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Unknowingly, this was all but a dream in Ashley’s mind. With this reason she received his hot kisses with willingness and played along with him, totally blowing away all of Tanaga’s hesitations. He carried her with care while their lips didn’t become part but rather getting steamier with every single kiss they made.

“Ahh! Why’s it so hot?” Ashley asked while Tanaga saw her shirt damp with sweat and her eyes getting blurry. Tanaga’s sanity came back and hurriedly stood.

Tanaga patted Ashley’s face, “Ashley… Ashley…” When the girl didn’t come back to her senses, his eyes squinted in anger thinking of one person… “BUTLER!!!”

“Sir! Do you need anything?” asked the butler who was behind the door the whole time, listening and waiting for the happenings inside the office.

“What are you standing there? Prepare me the bathtub and fill it with cold water and ice. Now!” yelled Tanaga as he scooped her up like a princess.

“Sir, in your room or to hers?” teased the malicious and rumormonger butler.

“If you won’t leave right away and do what I said, start digging your grave for you won’t glimpse another day. Understand?!”

“Sir, please! I only want to help!”

The meddler butler left in a hurry to prepare everything his master said to calm the girl’s heating body after congesting an aphrodisiac from the drinks.


A while ago:

The butler thought of helping his master. For all the women who wished to seduce him, not one of them was successful. The last one who attempted was a famous actress who brought an aphrodisiac. Somehow, the butler found out about it and confiscated the thing, sending the actress full of tears and remorse.

The butler thought of helping them and poured a little of the vile liquid in the drinks to spark up their desires to each other. Unexpectedly, it does not affect Tanaga, while the lady was quickly struck.

He thought, if he only knew, he should have poured more of the liquid to produce ten times the potency in Tanaga’s drink. But he was too late now. He knew he would receive Tanaga’s long sermon when this incident passed.


The butler prepared the bath in Tanaga’s room while whistling with no care. He thought there’d be more chances in the future. In fact, he was not sorry with what he did, not even a shred. For him, perchance something would happen to them and conceive the heir, then that would be great since this was what the contract was meant for.

“Sir! It’s finished! If there’s nothing more, I’ll be right outside waiting for your command,” said the unafraid butler.

Tanaga still angry didn’t glance at him but went directly to the bathroom while carrying Ashley, who was filling his neck with her kisses.

“Lock the door when you leave!” shouted Tanaga, who was almost breathless as he controlled his erupting desires.

“Your wish is my command, Sir.” said the grinning butler, whispering to himself as he locked the door on the way out. “Click!”…

One night with my billionaire boss episode 14
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