The First Encounter

“Bam!” Ashley and a handsome, tall, business like half-Japanese and a half-
American man bumped into each other. Ashley was stunned speechless after the
collision and, of course, it caused her phone to jump right out from her hand. Good
thing the man had fast reflexes and caught it before it hit the ground. If not… it
would have been smashed to pieces.

Ashley quickly moved back to distance herself from the man and asked for
forgiveness. “I’m sorry. Thank you, sir,” she said as she looked straight into the
eyes that reminded her of looking at the deep blue sea. Such beautiful, deep blue
eyes were like magnets that bewitchingly pulled her feet to move toward the man
that she collided with.

Ashley didn’t realize how close she brought herself to the man. To think, they were
only a breath away before their lips would touch, but she was still in a daze. While
Ashley was in her enchanted state, the man secretly laughed at her. He was totally
amused. Instead of distancing himself, he moved closer to her so he could smell her
alluring scent.

“What kind of perfume are you wearing?” The man asked Ashley.
The man’s calm voice was like a pail of cold water dousing her, bringing her back to
her senses. “Excuse me? What did you just ask me? Perfume? Oh, I’m sorry! But I’m
not wearing perfume; it must be the soap and shampoo that I used.” Ashley replied.
Ashley was about to continue the conversation when her name was called. “Oh…
That’s me. I’m sorry! I have to go!” She sprinted to the terminal that was only
waiting for her to arrive so they could close the plane… “Hmmm, so her name is Ashley,” he said, taking a mental note.

While CEO Tanaga Jones walked toward the private plane that was waiting for him,
he suddenly realized that Ashley’s phone was still in his hands. Tanaga was
reluctant. Should he go after Ashley or wait for her to come looking for her phone?
In the end, he decided to wait for Ashley to find the missing cellphone so they
would meet again …
Little did CEO Tanaga know, he would meet Ashley Gusman again the very next


It was late in the evening when Ashley’s plane landed at Narita International
Airport. Just as she promised her family, she was ready to call them only to realize
that her phone was missing.
Ashley rushed out from the terminal to look for a landline to contact her phone of
which she assumed was with the guy she bumped before leaving her country,
Philippines. Unfortunately, public telephones were already outdated, and she didn’t
find even one.

Ashley wanted to continue searching but then stopped after seeing the person who
would pick her up had arrived. A middle-aged Filipina holding a paper with
Ashley’s name stood at the entrance of the arrival gate of the airport. When the lady
saw Ashley, she went to her and asked, “Are you, Ashley Gusman?”

Ashley was surprised to see the woman. It took seconds for her to wake from her
daze and reply.
“Yes, I’m Ashley Gusman. How about you? Ah, I mean, who are you?”

“I am Mrs. Gutieres. The one in charge of all the employees coming from the
“Ah! Is that so?” Ashley replied, politely to the old lady, who was more likely
scrutinizing her from head to toe.

“If you don’t have any other luggage, let’s go now since it’s already late. And where
we’re heading is a bit far from here.” The old lady said as if she was in a rush. “Mrs. Gutieres, can I ask you a favor? You see, I lost my phone, and I think the
person who has my phone is here in Japan.”

“Now? What is it that you want?” the old lady asked with an irritated tone of voice.
Ashley sensed the old lady was angry base on the woman’s harsh reply. Instead of
asking for a favor to use a phone, she changed her mind and simply responded she
needed nothing else.

“If that’s the case, what are you waiting for? Let’s go. It’s already getting late.” Mrs.
Gutieres turned and went to the vehicle that was waiting for them.
Since it was almost midnight, due to exhaustion, she followed Mrs. Gutieres
without asking where they were going. After an hour of travel, they reached their

However, after seeing where they were, Ashley was in total shock…
Minutes later, the car’s door opened, and two big men stood in front of Ashley.
“Down!” the man shouted at Ashley.

“Huh?” Ashley’s eyes widened while shaking in fear.
“Didn’t you hear me? I said, down,” the man angrily yelled.
When Ashley didn’t move, a hand with a cloth hurriedly cupped her mouth from
behind, and she passed out…

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