like a professional. What’s happening here? He looked into her eyes curiously.

Ashley could tell he was deep in thought as he stared at her. The shock of Tanaga stopping so suddenly left her feeling self-conscious, now acutely aware of her actions. She was confused and humiliated.

She opened her mouth to say something, but again, Tanaga pressed his lips softly to hers. He was still trying to gauge her experience. Suddenly he changed tempo, kissing her urgently without hesitation.

Ashley didn’t stop him, but she wasn’t reciprocating either. She was as dead as a corpse. It became clear to him that she didn’t know how to respond to his rougher, more eager advances. She indeed was as inexperienced as she’d said. He grew more excited, realizing he will be the first man to ever make love to her, his wife.

He cared deeply about her. He didn’t want her to feel forced. Speaking softly, he asked, “Are you ready? If we continue, there’s no turning back. So, I need you to tell me. Do you want me to keep going?” His eyes were intense as he looked at her. She could feel his body’s desire to continue, now pressing against her leg, hard as a rock.

Ashley said nothing as she gazed back at him. He took her silence as a signal for him to proceed. Tanaga released one of Ashley’s hands from above her head. Slowly, he moved his free hand underneath her dress. He rubbed her femininity, his hard shaft grinding against her leg in unison with the motion of his hand.

She suddenly remembered the other day when she’d seen Tanaga naked and discovered the impressive size of his manhood. The memory of it startled her.

The thought of Tanaga’s shaft going inside her now seemed terrifying. She let her fear get the best of her and acted recklessly. With all the force she could muster, she pushed against Tanaga’s chest with her free hand. She pushed against him at the same time with both of her feet, one of them landing directly on the right part of Tanaga, she feared.

Tanaga fell off of the bed and onto the floor. “Oh, my God!!!” Tanaga was on the floor, in pain, holding the treasured part of his body she had just trampled with her foot.

Her eyes widened at the sight of what she had caused. “I’m so sorry! Oh, my God!! I didn’t mean to do that!” She stammered out, terrified of how Tanaga would react to her reckless mistake.

‘What now?’ Ashley asked herself.

One night with my billionaire boss episode 37
One night with my billionaire boss episode 35
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