Episode 5

He placed the phone on his ear, a drawn tattoo of an axe is on his wrist. His eyes red and his body language mean. “Executional marine!” He said into the receiver “how far na?” The voice on the line with him replied with a question.

“Gasala don burst, them don fall point one. Eva don fall Straffer” he said almost in tears, his voice indicated pains as his body shook in anger. “I no understand, shebi boss na Eva fuckmate?” The voice on the line replied in surprise.

“Em be send guys to haunt Eva nah, as we stand now. The blood of the centre tree is oozing blood” he said his voice very high that some people around noticed and disappeared from the scene, “make ona move, bangas go soon lap there, we go sight island this Sunday” the voice on the line said.

“No wam” he respond and ended the call, he signaled the three others with him and they left the place discussing. It didn’t take up to an hour when a car drove crazily to the convocation arena. Five guys came down from the car with guns, they fired in the air as the crowd that gathered around the body fled for their dear life.

Some even got injured, and some fainted. The five guys shot in the air continually till they carried the corpse, one of them picked up the separated part of the dead body which is the d—k and followed them to the car, the dead body was placed in the car booth and they drove out of the convocation arena shooting in the air.

The university sheriff at the gate fled when they heard the gun shots coming towards their direction, when they came out of the campus on the busy road, police van chase after them but the incessant raining of bullets on the police van made them to pull over in other to avoid killing innocent souls.


Inside a gigantic room, three girls were busy smoking. Empty bottles laid on the floor, as three of them are almost naked.
A loud music playing out of the speaker in the room, one of them picked up her phone as her phone beeped, she has just received notification.

She tapped on her screen repeatedly until she saw the content of the message, her phone dropped off from her hand “what!!” She screamed in pain.

“Slaymama, wetin happen?” One of the girls in the room asked, but she didn’t respond. When she didn’t, she picked up her fallen iPhone and saw the content “na my fine bobo Eva fall like this ehnn… Eva don challenge green queens” she said, her eyes red but she didn’t shed tears if when her eyes threatened to.

She dumped the cigarette on the glassy table and went inside her bathroom, the two girls she left behind went to their rooms to prepare to go out.


The gigantic building close to the convocation arena is the school’s library. The rumour of the death of a notorious cultist stopped lectures for the day, a black Jeep drove to the library park and halt.

Smile came out of the library entrance with a bag hung on his shoulder, he was checking inside his bag when Eva came down from the car and placed the sun shade on her face.

She wore a black top with the inscription of ‘bitch I don’t care’ on the front, Smile paused instinctively on seeing her. He will never forget the beautiful girl he saw that night, Eva saw him and ignored.

She acted like someone she didn’t know and walked pass him, Smile recover himself and left with the thought of she didn’t remember him and it is better that way. Eva was expecting him to say hi or ran after her and asked her name, she thought him as a proud idiot that she will have in her bed anyways.

She entered the library, and walk to the entrance registrar section and met with the librarian there, she presented her library card and she was granted entrance.

Eva went to the librarian in charge of the books in the shelves, she stuck some text books in handbag and left the library.


In a dark night, singing was heard in the forest as men were rounding a burning fire with just their panties.
In the group of the men, one of them with red cap on his head raised an axe up and the song and fire encircling stopped.

He echoed and the others responded, “and when the vulture echo loud!” He charged on them, his voice loud.

“Every shaking tree is a target!” The reply was what he wanted, he nodded and looked at their faces one after the other.

“And when the bangas are out tonight?” He shouted raising the axe up in the air.

“Heads must roll” the response came with chanting, as another song was raised and people started encircling today.

“We don come we don come oh, the fight don start don start, all white Angels shall be greeted with?” He shouted.

“The rugged vulture” The response echoed in the forest.


Eva was in the kitchen with her two best friends, she was preparing soup while Li sat on the kitchen sink with bumshort. Tasha sat on the stool pressing and smiling at her phone, she is chatting with her new boyfriend.

Eva was talking to Li “so the guy na Jew sef, em fit handle you?” Li asked Eva who flash a warning look, “sand full your head, the guy na forming type. But wetin I gather be say, the guy celibacy and holie holie pass Pope sef” she replied, and switch on the gas cooker and placed a pot on it.

“You dey dull na, person wey I go seduce for two minutes” Li told Eva who laughed, at this juncture Tasha raised her head and looked at both of them “wetin happen?” Tasha asked both of them. Eva composed herself “Li say em go seduce Smile for two minutes” Eva told her, she laughed too with Eva.

“I bet, you no fit” Tasha challenged Li who took up the challenge with a sum of money.


Smile was in a lecture hall, as the hall was very scanty. A bottle of water placed on his desk, he was busy reading and writing. His Bible placed on his desk, he was unable to read in his hostel room ’cause of the noise and he isn’t a fan of night class, Li walked into the hall and saw him alone.

She wore a very seductive gown and walked to him, Smile didn’t notice her until she said “hi” to him. He raised his head and saw a girl before him.


Why girls no dey seduce me, is sth wrong with me?😳🤥


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