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After the eavesdropper – I mean, the butler left, Tanaga laid down the tray on
the end-table before she gave Ashley a glass of prepared drinks.

“Drink this first before we continue talking. I’m so concerned about your
health. Please, tell me if you have any sickness that I need to know. This is
really important to me since you are the mother of my future heir.”

“None that I can recall since young, Sir. So far, only cough and colds.”
While Ashley was speaking, Tanaga watched her in extreme seriousness.
Actually, the young man didn’t have any inkling on how to start a
conversation about their sexual relationship. So, he kept silent as he stared at
her, of which only added to the tension to Ashley.

A few minutes more and still, no one spoke a word. The Grandfather’s clock at
the corner went *Tik Tak – Tik Tak* and was the only sound heard in the silent
office. While the clock kept on ticking, Ashley’s heart was beating along with it,
making her unease. She massaged her chest, trying to sooth it and relax.

Unknown to her, this gesture of hers was one of the things provoked Tanaga’s
ire when she was with him. By the time she did this, only one notion had come
into Tanaga’s mind, ‘Ashley is terrified of me.’

At last, Tanaga decided to speak. “Okay! Let’s talk about what’s written in the
contract that you signed.” His voice sounded annoyed, that’s why Ashley gave
her full attention to him.

“First, I need to know your whole personality. Second, I need to know if you
have experience when it comes to sex. Third, your family’s hereditary
diseases…” While Tanaga enumerated the list of essential information he diseases…” While Tanaga enumerated the list of essential information he
needed from her side, Ashley was busy admiring the handsomeness of the
young man in front of her, as though this was the first time she realized how
handsome Tanaga was.

None of what Tanaga said registered in her mind. Instead, she imagined how
his hot and good-looking boss would look like if he were butt-naked.

‘Will his kisses be delicious? I want those really spicy kisses, unlike the one
earlier. It was nothing but a slight brush.’
Her imagination was now very far and running wild. She didn’t know Tanaga
had stopped talking.

When Tanaga understood she was not listening, he waved his hand on her
face to confirm his suspicion.
“Ashley! Ashley!! H-e-l-l-o-o-o-o, Ashley!!!!?”

When she didn’t reply, he stood and slowly moved the table backward and sat
on it. The young lady who seemed to be under an enchantment was now
directly in front of her.

Again, he tried to get her attention, not with his hand this time, but he placed
his face right in front of her where their lips almost touched as he softly called
her name…
“Ashley… Earth to Ashley… Where are you? Am I the one you’re thinking?

Ashley…?” Tanaga said like a doting lover sweetly calling her name, but the
lady didn’t reply and in a trance-like state up to this time.

At this very moment, Ashley’s imagination was getting crazier and wilder by
the minute…
She dreamed Tanaga was adorably calling her name and slowly went to her to
kiss her. With this fancy playing in her mind, her lips moved, inciting Tanaga
to kiss her…

That was why Ashley was shocked when…
Tanaga’s lips caressed her alluring lips with his kisses. At first, he merely
thought of teasing her, but this beautiful lady accepted his kiss with an
openness of someone who wished for more. This gave him the guts to be carried away with his desires…


One night with my billionaire boss episode 13
One night with my billionaire boss episode 11
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