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Tanaga’s eyes widened at what he saw in the bathroom. Ashley was standing naked in the bathtub as if she were Eve during Adam’s time. As she dances beautifully, she slowly caressed her body and arms.

Picturesque Ashley stood stark naked in the bathtub as if she was Eve on Adam’s time. She danced seductively as she touched her body from her face, down to her neck, breast, and down, down…

Her appearance was like a temptress bewitching Tanaga as if a rope was pulling him to walk closer to the lady in a trance-like state. Just a few steps forward and he was already in front of her, and his hand lifted to touch her body.

He was enchanted. The heat he felt dictated his body’s movements. If Ashley was not in her right mind due to the drugs she had drunk, Tanaga was acting out of the heating lust he felt.

He almost touched her smooth well-formed round butt, when suddenly Ashely decided to turn her body toward him, and in an instant, her treasured ‘Pearl of the Orient’ covered by the blackness of the hair wholly displayed in front of his face.

When it faced Tanaga, his breathing stopped for a while as his heart pumped faster like a Mustang running around 200 miles per hour.

*Ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump…* said Tanaga’s heart.

Ashley smiled her sweetest when she saw the very handsome and angel-like face of Tanaga. Her body heated up degrees higher and bent her head to embrace him while caressing the young man’s face in a flirtatious way.

“Uhmm, so handsome, so soft as a baby’s bottom,” she said and recklessly pressed her lips hard on his lips and tried to enter her tongue to taste his sweetness.

The young man who gaped with her sudden movements had no choice but to respond to the lady’s kisses. He accepted it wholly and kissed her with the same eagerness and steaminess.

‘Whatever happens, will happen, but it’s delicious to let go,’ thought Tanaga.

While the two were pecking like fighting cocks, Tanaga tried to comprehend what Ashley had that the other girls he met daily lacked.

In his office alone, pretty ladies almost tripped and fell to get his attention. However, never once did he feel anything special toward them, not even a bit. With this reason, sometimes Tanaga thought he was gay…- just an assumption though, but he didn’t know.

One day, he went to a gay bar to make sure if he was straight or not. However, after sitting there and watching the erotic scene on the stage, he didn’t feel anything different.

Until, now… This was it. He was enchanted, and he couldn’t rein his urge to kiss her like there was no tomorrow and this would be his last in this crazy world while Ashley was still not in her right mind.

‘Oh, Shit! What I’m doing? This is not right, and this is considered taking advantage.’ The thought unexpectedly came to his mind and awakened him. He abruptly let go of Ashley. Good thing, the expensive bathtub had silicon paddings, receiving Ashley like a soft bed as she slipped and fell butt first from the abruptness of his action.

Somehow, her position when she fell was… her legs were wide open. [Her Pearl of the Orient was fully exposed and quite tempting for a man to behold.]

Fortunately, Tanaga turned his back on her after he let go of Ashley and ran out from the bathroom in great haste like the Death god was chasing him. And he didn’t have a chance to witness the awkward position of the lady or else…

Everything would probably follow the history of World War II…- But this time, ‘The Philippine flag would go down without a fight against the Japanese



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One night with my billionaire boss episode 16
One night with my billionaire boss episode 14
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