Episode 8

The two white Angel’s girls shot repeatedly in the dark, but there was no reprisal from their opponents, immediately a car headlights was flashed on them. They struggled with the light, as both of them wage their eyes with their arms.

Three men came out of nowhere and shot at them, both of them fell down dead. The three men walked to their corpse and confirm, “them don kpai” one of them said, one of the gun men brought out a sharp blade and cut each finger from the corpse, his men support him with torchlight.

“Bobos!” He screamed raising the two fingers up.

“Cooperate!” The men with him echoed, in response.

“Waooo waooo” police siren was heard from afar.

“Uniforms don show oh” one of them raised an alarm, and all of them ran away from the scene to their car, they put the car in motion and zoomed off before the police officers arrived at the crime scene.


Eva pushed open the door angrily, her mood isn’t a happy one. Li and Tasha step inside the room behind her, Eva slummed on the bed and pulled her black shoe, she is cladded on black.

“So, green queens and Axe men don merge to attack us. Wonder shall never end” Tasha said clapping in an amusing manner.

“Call Igbudu na” Li who sat on the sofa in Eva’s room suggested.

“That one, em line nodey go sef, em be like police don carry am sef” Eva replied Li whose worry graced her face.

“So we are on our own in this fight, fine boys nodey support us” Li replied in a sad manner, Eva nodded slowly. She stood up and stripped to her black panties, she strode downstairs surrounded with girls having fun.

“Queen of the white Angels, we hail oh! After you na you!” The group of girls smoking and watching movies saluted her, she simply waved at them with wry smile.

She step out of the house and walked to the swimming pool side, she deep her legs inside the pool of water. The sun rested on her like she is the moon, as she reflect the beauty that goddesses alone could have. She took her hairs and rested on her front, her hairs almost touch the water. She was deep in thought, as she think of what to do.


A notorious boy who lived in the SUG wing climb the stairs, he is a member of the Fine Boys Cultist. They are in silent mode ’cause their leader hasn’t been around for some Months. He walked to the room that Smile stayed in, in the hostel and stood at the doorpost “who be Smile?” He asked with a thick bass that identify him as a chain smoker.

He walks around with aerial fear, as everyone in the room shivered at the sight of him. The university Senate has suspended him several times for violence but he has a way of coming back earlier than it is expected, everyone avoids him as plaque. Smile room mates fingers unwittingly pointed at Smile who is about to mix his soaked garri with milk and sugar, with groundnuts.

He lowered his reddish eyes on Smile “follow me” he said to him, he turned and climbed down the staircase with style, “o boy go oh” Cyril advices Smile eyeing his plate of soaked garri, Smile nodded and stood up before he could leave the wing’s corridor. His room mates pounced on his plate of garri that he wanted to sip, Cyril was the first to attack the delicious mixture ’cause he has a spoon concealed on him all along.

Smile followed the boy who led him from his room, they stepped out of the hostel. He didn’t even look back to check if Smile was coming behind him, he walked to a black Jeep parked under the trees in the front of the house. Smile stood beside him, he signaled Smile to go inside the car, Smile flash him a scared look.

He urged him to go in, Smile walked to the Jeep and entered, he sat at the back seat praying in his mind. Tasha removed the earpiece from her ears and looked back “hi, Smile” she said cheerfully above her shoulder.

“Hi” Smile replied simply in confusion. She giggled at the look on Smile’s face, she ignited the car and put it in motion.

“Where are you taking me to?” He asked Tasha who was driving.

“Somewhere special fah” she replied and increase the volume of the song playing out of the car’s speakers, and hummed along.

“Somewhere and special” Smile mumbled inwardly, praying in his mind. His mind went into work to check if he has offended anyone lately, he touched his forehead ’cause he felt uncomfortable. His mind went into plan, to think of a way to get out the moving car.

She drove into the university stadium guarded by a two sheriff’s at the gate, she parked the car and killed the engine, she look back sharply at Smile “she is waiting for you” she told Smile who raised his eyebrows in confusion, she also returned the same look.

Smile stepped out of the car and walked to the entrance to the inner stadium, his heart beating rapidly. He step into the open field, the moonlight is at it best and the open stadium is illuminated by different light balls. He could make out a feminine figure on the centre of the pitch, the figure was sitting.

Smile walked to her, Eva sat with a bottle of alcohol. She is drunk but she could carry out every task someone that is sober can, he walked to her look closely at her face and his mind skipped. “Smile sit” Eva told him tapping the field, he sat close to her.

“You are taking alcohol, the Bible says give alcohol to tho….” Eva didn’t let him complete his statement “shhh…” She cut in, “stay with me, don’t talk” she told him, and crossed her hand on his shoulder.

Both of them fell on the open field, Smile on his back and Eva on him, she peered into his eyes searchingly. Smile felt comfortable and inhaled her scent, he became short of words unlike him that doesn’t allow girls get close to him to this extend.

She placed her lips on his and both lips locked seamlessly, his hands hovering over her back. Smile kiss like a neophyte ’cause that is his first kiss, but Eva enjoyed everything about it. They were breathing heavily as both of them ended the kiss, Smile was trying to catch his breathe when realization hits him that he has committed a sin.

“What have I done?” He asked no one in particular, he quickly stood up and ran away. Eva watch his disappearing figure and wondered why he is running away, Smile ran to the hostel and knelt on his bed crying for forgiveness. He starved himself that night.


A girl and a boy appeared in a well furnished room, he held her by the waist and she cross her arms around his neck. They locked their lips together, as the girl removed the green barret from his head and the boy grabbed her a-s and squeezed roughly.

She quickly unzip her gown and let it fall down, the boy removed his top and removed his trouser. The both cladded with just boxer and the girl on panties, the kiss deepen as he unclasp her bra.

He grabbed her br–sts and sucked her n-pples fumbling her twin b—bs, the door burst open by three girls cladded on white with white barret.

“My executional” one of the white angel girls hailed him and released the trigger, but the gun refused to shoot “hahaha!” He laughed.


Smile has just missed the opportunity of public s😁x.



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