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‘Oh, no! What’s going on?’ Ashley thought and hurriedly got away from
Tanaga’s hold, while her heart loudly, “Bump, bump, bump…” as if she was
having a heart attack.

‘Hey! Heart of mine, stop it. It was only an accident. Don’t give deeper meaning
to it. Don’t forget he is your boss… we are not on the same level.’ Ashley
insisted to herself as her hand touched her chest.

On Tanaga’s side, he was shocked and couldn’t move right away after the
slight brushing of their lips. But the feeling was more like, after tasting
something delicious, his appetite couldn’t be quenched without devouring the

With this reason, his face became sour, as if he recently finished drinking a
glass of vinegar when Ashley slipped away from his arms.

Tanaga couldn’t understand why Ashley was reacting this way whenever they
were near. As if he had a contagious disease that she would run away from
him like a slippery eel slithering away from his hold.

‘I am handsome, young with great stamina, and billionaire to the boot. Even
famous actresses vied for my attention, but here, with this girl, it’s the
opposite. I’m the one stupidly vying for her attention. Jeez, what’s wrong with
me?’ He sighed deeply and stood while staring with exasperation at the lady in
front of him. ‘What else do I need to make myself appealing to her?’

Tanaga’s brows furrowed, completely puzzled with the real reason behind her
actions and troubled as well, believing this would affect the mood when they
start lovemaking. He was thinking of a way to improve their relationship and bring them closer

“Ashley, I have something to ask you. Can I?” Tanaga said softly to Asley, who
couldn’t look straight on Tanaga.
Ashley’s head moved up after staring at her feet, “What is it, Sir?”

However, what Tanaga saw was a girl on the verge of crying. He couldn’t hold
his annoyance any longer and flared.
“What the heck is wrong with you, girl? Why do you act like I’m a monster or
something, and about to eat you alive? Get a grip, alright?!”

Tanaga’s yelling produced the opposite of what he hoped to happen. Instead,
the poor girl wailed out of fear.
The man gave up. He didn’t know what else to do.

“What’s wrong with us? Our relationship is not progressing in this manner.
Come, sit here and I’ll bring you a glass of water,” said Tanaga, trying to speak
in a very soft voice to calm the girl.
As he was about to open the door, the eavesdropper butler came in.

“Sir, here’s a glass of water,” said the butler, extending the tray to Tanaga. The
latter received it with a raised eyebrow because it occurred to him that the
butler had been listening outside the door the whole time.

After handing over the tray with drinks and snacks, he excused himself right
away and closed the door. But he positioned himself back to the way he did
earlier, pressing his ear against the door.
( What an eavesdropper and rumormonger butler.)


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