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An hour later, Tanaga stepped into the shop dressed like a model of GQ, making the lady employees drop their jaws.

‘Gosh, our boss is the perfect Adonis and our personal Achilles. No wonder Kazuma envied Madame. Not just freaking rich but absolutely handsome to the boot.’ the employees sighed.

“Is my wife ready? The Philippine Embassy will be closing soon. Where is she?” yelled Tanaga wearing a face that couldn’t be described.

With this shout, the employees woke from their foolish daydream and murmured in disgust instead of replying to him.

“Adonis? Humph!”

“My husband is more handsome than him.”

“This Boss Jones might have the face of an angel, but his attitude is the same as a demon. I pity the kind, Madame.” They left him alone afterward.

Seeing them leaving infuriated Tanaga and opened his mouth to shout again when Ishito walked out from the room with a massive smile on his face.

“Sir Jones! Madame is ready…” Ishito said as he lifted the curtain and moved to the side to give way for Ashley.

Tanaga looked like a young man in love watching an enchanting Ashley walked out shining like a morning star in his gloomy and dim life. She wore an embroidered knee-length cream dress and a see-through V-neckline which showed a bit of cleavage but not indecent in Tanaga’s eyes.

She chose this dress, thinking it looked ordinary with simple designs, not expecting to wear a well-fitting dress showing off her sexy curves. Her rear formed into a lovely round, and her slim waist displayed her body similar to a perfect hour-glass shape.

Ashley was bewitching but not obscene due to the superior cloth and embroidery skillfully sewn on it. Instead, she looked like a model popping out from a magazine perfected by photoshop, but it was her true beauty that shone out.

For others, Ashley was a captivating woman but in Tanaga’s eyes… she was the woman of his dreams, the elusive girl he had searched for years to become his wife. That’s why he was struck dumb watching this charming Ashley. His satisfaction was evident in his expression.

For the first time, Tanaga noticed her lustrous dark brown eyes staring back at him, waiting for his opinion but deep inside, she hoped to hear at least a compliment. He was about to praise her as everyone anticipated when Ishito foolishly buzzed in.

“Sir, boss, Tanaga… What do you think? Did we make a miracle?” Ishito said proudly. He was eager to hear Tanaga’s excellent commendation, hoping he would get the managerial position this time.

In truth, Ishito’s claim was a bloated lie thinking it would improve his outlook in their boss’ mind. He knew he did nothing as close as a miracle. Ashley was already pretty but only hidden under her shabby clothes, simple make-up, and hairstyle.

Therefore, they had no difficulty in managing their boss’ future spouse.

In effect, Ishito’s claim was like ice-water poured on Tanaga, blotting out her beautiful image from his mind. ‘He’s right, and it’s just a result of a miracle my employees did. This is not the real Ashley. So, who should I praise?’ He thought with a sigh.

“Well, It’s a good thing you did a miracle because I don’t want to be embarrassed while we’re together,” Tanaga said sternly.

Now, it was the employees turn to receive cold treatment after the height of their passionate work. They wished to hear his praise, instead what they got was an insult.

The worst effect was with Ashley. That was a blatant insult to her. His statement was like a knife stabbing her and left her bleeding and crying in secret. She felt like a rag washed and added some expensive pieces of jewelry but still a rag in his eyes.

Budding tears settled on her eyelids and ready to fall, but she looked away to wipe a tissue to her sweating nose together with the tears. Tanaga didn’t notice the tears, but Ishito and the employees did, and their blood boiled at Tanaga for hurting her.

Ashley gathered her courage and with chin held high, and she walked like a model drawing closer to Tanaga and… “Sir, if I passed, then let’s leave and finish this foolishness.” She left his side and intentionally shook her hips to exhibit her fat and beautiful behind.

Then Tanaga realized her anger with the way she spoke and hurried to help her in the car, but Ashley was really hurt and wanted to retaliate.

So, she slowly pulled off his hand away from her arm and said, “I’m not a cripple who needs your assistance. Thank you.” [Haha, way to go, girl.]

One night with my billionaire boss episode 27
One night with my billionaire boss episode 25
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