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Tanaga and Ashley were shocked by what they heard. At first, Ashley thought Grandma Hanada would say she couldn’t accept their marriage and separate them… but everything went more smoothly than expected.

Tanaga was the same and was happy with his grandmother’s decision but didn’t show it in his face. Anyway, their contract’s terms stated a minimum of one year. However, he wondered if her grandmother knew anything about the agreement.

To be sure, “Grandma, can you give us a moment to talk about this?” Tanaga asked softly.

At this moment, the older woman was easy to deal with, so … “All right! I’ll give you a few minutes, then come out and let’s eat. My taste buds are in the mood for the delicious meal prepared by your chef… ” Grandma Hanada said as she stood up to walk out.

After the elderly left, Tanaga moved over to Ashley’s side so they can talk sincerely.

“Did you tell her about our contract?” Tanaga asked in a whisper but seemed angry.

“Excuse me, Sir! Weren’t you listening outside the door and you heard our conversation? Have you heard me mention the contract? No, haven’t you?!” Ashley replied promptly to Tanaga.

“Hmmm, Just a thought. Just asking in case I didn’t hear.” Tanaga blushed, slightly embarrassed but refused to admit. “But don’t you ever mention the contract to grandma, not even once. She’ll definitely get a heart attack if she finds out.” Then he led her to the door and left together to eat.

When they arrived at the living room within the starboard side of the yacht, they saw Lola Hanada sharing the adventures of her travels to the two Immigration officers. Lola Hanada proudly talked about the places she went while the two officers were seriously listening.

The butler just arrived in time when the couple came to announce that dinner was ready.

Tanaga helped his grandmother got up and ushered her toward the dining room. The elder was happy with the grandchild’s actions even though she didn’t need help. In fact, this was the only way she could get close and hold Tanaga.

Grandma Hanada couldn’t imagine what happened while she was away to cause this sudden change in Tanaga now. It was only after Tanaga’s parents died ten years ago that his beloved grandson began distancing himself from her.

Lola Hanada had repeatedly investigated the exact cause of Tanaga’s parents’ death, but no matter how much money they have spent for this … the result was still the same.

It seemed like certain people did an excellent job of concealing the truth. Her assumption was right, but this person was not just anyone but someone influential and powerful in Japan.

While in her thoughts, Lola Hanada had no idea they were now in the dining room, and Tanaga was waiting for her with the chair he prepared for her.

“Thank you, grandson!” Grandma Hanada said with her gentle smile and voice as she sat down.

After the grandmother sat, Tanaga pulled another chair. Everyone thought it was for his wife, but to their shock, Tanaga suddenly sat down on it and didn’t even invite Ashley to sit beside him.

“Tanaga!” Grandma Hanada suddenly cried out while sternly looking at her grandson with a raised brow. “What kind of husband are you?”

“What do you mean, Grandma? I don’t understand your question?” Tanaga asked with apparent innocence on his face, which shamed the grandmother.

Thus, she gestured a hand to Ashley’s direction. “Tanaga … Look? Where’s your wife? Ha!”

“Huh? Oh, my God! I’m so sorry!” Tanaga gasped and turned to look at Ashley, who was merely standing behind them.

“Sit!” he ordered as he pointed the chair next to him but with no sweetness or doting in his voice as if he told a dog to sit and not his wife. The two standing Immigration officers noticed this…

“Boss, it looks like we need to watch this new couple. Look, he has no love for his wife and they just newly got married … What do you think, boss?” the lower-ranked officer whispered.

“Hmmm, you have a point there. Remind me that we will visit them at least once a month throughout the year. If they don’t have children then, It could only mean that this marriage is a farce. What do you think? ” The higher-ranking immigration officer also whispered a reply.

Tanaga noticed the officers’ mutterings while glancing at Ashley. He knew they were talking about them, so all of a sudden, the direction of the wind changed.

“Officers, why won’t you sit now before the food gets cold?” Tanaga said to the two but… ‘Do you think you can catch us? Not at all! ‘ Tanaga thought as he waited for the two to sit down.

Meanwhile, Ashley sat quietly while deep in her thoughts …

One night with my billionaire boss episode 34
One night with my billionaire boss episode 32
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