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“What are you standing there for? Do you want me to carry and bring you here? Or do you want me to feed you with my own hands? Hurry and eat, or we will be late!” shouted Tanaga, who seemed to be angry with her but not really.

Ashley had no choice but to listen to Tanaga and sat across him. Not long after, a maid arrived with her food on a tray. When Ashley saw the food, she covered her mouth in awe to see two fried eggs, three pieces of the sausage link, two slices of toasted bread and a bowl of fruit. Lastly, the maid put a glass of milk and another glass filled with water.

“Do you need anything else, Ma’am?” said the maid.

Ashley gaped in stupefaction. ‘Eh! When did I become a Ma’am?’ Ashley blinked her eyes while staring at the maid and looked at Tanaga’s way. However, the young boss didn’t even bother to look at her.

“Ma’am, if there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave now,” said the helper and bowed. Ashley was speechless and didn’t know how to reply to the maid.

‘Why did she call me Ma’am when I’m not even a teacher nor her boss? What is going on with these people?’ she was asking herself unsure off what’s happening around her. However, she needed to reply; hence, she blurted out what comes on her mind, “Thank you for the food,” Ashley politely said to the older person in front of her.

When the maid left, Ashley started to eat. Though hungry, she ate as a noble lady would but if… and only if… Tanaga would leave for just a few moments. Surely she could eat a whole platter of food in one go.

About fifteen minutes passed, Ashley had only taken a little amount of food. So Tanaga thought she didn’t like it and called the butler.

“Next time, ask her

Ashley felt terrible by what she heard and was sorry for the helpers. “Sir! Excuse me. It’s not that I don’t like the food. Everything was delicious. It’s just… it’s just… I can’t eat well with you around,” she said the ending like a whisper. Unknown to her, Tanaga heard it and frowned.

Ashley saw that long face and was uneasy. “If it’s ok with you…,” she gulped and, “I’ll eat faster now.” And began eating like a person who hadn’t seen food for days with big spoonfuls of food shoved in until her cheeks bulged red like a chipmunk keeping her food inside her mouth.

Tanaga’s jaw dropped with his eyes wide opened on what he witnessed. In all his life, this was the first time he has seen a woman eating like she was in an eating contest and had to finish everything in minutes so she would win and get the prize.

“Ashley! Ashley! Slow down… you need not do everything I said,” Tanaga shouted.

The girl heard what Tanaga had spoken and got embarrassed. At this moment, she wished to hide under the table but knew she would drive her boss nuts if she did. “I’m sorry! I’m accustomed to eating this way, because… I have five brothers before me. If I don’t eat like this, they won’t leave any food for me.” Ashley shyly explained in a tiny voice and with slumped shoulders.

However, deep inside, she was angry at herself. ‘Why do I need to explain when this is how I eat?’

After hearing her timid reply, Tanaga’s frustration with their relationship increased. He didn’t know what to do with her. If Ashley didn’t speak, he got irritated. If she did precisely what he said, he got angry because the girl seemed had no mind of her own. Lastly, when she explained, it seemed she was always about to cry. Tanaga’s head was full of thought about these, that’s why…

“Ah, is that so? Fine, but you can only do that when there’s only the two of us and not in front of other people.” Tanaga dropped his napkin and lean on his chair after speaking.

Ashley saw what Tanaga did and laid her spoon down.

“Eh! Why did you stop? Why not just finish the last spoon of food? Why are you getting shy now when you’ve been devouring like a pig earlier?” Tanaga blew his irritation at Ashley, and so did Ashley.

“That’s it! You’re driving me nuts! Even though you’re my boss or we had a contract that doesn’t mean you’ll just stomp on me like I’m one of your properties.” Ashley said in tears and stood up and left without saying a word.

“Hey! Where are you going? If you’re finished eating, then let’s get out of here.” Tanaga shouted at Ashley’s back.

She stopped short, faced Tanaga, and took a deep breath before answering. “Mr. Tanaga Jones, I know that I have a contract with you. And don’t worry, I will fulfill it as my way of thanking you for saving me.”

“But you must remember, I will say it once and won’t ever repeat it again; so listen well…- You paid me to become a surrogate mother to your future heir but not my whole being… Now, if I’m not good enough to be the mother of your child, I would be more than happy if you’ll buy me a plane ticket now so I can return home to my family.”

Ashley didn’t notice tears flooded her face as she angrily told Tanaga of her resentment.

“So, If you have nothing else to say, leave me alone and look for me when you’ve made a decision.” On that note, she ran into the mansion without knowing where she was heading.

“Some rich guy. Who does he think he is? He did nothing but insult me when he was the one in need. Leave on your own, jerk. I would rather stay here than hear nothing but insult every time you open your stupid mouth.” Ashley mumbles as she walked away with no thought of any destination.

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