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While Tanaga and Ashley were still eating, they stealthily peek at each other,
sensing each other’s movements while in silence. And because of that, Tanaga ate
faster than usual and finished many plates without him noticing. But Ashley’s
eating became slow and only ate three spoonfuls of food.

Tanaga couldn’t bear to see her eating in this manner and shook his head. “Am I
really that frightening for you to eat only that much when you knew you’re
famished?” He enquired with a slight heaviness in his voice as she looked straight
at Ashley.

Ashley was genuinely shocked when she heard Tanaga suddenly spoke. She didn’t
know he was done eating and had been staring at her for quite some time now while
she was in a daze.

His angry voice awakened Ashley from her stupor. “Sir! Did you mention
something?” asked Ashley, who was now on the verge of crying out of nervousness.

“I stated, ah, never mind… If you’re done eating, come and let’s talk about your
standing in this house while we haven’t conceived a child yet.” Tanaga stood and
just like a gentleman, he pulled Ashley’s chair backward and assisted her to stand.

All of this was witnessed by the butler who was in huge smiles as he ordered one of
the maids to prepare some coffee and deliver it to their master’s office.

Ashley silently followed Tanaga to his office to resume their talk about the
agreement stated in the contract. While they strolled in the long hallway of Tanaga’s palace-like house, Ashley couldn’t avoid appreciating the luxurious
furnishing and the fine art displayed on the wall.

‘Even just one of those paintings will be enough to support and take care of my
whole family for life.’ She sincerely thought as they passed by.

As for Tanaga, he noticed that Ashley was interested when it comes to Art’s and
Decor. So, he decided to leisurely saunter the more extended aisle so Ashley could
appreciate all of his favorite art collection. Ashley never thought Tanaga was
observing her carefully and grinning in secret with what he witnessed.

Ashley was not aware that they already toured the whole residence. Because she was
fascinated with everything she saw, she was startled when Tanaga began speaking.

“If you are fond of arts, one of these days, you have to visit a place where you can
discover more magnificent paintings,” Tanaga said wholeheartedly but with a
serious face that was hard to read.

Ashley looked at Tanaga with surprise. She didn’t know why Tanaga treated her this
way. Sometimes he was warm as the morning air, but sometimes he was cold as

When he spoke, he sounded like he despised the world. But he also looked at her
with warmth and love in his eyes. However, there were times his fierce stares told
her he wanted to ravish her…making her heart beat faster, thinking about it.

Because of this, her breathing was affected and felt she was fainting. So, she
carefully pressed her hand on her breast and tried to control her breathing.
Tanaga’s brows knitted when he noticed her hand pressing her chest as if she was
out of breath and became concerned with her health. Tanaga couldn’t take it
anymore and ask, “Do you have a heart disease that I need to know?”

Ashley’s pupil’s dilated hearing Tanaga’s question.
‘Heart problem? Eh! What heart problem? I can hardly breathe because you’ve been
staring at me like you’re going to eat me.’ Ashley thought.
“Sir? No! I was only excited. I couldn’t help but admire your wonderful collections. I
can guarantee I don’t have a heart problem…”

Ashley was embarrassed to cause a misunderstanding with her gesture and couldn’t
look straight in Tanaga’s eyes. She was guilty with her strayed thoughts, all about the way he looked at her, the real stimuli of her excitement.

Tanaga merely smiled but glad to hear it and continued walking to his office… while
shaking his head and laughing in secret as though he got the hint on who she
admired in particular.

Ashley was lost in her thoughts while following Tanaga and didn’t know that
Tanaga stopped and bumped against his back.
“Ay! I’m sorry! I didn’t do it on purpose!” Ashley abruptly stepped back like she was
scorched and her feet almost tripped. Good thing Tanaga was fast and held her
waist on time. But, the unexpected happened… when she turned her head to look at
him, she accidentally kissed him…


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