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The two were unaware that they were caught in the heat of their desires and started burning them like hell. Their lips ravished each other lips, with their tongues feeling and savoring the sweetness and spiciness of the other’s mouth… and made them forget their surroundings like only the two of them existed at this moment.

While Tanaga’s hands couldn’t decide which part of Ashley’s body he would fondle first… In the end, Tanaga’s hand began groping closer to Ashley’s soft mountains which tempted him saying… “Welcome! Come on and feel me, I’m right here for the taking.” The only case was, it was not really time for them to have sex and have kids, because …

“Knock! Knock! Knock!” Somebody knocked at the door. And when the two didn’t answer right away, it went on … “Bang! Bang! Bang!” This time, the banging sounds indicated the person was losing one’s patience and seemed to break the door if they didn’t open it soon.

The couple panted as they paused in the midst of their heating impulses and let go bit by bit from each other’s lips…. and stared at each other. Ashley was red-faced and ashamed of what she did but Tanaga caressed her face and kissed her again.

“Just a moment, I’ll just need to kick this person’s ass. This one might have a death wish to dare to disturb us.” Tanaga said softly as he turned his back and went to the door.

When Tanaga opened the door, the first thing that came out of his mouth was, “What’s wrong with you? Are you trying to break the door…” Tanaga screamed but … stopped when he saw the person in front of him.

“Grandma! What are you doing here? I thought you were touring around the world. When did you come home?” Tanaga asked in one breath.

“Don’t grandma, grandma me!” Tanaga’s grandmother entered without caution.

“Where is she? Where is this money-grabber you married? Fortunately, I arrived just in time before something happened to both of you. Where is that social climber?”

Ashley heard those offensive adjectives and slowly showed herself in front of Tanaga’s grandmother. She stood straight and greeted him politely. “Good day, Ma’am! Are you looking for me?” She asked without blinking eyes.

First of all, he was not a money-grabber … But neither was she a fool that she wouldn’t accept it when it is offered to her in the open. Second, she had no intention to marry Tanaga. The agreement was that she would only give him an heir and she would leave.

Tanaga was really the mastermind to all of these, so … ‘Why is his grandma mad at me?’ Ashley thought as she stood and waited for the harsh words that the old woman would yell at her.

Tanaga’s grandmother stopped in her tracks when she saw Ashley was a beautiful woman who looked very innocent, her eyes were so clear and easy to read, and that she was a sensible woman with a clear conscience.

But since Tanaga’s grandmother started it, she couldn’t change what she said. So instead of apologizing for what she said, the old woman continued pretending to be angry. She then addressed Tanaga … “Leave us! I want to speak with her alone!” And turned to face Ashley and gave her a once-over before saying … “Follow me.”

One night with my billionaire boss episode 32
One night with my billionaire boss episode 30
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