NL Fire On The Mic 2020 Review & How To Participate In The Show

NL Fire On The Mic 2020 Review & How To Participate In The Show
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NL Fire On The Mic 2020 Review & How To Participate In The Show

This page provides the NL Fire On The Mic 2020 Review & How To Participate In The Show. This might help you progress your music journey. Check it out.

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Obviously, If you are one of the most current fellows in Nigerian music industry promotions, you are likely to have heard about this so-called “NL Fire On The Mic” show. The program was organized by one of the biggest music websites in Nigeria, to help and promote upcoming artists. It’s a show where two invited rapper will have to battle each other with their well-cooked punchlines, then the video viewers are the judge in the comment section.

When the show was introduced, everyone gladly welcomed it. We all knew it’s going to be entertaining and helpful for talented fellows who are yet to be discovered as well.

Meanwhile, NL Fire On The Mic show just commenced a few months ago, and it’s already growing in no time. But unfortunately, we still have some people out there who are still unaware of this great opportunity while those who are aware have one static question occupying their lips; “HOW CAN I GET FEATURED ON NL FIRE ON THE MIC TOO?“.

I have seen countless comments of people who also wished to be on the show and prove themselves but don’t know how to go about it.

Here comes the good news! After making extensive and intensive researches, I also contacted via email to ask a few questions and information about the program, I have been able to come up with the full story you need to hear about NL Fire On The Mic and how to participate in the show.

This article’s credit goes to Petrelli From Mp3Boost


NL Fire On The Mic 2020 Review & How To Participate In The Show 

However, NaijaLoaded Fire On The Mic preferably referred to as NL Fire On The Mic show was introduced back in September 2017 but finally got last year, 2020.

Meanwhile, we still can’t conclude that the program started last year. Why? According to some reports from, some videos that were published in 2019 on the show had been shot since 2018.

Furthermore, the show was organized by chief executive, Azeez Makinde and hosted on the site’s official YouTube channel: @Naijaloaded TV. The office which we can also refer to as studio where the show does hold is located at Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

What’s NL Fire On The Mic All About?

The program was personally created to promote upcoming artists who are less privileged. Two invited artists are to battle each other with free-forms of their well-cooked punchlines while they get a video record from the Naijaloaded TV team then posts on YouTube for the to watch and judge.

Who Is Legible To Be On The NL Fire On The Mic show?

I don’t want to conclude but let’s say for now that the program is for rappers. This is because the only artists sighted on the show currently are rappers.

Recently, SOP Record act, Martinsfeelz who is popularly known as a singer (but was a rapper initially) performed on the show and what he did was rappings.

In addition, from the email reply I received from after contacting them, there was a place they emphasized on the rapper. The sentence was: “We Charge Rappers To Perform” not “We Charge Artists“.

So it’s very obvious that this program is mainly for rappers but I am not concluding it is yet.

This is because there was no place the program organizers said: “The Show Is For Rappers alone“. Maybe there is a plan for singers in the future who knows? But presently, we can say it’s for rappers.


Maybe after making some other Findings and finally receives a confirmation about it directly from the program source, then this post will get updated.

How to participate In NL Fire On The Mic show?

This is obviously the biggest question people ask about the show. Meanwhile, it’s not a headache or what to worry about at all.

To get featured on the show, it’s as simple as sending a to Text a simple message explaining yourself to be interested in performing on the show. Then sit back and expect a reply from them.


Does NL Fire On The Mic show Charges? If Yes, How Much?

I am sorry to disappoint you, the answer to this question is Partial, YES and NO, they do/don’t charge every participant.

Let me expatiate that. According to one of the reports I received from my researches and answers from before writing this review, If you were officially invited by the NL Fire On The Mic team, you probably won’t be asked for a penny.

This is because they noticed you and considered you to Worth the invitation. Maybe one of the team or the leader himself went through your social media timeline and saw your good jobs. So I will put that as ‘you impressed them to owe you a free promotion‘. In addition, if you were referred by someone, you won’t be charged as well.

But if you messaged them and requested to be featured, you will definitely be charged since you are seeking for the promotion.

But how much?

I saw and heard it from two different sources (a blog post and a WhatsApp chat with a rapper who was on the show recently) that the show charges 100k for each participant.

But when I asked this question in my email Conversation with, the reply they give me was; “Yes! We charge to rappers to perform on the program. Officially we charge N150,000 and it’s slightly negotiable“.

So in order not to be responsible for any misleads, I hereby state that NL Fire On The Mic charges N150,000 but can be negotiated.

Do NL Fire On The Worth Trying?

Heck Yes! But why yes? When I came up with the idea of writing this review, I tried looking for at least one disadvantage or what can be called “BUT” about this program and unfortunately, I didn’t find a single reason why a prepared-for-fame dude shouldn’t try the program.

I can assure you that after leaving the show, your fans will increase, social media followers will increase, fame will increase, you will also gain much attention and more. Since the show is for you to get promoted and not repeated, it’s absolutely worth a trial.

But mind you, if you can’t afford the charge, I urge you not to go bankrupt. That might not be your way to grow your fame.


But if you try a conversation with the program and negotiate, you might be lucky to be meet up with what you can afford.



I will like you to believe me, becoming famous with one’s talent in Nigeria is a very long journey. And only those who keep trying without giving up or getting tired do hit the jackpot. The only way to make your dream comes true is by working towards it.

Many platforms are ready to promote you with all their efforts. We want to see you and the top and be proud of you.

I will advise you to grab any opportunities presented to you in no time. Attend shows, concerts, competitions, and auditions. Get your songs on the music website without bothering how much it might cost.

NL Fire On The Mic is just another way you can proceed to another level in your journey. Try giving it a trial and I wish you good luck.


I hope this article was helpful? If you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to drop off your mind in the comments section below. Kindly share this article with your friends who also need it on social media.

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