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Suddenly Ashley’s eyes widened when Tanaga’s lips kissed her very hard. Her face became red like she was drunk. Tanaga enjoyed what he was doing because he knew Ashley would never resist. He wanted this kiss to last, but the Consul suddenly…

“Ahem! Ahem! Ahem! Sir, Ma’am, you probably want to wait until the honeymoon.. It’s getting hot in here.” He teased with an awkward smile. When the Consul spoke, Ashley came to her senses and slightly pushed Tanaga away from her but unnoticed by the Consul.

“It’s already finished? Can we leave now?” Ashley asked as she tried catching her breath while looking away from Tanaga and the Consul.

“Yes! Here are your Marriage Certificates. Congratulations!” He gave it to Ashley and not to Tanaga. This made the handsome face sour and hard to describe. As Ashley was about to extend her hand, Tanaga already held the paper.

“Leave these important papers to me,” he said while giving Ashley a wink. Ashley let Tanaga take it. After all, what else could she do?

On their way out, they met the two Immigration officers who promised to become their witnesses. Both had dressed their best as if they were the grooms. Ashley laughed in secret as they faced the two.

“Good afternoon. Oh, we missed the wedding.” The leader’s disappointment was clear on his face to know they didn’t reach on time. “Can we see the Marriage Certificate?” The leader said right away to Tanaga in Japanese .

Tanaga didn’t hesitate to show it. After checking and making sure it was their real names written on it, they returned it to Tanaga.

“We are sorry, we didn’t make it in time. Congratulations! Mr. and Mrs. Jones.” The leader said while extending his hand to handshake Tanaga but Tanaga ignored it. The officer was embarrassed and slowly lowered his hand. This didn’t escape Ashley’s notice and nudged Tanaga to look at her… and he looked her way.

Ashley covered her mouth coughing and whispered to Tanaga, saying ‘accept his handshake.’ Good thing Tanaga understood what Ashley was trying to say and followed like a puppy. Tanaga extended his hand to the officers.

When the officer accepted the handshake, Tanaga said, “Thank you, that you are able to come. Even though you missed the wedding, you can still attend the party. That is if you’re okay to join us and does not bother you?”

The leader looked at his partner when he saw it nodded, he answered quickly. “Our working hours is already over, we can attend.” The leader gladly replied to Tanaga.

“If so, see you at the party.” He brought out his business card and wrote the address of his house. After the leader accepted the card, he hurried to say goodbye and put his hands on Ashley’s shoulders…

“Let go, sweetheart! We have a lot to prepare for our honeymoon.” Tanaga intentionally raised his voice for the two officers to hear.

In Ashley’s mind… ‘Honeymoon, what honeymoon? Honeymoon yourself!’

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