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The two Immigration officers were very pleased and thankful that Tanaga invited them to the after-dinner party. They also wanted to see the life and house of one of Japan’s richest people looked like. So their smiles were ear to ear, showing off their teeth, while they kept glancing at Ashley, which was not hidden from Tanaga’s hawk-like eyes.

“Excuse us, we’ll go ahead. We’ll wait for you at the party!” Tanaga told the officers with a blackened face showing his anger. He took Ashley’s hands and walked out the door without waiting for the two.

“All right, Sir Jones! Thank you again for the invitation.” The officers said while looking at the leaving newlyweds.

“Sir, are we really going? I’m not sure if we’ll fit in with their type of guests.” Asked the low-ranking officer to his leader.

“We are invited, so we’ll go. Don’t forget, we are also one of their honored guests. And I’m sure the food for this party will be very delicious, cooked by Michelin’s chefs in the country.” The leader proudly answered.

“Is that so? Then let’s go. You said it!” The lower immigration officer agreed..

Inside the newly wedded couple’s car, Ashley was silent sitting at the far end away from Tanaga. Since she didn’t know their destination, she thought it was best to feign sleeping to avoid talking with him. So Ashley leaned against the chair and closed her eyes. Tanaga noticed her intention but let her have her peace and only stared at his lovely wife while in deep thoughts.

At this moment, Ashley’s mind was in turmoil, as if everything was surreal. She couldn’t believe that in just a few days her life had changed so much. From a simple life in the Philippines, it suddenly changed one hundred eighty degrees, she was now the wife of a billionaire. Even only by name …

Ashley suddenly remembered her phone as she recalled her family. She opened her eyes and looked at Tanaga to ask for it … But Tanaga’s phone suddenly buzzed. So, Ashley faked sleeping again. However, out of tiredness, Ashley fell asleep. Later, Tanaga noticed Ashley’s breathing deepened, so …

“Hold your thoughts!” He said to the other line and slowly moved Ashley to let her head rest on his shoulder, making his wife feel more comfortable. After he was sure that Ashley would not wake, he returned to the phone and continued the business in question …

“So, you mean you met a Filipina in America and both of you also got married? Wait, how did you get married? Never mind, we’ll talk later … Why don’t you come over for dinner at my yacht tonight, it’s just a couple of hours flight with your private Jet.” It was Jeff, Tanaga’s best friend.

“I can’t, I have to go see my grandfather in the hospital. That’s why I have to come back urgently. Maybe next time.” Jeff said.

Tanaga and Jeff kept talking about the business until the car finally reached their destination, at a private wharf where Tanaga’s large yacht anchored. His yacht was one of the biggest in Asia. The second biggest was owned by his friend and business partner in the Philippines of whom he was currently talking over the phone.

When Ashley didn’t wake, Tanaga decided to carry her up toward the yacht. He slowly went out of the car and scooped Ashley up while the driver waited beside him in case the boss needed his assistance.

When Tanaga got out of the car with Ashley, he was surprised to see the butler standing on the yacht with a huge smile on his face.

“Congratulations, Sir! May both of you be blessed with many children to come!” Then he bowed as a sign of respect to the employer. All the employees and crew did the same. They all lowered their heads as Tanaga walked in the middle who was proudly carrying his pretty wife.

The butler smirked in secret because of what he prepared for the couple …

“Hmmm? What do you think the meddling butler prepared?” Do you know? Hahaha! Next time …

One night with my billionaire boss episode 30
One night with my billionaire boss episode 28
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