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Tanaga realizes that Ashley hasn’t said a word and was only seating quietly. He was going to let it all go, but it’s going to be obvious to the officers.

Ashley’s mind drifted in space and was unaware everyone had been watching her for a long time after not replying to Tanaga’s question. So, the husband teased her by giving her cheek a peck, shocking her back to earth.

“Ay! My God, Santa Maria!” she yelped and stared with big eyes at Tanaga as a pink tinge rushed up from her neck to her face, but she couldn’t complain because of the two Immigration officers present. She could only think of playing along with the husband by lowering her head and smiling shyly combined with an instant heavy jab of her elbow on Tanaga’s ribcage.

”Get ready! When this dinner is over and we have nothing else to do. I will surely skin you alive now that I’m now your wife and have the rights …” Then paused in confusion. “Do I really have the right?’

While the husband gulped an agonizing groan as he smiled back at her with a little payback plan in mind.

An hour after, Ashley thank God as the very boring and antagonizing dinner was about to end. Antagonizing because she had to act and speak modestly for the whole duration as the main focus of the conversation.

She couldn’t wait for all the ‘guests’, but in reality were fault finders to leave, so she could put on comfortable clothing and relax, because she needed the strength of mind and heart to discuss their situation with her boss/husband.

Finally, the two immigration officers said their goodbyes with a huge smile on their faces.

“All right, Sir! Ma’am, Ma’am Hanada! Thank you so much for your invitation and a wonderful feast. Congratulations again on your wedding! Hoping on your baby’s baptism you will invite us, too.” The senior officer said with an embarrassed grin and a scratch on his nape, buut hoping for the invitation to taste the michelin chef’s dishes again.

Tanaga only replied with a smile, while Ashley’s cheeks turned cherry red. When the two officers had left the wharf, Ashley’s rigid muscles relaxed. “Ay, thank goodness, it’s over,” Ashley said aloud and walked straight to their room on her own, leaving Tanaga behind.

Later, Grandma Hanada prepared to leave when Ashley came back in her sleeping attire. As the grandma moved, Ashely shyly assisted her to stand. Then the elder’s eyes glinted and accepted Ashley’s help. “Thank you! It’s really hard when a person gets old. I even need assistance just by getting up from the chair. Hahaha!” Grandma Hanada said with her sweet smile while holding Ashley’s arms.

On their way down the wharf, they met Tanaga with a sharp brow raised. “My, my, I need to give this grandmother of mine a best actress award for fooling Ashley without shame. Tsk, tsk, just by looking at the way she walked and hold on Ashley, it’s as if she has arthritis and a hard time walking, but Ashley would be put to shame if she learned that grandma is one of Japan’s top ballroom dancers. Hahaha!” Tanaga whispered to herself.

“Grandma, thank you so much for attending.” Tanaga kissed the grandmother on the cheek and place the elder’s free hand on his arm and the three of them walked together to Grandma Hanada’s parked car.

When the old lady entered the vehicle, “Driver to the mansion!” Then said goodbye to the two.

Tanaga’s sharp hearing heard the grandmother’s words. ‘Was she thinking of living in the mansion with us? No way,’ Tanaga thought as he quickly climb back to the yacht without even looking at Ashley.

As Tanaga rushed up, he yelled looking for the butler, who quickly appeared before him.

“Calling me, boss?” asked the butler while his eyes at the pier and not on Tanaga.

Tanaga noticed where the butler was watching and followed his line of sight. He slapped his forehead when she saw Ashley standing at the dock’s side looking at the moon’s reflection on the water …

A couple of minutes later, he saw Ashley placed both palms on her face and her body convulsing. Believing she cried, Tanaga’s heart ached as if a needle had pierced him and couldn’t understand why. He put his right hand over his chest and massaged it while he stared at his wife’s back …

The butler noticed it and smiled secretly. ‘Hmmm, I think I will hear more laughter resounding in the mansion very soon.’ He decided to stand and wait on what would happen next …

One night with my billionaire boss episode 35
One night with my billionaire boss episode 33
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