The glass of wine scattered on the floor like a broken glass,
everyone turned to Smile. But his face held disbelief and shock, “am sorry” he apologized, when he regained himself.

A young man appeared behind Eva and kissed her cheek,
Smile clenched his fist and fumed. “And her fiance, Edmond. They are getting marry two weeks later, I hope you will be available to attend, my good governor” the president announced,
“Excuse me” Smile said, and walked a way from the little gathering.

“Is something wrong with him?” The president asked Smile’s parents, they shrugged in response.


Smile stood at the pool side, staring at the water absentmindedly as his mind roam through memories lane,
he wipe the forming tears in his eyes.
“Why do you hate me?” a voice asked behind Smile, he quickly made a U-turn.

Smile sighed tiredly, “where were you all these while that am searching for you, you forgot about me and all that will shared, did I really mean anything to you, Eva” he yelled out her angrily, with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Hadija raised her eyebrows in confusion, “excuse me, I barely know you. Am not Eva, my name is Hadija, stop calling me Eva” she replied him and sighed.

Smile mouth open in ajar, “I don’t even know you, I was only told about you today” Hadija said,
Smile walked close to her and stood before her, Hadija step backward in her red gown and red heel.
She was looking beautiful like the blue moon in the night, “Eva, I thought you are dead. Thank God, you are alive” Smile said.

“Were you listening to me? I said I don’t kno..” Hadija was saying when Smile crushed his lips on her lips, Eva tried to push him away.
But his hands hold tightly around her waist,
she gave in to the kiss and curled his hands around his neck,
Hadija moaned into his mouth as memory flash through her mind.

“Aaaahh!” she screamed and held her head,
Smile disengaged from her and stared at her with concern. “Are you okay?” he asked Hadija.
“Get your hands of me” she yelled at him, and stood at him.
“Stay away from me, am engaged” Hadija told him and walked away from the swimming pool side.

Smile looked at her in confusion.


Hadija walked inside the hall, she sighted her father.
and walked towards him, his fiance appeared from the crowd and hugged her from behind.
“You look worried my love, is sth bothering you?” Edmond asked Hadija,
“Am fine Edmond, just want to talk to my dad” Hadija replied,
she turned and kissed him.

Then winked at him, and walked away to see her father.
“My baby Hadija” the president said and opened his arms,
he hugged her.
“Dad, do I know Smile, I mean the governor’s son?” Hadija asked her father,
he looked at her in concern.

“I don’t think so, I have never seen him with you before” he replied her,
“How come I remember kiss…” Hadija was saying but she stopped talking when her father looked at her suspiciously,
“Kiss what?” Hadija father asked.

“It is fine, dad” she kissed his cheek and walked away,
wondering who Smile is to her.


Later that night, Smile walked into the sittingroom looking sad and grumpy.
His parents were sitting in the parlour when he entered,
“Smile, what is wrong with you?” her mother asked him.
“Did you know all these while?” he asked his parents,
His parents nodded slowly.

He couldn’t help it, tears rolled down his eyes.
“Why mom, you know I love her?” He asked with loud voice, almost yelling at his parents.
“She can’t remember anything, she doesn’t remember you, we want you to forget about her. Because she is about getting marry to a powerful man’s son” his mother replied.

Smile scoffed “forget about her?” he asked in disbelief, and walked upstairs.
he got to his room and brought out Eva’s picture, he stared at the picture with so much attention.
He grabbed his phone and dialed a phone number,
the phone rang.

“Hello, Jenny” he said into the receiver.

“Hello Jenny? No sweet names, I hope all is well?” the voice replied from the other end.
“Nothing, I just want us to discuss something serious” Smile replied.

“Smile? If it is about cancellation of the marriage or stuffs like that, isn’t going to work. You have to be a man, and am not going to let you break my heart again” the voice from the other end said and ended the call.

Smile stared at the screen in confusion, he flogged his phone away and laid on his bed looking upward.




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