Episode 6

“Hi” Smile replied dryly and bent down facing his books, Li became confuse on what to do “am Li, you are?” She asked him unwittingly, “Smile” he replied her in same tone his head bent.

She walked across the desk and sat close to him, Smile flashed her a warning look immediately. He raised his eyebrows “how may I help you?” He asked her harshly, Li gathered the best seductive smile and wore. She started rubbing Smile laps with her palm making sure it get close to his groin “you are so handsome, I really want us to be friends. You know” she said to Smile biting her lower lip, Smile flashed an angry look at Li.

“The Lord says in his Bible that you shouldn’t tempt his anointed and do his prophet no harm, and the Bible also says that we should pray that no one should lead us into temptation even if He is able to deliver us from all evils, finally. That we should flee from temptation” Smile told Li who looked confuse on what he was saying, he gathered his belongings on the table and snugged them inside his school bag.

“Excuse me ma’am” Smile said standing up, Li stood up and faced him. She tried coming close to Smile but he was quick to read her actions, he quickly jumped out of the desk and ran away. Li couldn’t help but laugh, Tasha and Eva peeped from the window laughing loudly.

“Eva, this your boyfriend ehnn…” Li said laughing, Tasha stretched her hand across the window “oya oh, my money” she demanded from Li who stood up and walked to the centre of the hall. Three of them left campus afterwards.


Three girls sat in a bar in the main campus, with green camouflage drinking and smoking as they chat. Three roughly dressed guys walked into the bar and saw them, the one that two boys were following behind “green mama” he hailed her as they walked to their table.

She stood up and their two clawed, she was chewing gum. She wore a green barret “my elder one” she told him, the two others behind placed their hands on their chest in obeisance.

Six of them settled round the table and began talking in a low tone “when ona wan bury Straffer?” She asked him, he simply nodded in acknowledgement, “we wan light two white Angels, but you know say we nofit drop two of Eva girls without getting reprisal” he replied her and relaxed on the chair releasing smoke into the air.

“Green angels dey ona side, Eva don too do for this campus” she told him in a whisper, he simply nodded. “Na to recruit more boys, but we need your fine babes them, Lucy” he told her as they discussed, she nodded in reply indicating that she will offer girls to him.


A man walked on a hallway, he held car keys in his hand. He wore white long sleeves and a black trouser, with an Italian shoe. He walked into one of the lecture hall, he shifted his eyeglass properly and glanced at the sitted students. He wasn’t pleased with numbers of students he is seeing, he jammed the door close, he came in ten minutes late to his class.

“Close that door” he pointed at one of the student who sat at the back, he walked to the behind entrance and shut it “immediately am done with lecture, we will have test” he informed them as people mumbled incoherently in the hall.

Smile looked around and didn’t see Eva, he wondered why she hate coming to lectures, in the space of ten minutes students crowd outside waiting to come in.

The man peeped outside and saw them, he ignored them and continued lecturing. “Hadija, you came to class today?” He asked Eva lowering his eyeglass, she simply nodded and replied “yes, Sir”. Smile turned and saw Eva sitting behind him with two other girls that are not familiar.

The door push opened by a boy “close that door, idiot! In fact, get me your mat. Number” Mr. Jaja the lecturer thundered walking towards the door, the boy at the door left it ajar and ran ’cause if he takes his matriculation number it means automatic carry over for him.

“Who knows that boy?” He asked infuriated by his smart move of running away, no one acknowledged to know him. He continued his lecture until he was done, those who were outside remained outside till the test was over and he took the submitted papers and left.

Others went after him, while some met the course rep. to talk to him if he will be able to convince the man to give them a chance to write another one. Smile felt a sudden sweet sensational while Eva was around, Eva stood up with the two girls and left the class, immediately Smile became sad.

He kept on glancing back if Eva will suddenly appear like she did in every lectures he had that day, but no good results came out of it.


In the school campus, this part of the campus don’t have much people trending on it. A boy saw a beautiful girl walking ahead of him, he felt challenge to woo her. He check out himself and nodded in satisfaction, he walked to her with swag.

“Hi” he said to her.

She turned and seized him up, and acted like she is into him. They were getting along well when two boys came out of nowhere and saw them.

Two rough guys who emerged from hide-out attacked him, his both legs were removed from the ground by one of them. “Wetin I do ona?” He said almost crying as his back slammed on the ground, “you dey ask us, you wan steal our babe” they started beating him as he screamed helplessly.

Another person came to the rescue, the girl has ran away from the scene. A boy who wore green “make ona leave am” he shouted at the two guys who were beating the person on the ground, they left him.

The person who rescued him, helped him up “wetin you do them?” He asked him, he explained in tears what had happened. “I be Burn, wetin be your name?” He asked him, “Chidi” he replied him, they both shook hands.

They started walking and discussing, Burn paid for school carb that took him to the school clinic, he also bought him lunch. While they were eating he asked him a question “you wan revenge those guys wey make u miss that fine babe?” Chidi thought for awhile, he imagined how the girl will treat him the next time he will want to walk up to her.

He felt insulted and disgraced, “baba, yes. Those guys fuck me up big time” Chidi replied excitedly, Burn nodded.


Chidi mumu oh🤣🤣🤣

For this world wey toto full everywhere😂😂😂

I go come die for one😅😅

God no go gree sef😂😂😂


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