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Tanaga strode up to the yacht while carrying Ashley in his arms as his sleeping beauty. What he didn’t know was that Ashley had woken up earlier but still in a half-asleep state. However, as she savored the joy and thrill as a newlywed … Ashley continued to pretend sleeping and clung tight on Tanaga’s neck instead.

Because of this movement, Tanaga realized she had awakened, but he didn’t show it in his face as not to alert the gossipy buttler.

All yacht crews were in line to watch Tanaga’s ascent. Everyone bowed in honor as he walked in the middle. When Tanaga reached the end, all of the crew stood up and greeted. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Jones!” And applauded afterwards.

Feeling proud, Tanaga turned and said, “Thanks to all of you! I hope you don’t mind but I need to go to our room now, as you can see…” He looked down at the lovely cargo in his arms. But as Tanaga glanced at her, Ashley’s inviting and soft lips was the first thing he saw. It was so enticing that he stared at it for a few minutes.

Somehow, the captain noticed it and started chanting, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss !!!” The crew got excited too and followed suit. “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss !!!!!”

Hearing their chants, Tanaga’s lips split to a grin and adjusted his grip on the wife so her head was rested well on his strong shoulders, before she slowly kissed Ashley in front of the employees. As the latter saw their boss’s very sweet kissing scene, they roared in jubilation and clapped so hard turning their palms red. And their shouts of joy inspired Tanaga to persist on kissing her.

As his kisses went longer, Ashley couldn’t stand it anymore and opened her eyes. There, she saw him with his eyes closed as he took his time ravishing her lips then his tongue went into her mouth desiring to swallow her whole.

“Hmmm, Sir … Boss …” Ashley mumbled with his tongue moving in her mouth.

bWhen Tanaga heard Ashley’s said something, he left the crew in a hurry and went straight to their room.

“Boss, you can take me down now, there is no one anymore.” Ashley spoke like whisper knowing where they were going.

Tanaga did not comply. As they reached their room, they saw a crew stood waiting and opened and closed the door for them. And before leaving, the crew hung a sign on the doorknob saying… “DO NOT DISTURB.”

The two had already entered the room, but Tanaga still had not lowered Ashley from his arms. So Ashley was uneasy and began moving to jump down. However, Tanaga’s hold was very tight and she had no way but to stare back at him asking… “What now?”

Tanaga had no notion what to do next. Would he let go or what? As he hesitated, Ashley could see in his eyes that she was in big trouble.

“Sir, Boss … Could you please calm down and put me down first so we can talk?” Ashley pleaded.

Tanaga gently put her down but his arms still holding her tightly in his embrace. Their eyes locked in silence as the clock went tic-tac. But they couldn’t hear the clock because only their hearts’ pounding heartbeats resonate in their ears.

Ashley’s heart fleeted like she was dancing a high speed tempo. Whereas Tanaga experienced his heart beating fast and furious for a woman for the first time in his life.

So … as they stared, their eyes were like magnets pulling them both closer together until their lips reached its targets … the other person’s lips.

In the next chapter …

Will something happen to them this time? What did the butler prepare for the couple to make him smile like a fool? What do you think?

To be continued…

One night with my billionaire boss episode 31
One night with my billionaire boss episode 29
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