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“What do you mean by your OMG? And what is big?” asked Tanaga, who didn’t realize his junior swung like an elephant’s trunk between his legs.

“That one!” Ashley said as she pointed to the thing while her fingers covered her face, but two parted, enough for her eyes to see the thing.

“Oh, Sh*t!” Tanaga turned around and tucked in his big rod before facing Ashley again. While the latter’s face was red from neck to ears and couldn’t take her mind off from what she saw, it replayed in her brain like a broken video which couldn’t advance to the next scene.

“Sorry about that! I didn’t do it on purpose. Don’t think I’m a pervert or taking advantage of you. It was unintentional.” Tanaga said while thinking, ‘Men, I hope she won’t get repulsive thinking of the bigness when we sleep together.’

“I understand, Sir,” Ashley replied in a soft voice but unknown to Tanaga, she was giggling in secret.

When Tanaga saw her parted fingers and blushing face, the laughter began bubbling in his chest and decided to tease her, but still in a stoic face. “Will you please take off those fingers now? You wanted to see it anyway, then watch. But sorry for you, it’s back inside my pants now,” he said as he patted with pride the part between his legs.

Ashley’s face got redder hearing his words.

“Get ready, your going with me. We need to go somewhere.” Tanaga said with no further explanation and went in the bathroom for a bath.

Ashley sighed. “My boss is a bad influence on the innocent me. I should be careful with my actions next time,” she said and slowly brought down her fingers and searched the room for her luggage. Her eyes darted to the last door she hadn’t opened inside the room and bet it was the same as those dressers she had back home.

Assuming her baggage was there, she unlocked the door, and her eyes popped out from its sockets to see Tanaga’s wardrobe. This was almost as big as the ground floor of her house in the Philippines, including the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and her bedroom.

“Wow! This is what you call rich.” Ashley shouted in amazement. A big grin was seen on her face as she did a catwalk on the long aisle and let her fingers glide on the various kinds of suits and shirts at her right thinking she was a model choosing her clothes to wear for the day.

“Ohh, this is terrible, I don’t know which one to choose. This one or this one. Ugh, it’s hard being rich and a lot of clothes to choose from,” she said with giggles mimicking a rich young lady. When she reached the end, she walked back doing the same thing, touching the matching pants and shoes below while speaking nonsense about buying more or a whole shop so she wouldn’t lack anything.

When she arrived back at the door, she saw her inexpensive traveling bag which reminded her of a poor wet bird sitting at a corner. She sighed as she went back to her real world.

“Ah, you’re here, you poor thing… do you feel like a misplaced or forgotten object in the lost and found section among the expensive objects here? Yeah, it’s not only you, you know? The feeling is mutual…” Then she gasped and shook her head to realize what she did. “I think I’m getting crazy. I’m talking to my sad-looking bag now.” And shouted, “But who wouldn’t get crazy with this vast display of wealth compared to my ukay-ukay (second-hand) and bargain sale clothes?”

With drooping shoulders, she sat and opened her bag. ‘He said I’ll change and go with him, but with no clear info on where we’re heading. Oh my, who would give a hoot with a poor lady like me?’ Ashley puffed out a quick breath and pulled all her clothes… and tried to miss and match her available decent clothes which were less than the fingers in her two hands.

After a minute, she found her black pants, white blouse, and her matching black jacket. “This will do.” Ashely glanced down on her feet and wiggled her toes. “Now, where will I get the shoes?” she said and turned around on the shoes displayed behind her and bit her lower lip. “Nope, don’t think about it, Ashley.”

She continued to rummage in her bag and wished to find the shoes gifted by her brother Arman before she left their house. “Where is it?” After emptying her bag, she sat in exasperation. Her shoes were missing. “What am I going to do? Don’t tell me; I’ll go with him barefooted.”

This was the scene Tanaga saw when he entered the dressing room and puzzled on what’s her problem this time. He thought of asking but stopped short when Ashley looked up to him and saw her eyes lit up, her face became red, and her mouth drooling. Tanaga followed her line of sight; she was looking at his body, specifically at his six well-formed abs.

In Ashley’s mind, “Wow, he’s so fresh with nothing on but the towel covering that big dangling thing in there. His bare skin and muscles look so good. Ooh, those muscles. I never thought the man’s abs are so… I want to touch them.”

Good thing Ashley was not an experienced woman about sex or else… [Hehe, what do you think could have happened?]

With such a beautiful maiden admiring and ogling on his body, Tanaga’s ego boosted and made it worth his time by putting up a show as if he was presenting himself to a pretty judge in a bodybuilding competition. He even let his abs move, making his sole lovely audience gulped hard.

“If you’re done admiring my good-looking body, can I change now so we can leave soon?” joked Tanaga but his face remained serious. [Can he not joke and smile too?”]

Ashley’s daydreaming stopped and hastily dumped all of her sprawled clothes back to her bag in a zap, closed it, and laid it at the furthest corner in the room. “Excuse me,” she said and left like a guilty thief who was caught red-handed for leering on his body and ran to the bathroom.

After changing, she arranged her long black hair into a bun and made sure not a strand was out of place. And did the finishing touches by applying a red matte lipstick. She then posed in front of the mirror. When she found her looks satisfactory, she raised a thumb, winked, and smiled before leaving the bathroom.

When she stepped out, she found out Tanaga had gone ahead. She gracefully arranged the bed to avoid any complaints from the butler, put on the simple flat sandal she wore the day before which she discovered sitting on a shoe rack near the door…. and ran out to look for her boss Tanaga.

As she was rushing trying to find where the big bad wolf went too, she remembered her cellphone, she had been there almost a week and had not contacted her family as of yet. ‘I must ask him for it when I get a chance.’ She thought with sadness in her eyes thinking about her family.

After almost getting lost and with the help of a maid who guided her, Ashley found him eating breakfast at the poolside. She thought of joining him but changed her mind with the notion he was the boss, and she had no right to eat with him.

However, Ashley pet parasites in her big intestines grumbled as her stomach rumbled. She looked to a maid and thought of asking where the helpers dined, but before doing so…

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One night with my billionaire boss episode 19
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