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As Tanaga left the bathroom, his feet gave in and fell bottom first on the floor. His hand clasped his chest for it was tight and had a hard time breathing.

“What is this? This is not the first time I saw a naked woman. Why am I getting so excited, as if I have no experience with women?” He continued massaging his chest.

After Tanaga calmed down a bit, he recalled leaving Ashley sitting in the tub. He was scared stiff, thinking her head hit the wall and broke.

Tanaga sprung up in haste and opened the bathroom door inch by inch and his head popped in first. “Ashley! Ashley! Are you okay? If you’re fine, just speak, so I don’t need to go in!”

Silence… this bothered Tanaga.

After minutes lapsed, and no answer from the girl, he didn’t care anymore on what he would witness but went in with significant strides and… was scared stiff to see the girl sprawled on the tub’s floor and unmoving. “Oh, my god! Did she break her head?!” In one swift move, he pulled a hanging towel on the door and covered her to keep her naked body from being exposed more with the room’s cold air.

Then he checked her breathing and her head. After seeing she was fine and still breathing with no symptoms to be alarmed of, he carried her and gently laid her on the soft bed. However, after putting her, she suddenly woke up.

Without warning, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed a deep kiss while moaning. Next, her mouth went to his lips. “Ohhh, delicious… It’s sweet like candy…” Ashley said with her flirty voice.

“Ashley! Ashley, Ashley…!” He slowly pulled her away from him. “Stop it, Ashley. You don’t know what you’re doing. This is only an effect of the drugs.”

He was stunned when Ashley replied as if she was drunk, but speaking sensibly. “What drugs? Am I not taking drugs? Anyway, isn’t this what you want? That we will make a baby, your heir. So let’s do it now so that I can go home to my family.”

“Huh, huh, huh, huh…” Ashley wailed and sunk her head on Tanaga’s chest. “Huh, huh, huh… – If I get pregnant tonight, then after nine months I’ll give birth to your heir. Anyway, my parents knew my contract was only for a year. So, I know they’ll be waiting for me to arrive on that day after my contract expires.

“So please… let’s do it now?” Ashley pleaded while sobbing on his chest.

This didn’t sit well with Tanaga… Her words were like a knife cutting him. What he wanted was for her to stay. “No! I’ll be the one to tell you when we’re going to do it. You’re not the one to decide, I am. Do you understand?” Tanaga shouted and shoved Ashley away from his chest and stood beside the bed.

“From now on, you need to wait when I wanted to do it. On exactly when…I’m the only one who knows,” he said and slammed the door behind him.

“Tell Manang to bring Ashley her pajamas. And after changing her clothes, leave her alone to sleep in my room,” said Tanaga to his butler who was only waiting at the door and had just been listening to what was going on inside the room.

After a few steps to the guest room, he turned back and called the leaving butler. “Wait! Bring Ashley’s luggage to my room, and from now on, she will be sleeping with me,” said Tanaga with his loud voice.

Butler: “That’s all? No problem. You said it, so who am I to complain?”

He left grinning giddily. [Why would he complain? He likes it too.]


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One night with my billionaire boss episode 17
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