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Ashley had no chance to ask Tanaga about his plans as he was in a hurry walking out from the office with the papers in hand.

Ashley hastened her steps as per their agreement that she would remain his pretty tail before Tanaga wondered where she went. Suddenly he came to a full stop… and turned around.

*Thud!* “Ohh,” Ashley groaned as her face bumped on Tanaga’s chest, leaving a well-formed red lipstick mark on his light-colored suit without knowing it happened.

“Gosh, why do you keep on stopping when you’re walking. I always end up bumping on you this way,” said Ashley as she touched her sensitive red nose lightly while moving a bit far from him.

“It’s fine. No harm is done. Let’s go, or it’s not only the immigration officer that will come for you… But also the police to bring you to jail,” said Tanaga, teasing her and looked away with a wide grin on his face.

The secretaries’ eyes went round to see their stoic young CEO smiled. With this, they got freaking jealous at Ashley and wished to eat her alive. They gave her a piercing look like they were the lion king’s lionesses hunting for their prey.

How could they not envy Ashley when this CEO, who was one of the acclaimed most debonair bachelors in Japan, never laugh or even smile at them in their years as his secretaries. They began to wonder now on what they lack that this Filipina had to attract their handsome and rich to the boot boss. [Why not become Ashley yourself?]

When Tanaga and Ashley entered the conference room, they saw the three immigration officers busy reading the papers laid before them. They also had a discussion concerning how they would proceed with Ashley’s case.

“Ahem! Ahem!” Tanaga harrumphed to get their attention. “Now that you’re finished with the papers, do you still have any questions?” Tanaga said calmly but always with a serious face.

The immigration officers glanced at each other before the one with the highest rank spoke.

“So, based on these papers, you only came here today to get these documents before you plan to go to the Philippine Embassy to get married? Am I right?”

“Exactly! Do you still have any doubts? All evidence is now in front of you,” Tanaga said and pointed the papers on the table. “What else do you want me to show to you? How about you check the requirements’ list to make sure?”

The immigration had nothing to retort but checked the list one by one if they had the papers they needed.

1] Valid Philippine Passport (Original and Photocopy) (check)

2] National Statistic Office or NSO Birth Certificate (Original and Photocopy) (check)

3] A Certificate of No Marriage Record or (CENOMAR) – all names ( First Middle, Last; including mother and father must match the birth certificate (check)

4] A DFA Authentication or Red Ribbon of the NSO Certificate (original and photocopy) (check)

5] DFA Authentication or Red Ribbon of CENOMAR (original and photocopy) (check)

6] Three passport-sized photos (check)

7] Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage (check)

8] Application for marriage in Japanese (check)

Since all of the documents were ready, the immigration officers had no valid reason not to believe their claim. “I would like to ask an apology for disturbing your marriage preparation. If you allow us, we would be glad to stand as witnesses for your marriage. If that’s fine with you.” The leader said to Ashley.

The truth, they volunteered to make sure the marriage was real. This was not a new case for them. There was a big possibility that this was a fake. Most of all, why would a billionaire marry this way? Why not make a huge wedding ceremony attended by famous people in the country? It could mean one thing, this CEO was a part of a syndicate bringing in illegal entrants to Japan and would make them a laughing stock if they were not vigilant.

So, they asked the Filipina, thinking she would refuse their request due to fear of exposing the lie. However, Ashley barely understood what they said, so she didn’t care to reply. Her silence concerned Tanaga. Thus, he had to act kissing her to whisper and it was effective. It woke Ashley from her daze in that instant.

“They are asking you something, just nod. I’ll explain to you later.”

Ashley blushed, making them looked like a sweet couple to the immigration officers. But for Ashely, what else she’d do but to follow what he said. So, she looked at the immigration officer and nodded, feeling silly to herself. ‘Oh boy, what am I nodding for? I hope I won’t get imprisoned with this simple nod.’

When they saw she agreed, they asked to leave right away to prepare for the wedding ceremony. Of course, they had to look their best to attend the wedding of one of the wealthiest men in Japan. Most of all, for the picture taking; to get a selfie together with the couple would make them famous.

No sooner than the officers left, “Whew! I was afraid they’re going to take you away. Thanks to Mrs. Gutieres for informing me earlier about the syndicate’s plan. They wanted to stop me from keeping you because they couldn’t afford to lose their most valuable commodity that should have gone to the highest bidder,” he told Ashley. Somehow in his mind, he proudly said, ‘Sorry for them, you’re mine now.’

Ashley had no inkling of what truly transpired and just stared at Tanaga with admiration after his explanation. She never thought he could come up with a solution this fast. It wasn’t even that long since she arrived, and now, he already had the complete papers.

‘Wow! What an efficient man?’ And for her this time, she imagined Tanaga was like her knight in shining armor, saving the damsel Ashley in distress. ‘Ohh, so lovely to be saved by a handsome knight.’

Therefore… *Thud, thud, thud,* her heart pounded like a horse running in a race track.

“Oh, please…- heart of mine, stop this fantasy now. You will only get a heartache after this,’ said Ashley to herself without realizing her eyes was on Tanaga while in reverie.

Tanaga noticed her dazzling eyes while staring at him and made a guess what was in her mind. He waved his palms on the girl’s face. No reaction. He thought this was hilarious and wished to tease her. So, Tanaga neared his lips inch by inch to hers and after a slight kiss…

“If you’re done daydreaming, let’s leave right away so I can make you Mrs. Jones.” And suddenly kissed her lips for real this time and ran out from the conference laughing his heart out…

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