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Sunrise seized the gardens outside the mansion when Tanaga went back to his room and found Ashley sleeping soundly. He glanced at the clock on the wall and saw it was still early… and decided to sit for a while and stared at Ashley’s peaceful face. Later, his eyelids gradually fell and… shut tight… and his body fell on the couch. Yes, Tanaga went back to dreamland.

The sun was already up when Ashley heard her stomach grumbled. She blinked her eyes twice before it opened squinting to observe where she was. Her hand reached her temples and gave both sides a good finger massage. The last thing she remembered was that they were still in Mr. Jones office and discussing the contract. But… why was she here on the bed and feeling drunk with a bad headache?

Ashley got up and moved at a snail’s pace toward the bathroom and realized she was wearing her pajamas. She couldn’t quite imagine what had happened…

She had to turn on the light in the bathroom and didn’t even notice that someone was sleeping on the sofa. So, the light glowed like a flashlight in Tanaga’s eyes and partly woke him.

Ashley took the soap and scrubbed on her face and didn’t realize Tanaga had woken up and was waiting for her to finish so he could use the bathroom.

Tanaga didn’t mind waiting, but as time went on, the call of nature couldn’t wait any longer. He also anticipated that she was still having her beauty facial wash since the door was wide open. But to his annoyance, what he saw as he rushed in was the clumsy Ashley sitting on the toilet bowl and dazing out with her underwear down below her knees.

‘What the heck is this woman? Doesn’t she have even a bit of decency or self-preservation? Why didn’t she close the door?’ It didn’t cross his mind that Ashley had no idea he was there.

He went out, not minding closing the door too and stood to wait outside. A minute more and he began squirming his legs together, then jogged in place, doing jumping jacks, and uncountable push-ups and anything just to hold it from leaking out. Tanaga was so into using his very own bathroom, forgetting there’s another bathroom in the guest room.

While Ashley only thought of herself and didn’t even notice someone, could be anyone and not Tanaga, standing outside and exercising for a queer reason while she was in that stupid state. [As the translator, I want to smack these two’s heads If Ajzhen will allow me.]

Minutes had passed, and Ashley was still inside. The heck. Tanaga couldn’t stand his need and got impatient. So, he slammed his hand on the opened door and shouted at the blanking Ashley while his voice echoed in the bathroom. “Are you not done yet? How hard is it to bring that out from your system? I need the bathroom now, dammit!”

That was a good shout. It not only woke Ashley from her reverie, but she panicked and to foolishly stood while her underwear was still down. Again…Tanaga saw her Pearl of the Orient displayed in front of his very eyes and forgot his purpose for raging in but was stupefied instead.

Good thing Ashley was now in her right mind [and a bit, just a tiny bit of sensibility] that she covered her ahem… with her two hands, instead of raising her undies.

Tanaga flared to see her acting this way again. “You don’t need to cover that. Seeing it is included in the agreement and part of the payment.”

‘What? Who said it’s part of the payment? Are you a fool? You only paid the child, not my precious peng-peng.’ Ah, but she couldn’t say it out loud at Tanaga. She only cursed him in her mind.

Ashley looked straight into Tanaga’s eyes without blinking and found the guts to speak up.

“Excuse me, Sir. But the only thing I remember with the agreement is only about the child and not my treasure, isn’t it?”

In her mind, Ashley had a good fight against Tanaga. She imagined herself standing with her hands resting on her waist and glaring at him while he hid in fear. ‘Take that. Just because you’re rich and I’m poor, you can demand and buy everything you want?”

However, in Tanaga’s mind, she was so cute in that look, and her words greatly amused him. He thought of teasing the girl, but as usual, his face was still stern, and his voice was heavy. “If that part you’re hiding is not part of the payment, how can we make the baby? Remember, that’s where I go in and where the baby comes out. Am I right?”

For Ashley, that was genuinely insulting. In her mind, she was now the one crouching in fear while Tanaga stood in front of her and wearing an evil smile.

‘Grr, what a terrible two-faced guy. Yesterday, you were very kind. But now, I received not only an insult, but you even dare to shout at me,’ she said in her mind, but she kept an unperturbed face. Then, she suddenly realized something odd [Translator: but still didn’t bring her panties up].

“Anyway, sir, why are you in my room? Do you want to make a baby now? If so, can you let me take a bath first? It’s just… my body is sticky, and I have a terrible headache.”

Before Tanaga replied, he was unsure whether to tell her about the aphrodisiac or forget everything. In the end, he decided the latter. This was way better, or she might change her mind, and he couldn’t bear to lose her.

“No, no, and no is the answer to all your questions. This is not your room. You don’t need to take a bath. We are not making a baby now. Do you understand?!”

His words were like a pail of cold water poured on her, dousing Ashley back to her senses and this time, she didn’t forget pulling her panties up. She was so humiliated that she ran out and wished to cry in shame somewhere far like in a cave if there was one.

Ashley, couldn’t believe hearing herself bringing up the topic about making the baby and asking permission to take a bath as if she was offering herself up in a platter to him. “Sorry, Sir! I just thought… trust me, it won’t happen again!” said Ashley as she ran out of the bathroom.

Tanaga saw her miserable face, and it pierced his heart. He sighed deeply.

“I think I said too much. I really hurt her. What should I do? I don’t know how to talk to her. Instead, I shout as if I’m angry, even though I’m not. What is the best way? This is the first I need to look after a girl, and I feel lost.” Tanaga mumbled, scratching his non-existing itch on his nape while walking inside the bathroom, not knowing he was thinking out loud and Ashley heard every word he said.

Ashley was such a simple girl. After hearing him, her cheery disposition came back. ‘So, he was not really angry.’

“Sir, it’s okay for me if you shout. I know you’re really a good person. By the way, thank you,” she shyly said and tucked a loose hair behind her ear. “Actually, I’ve been wanting to thank you for saving me. I just forgot to tell you yesterday because there were a lot of things in my mind. So, I forgot.”

Ashley said all of these as she slowly walked to the door and about to hold the doorknob to unlock it…

Tanaga heard her well as he heaved a breath of relief while he released the fluid from his system, but… vividly sensed that her voice was fading on the way to the door. Out of concern, he swiftly ran out to stop her, not realizing his little birdie wasn’t tucked back well in his pants.

That’s why when he faced Ashley, her eyes and mouth widened. She couldn’t believe the dangling thing she saw…

“OMG!!!” screamed Ashley and simultaneously covered her eyes with her fingers while two was left wide apart… At the same, made a sign of the cross on her chest after witnessing the bigness of his thing…


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