Episode 7

That night was a dark one in the campus, the campus light supply transformer has spoilt last night and there was no effort made to repair it. That night, the four male hostels water tank has dried up ’cause of incessant use of water.

Cyril and Smile step out of their room which is on the second floor, the down floor is mainly occupied by the SUG executives. Both of them stepped into the corridor with buckets in their hands, they strode down the staircase and saw two guys in the SUG wing smoking on a bench they settled on.

“Good evening” they greeted them.

“Evening” they both replied absentmindedly, focusing all their attention on the wrapped smoke release in their hands.

As they journey to the private clinic attached to the Campus, they saw other students with buckets also chatting going to their destination. “No be small stress oh, to fetch water from here down to hostel” Cyril complained, Smile simply remained silent. His mind occupied with the thought of Eva.

When they got to the tap, they saw a long queue of people waiting in line to fetch water. “Oboy, no be today we go commot here oh” Cyril told Smile who is behind him. They got to the queue and dropped their buckets, they waited for the queue to progress, when it got to their turn they filled their buckets with water, and carried it away.

When they got to the entrance of the hostel with four floors.

“Operator one!” A voice shouted from the hostel.

“Operator two!!” A voice from the other block hostel shouted.

“Operator three!!!” Another voice echoed in another block.

“Mandelites, are you happy?!!” A voice raised the question with shout on the block that Smile and Cyril entered.

“Noooo!” Voices echoed in responds, while humans started making animal sounds.

Smile and Cyril entered their room and got their towels then entered the bathroom and took their bath.


Inside the campus, there is a place where bushes and trees surrounds. Many people except those who are involved don’t know about this place, the school securities are not aware of it except those whose hands are indirectly involved in doing those crimes.

A burning flame at the circle of people, a man stood in the middle with axe in his hands. Male and female surrounds him, forming a circle.

Two girls and two boys were brought forward, they simply cladded on boxers and panties according to their gender status. Black clothe tied to their eyes, the three people who brought them to the circle removed the blindfolds from their eyes.

The man who held the axe walked to them and stood before them, he looked at their faces one after the other. He signaled two boys from the circle that held cutlasses, they ordered them to lie on the ground and they did.

Ritual were carried forth, a bottle of gin were poured on their back as they flogged the cutlasses on their bare back “aaahh!” They cried out in pains. “Are you not a cultist? The child of Augustine, the green man of Atlanta!” The man with axe hushed them to keep quiet and maintain the pains.

“Agustin aaaaaa!” The boys and girls in the circle echoed in response, after they were done drilling the two boys. He motioned the two scared girls to come forward, “Augor, we don come we don come” he spoke out before the two scared girls.

He signaled four boys who stepped forward and ordered the two girls to strip naked, they lay them on the ground and had s-x with them in turns.


The next morning is a Saturday morning, and all the male hostel occupants came out of their rooms to their wings to do wing wash, Smile came out of the room cladded with neatly ironed trouser and long sleeves with a Bible.

“You no wan do wing wash again!” Someone said among the group of boys who came out early in the morning looking grumpy ’cause they were asked to come out by order, some of them held buckets and some brooms.

“Em don see me, free am” the wing captain told the boy who wasn’t pleased with Smile leaving them for church. “Pastor Smile!” Cyril hailed him as he strode down the staircase. “Will you keep quiet!” The wing captain retorted and everyone present laughed.


Smile came out of the church when it ended for the day, he looked stress out ’cause he didn’t take breakfast on his church days, as he came out of the church premises that is some feet across the main road.

“Hi, Smile!” A girl called out to him, she half-ran and half-walked to him, he turned back and examined her.

She wore a white gown, and a head tie that covers her hairs. She wore high heels that makes her look graciously beautiful.

“Hi, choir mistress” Smile replied gathering his best smile on his face, he encouraged girls that are faithful in the Lord.

“Am flattered, please call me Jenny. You sing so well, why don’t you join the choir?” She asked Smile as both of them faced the main road.

“Just too busy, you know the Bible says there is time for everything. I’ll always be faithful in serving Him” Smile replied her, as they looked right and left before crossing the main road.

“Amen, you stay in the campus?” She asked Smile, he simply nodded as they entered the school’s carb together and went inside the campus, they talked about different topics.


Two white Angels girls were walking on a lone road, before this time Eva has warned them not to leave their houses without their guns going with them when her informat told her about the rapid recruitment going on in the campus by the opposite cult.

“Stop there” a voice thundered behind them, they sharply turned but couldn’t make out the approaching three rugged figures in the dark.

“Who goes there?” One of the girls asked opening her purse and deep her hand inside, she brought out her gun.

“Who goes you to goes me?” The masculine baritone voice retorted, both of the white Angels shot at the dark “aahh!” Someone screamed out in pains.

The other group retaliated as gun shots aired disturbing the occupants of the area who were shivering in fear thinking is robbery.

The two whites angels were dropped to the ground dead by their assailant, ’cause of the man power their attackers came with is stronger.


Jenny, you wan drag Eva husband😳

The war has just began🙃🙃🙃.

Sorry for late post😕, was stressed out today


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