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“Pee – pee!” A car was horned behind the gate,
the yard was a big one. when fenced round with grassy garden with recreational and aesthetic flowers planted in the gardens.
A two storey building, Smile’s mother stepped out of the house and stood at the verandah dome that serves as entrance into the house.

“Adamu, open the gate!” she instructed the sleeping gateman on a bench in his duty post area,
He nearly dropped off to the floor when he was called.
he stood up and looked around, until he heard the blaring sound of the car.
He ran to the gate and opened it wide,
an expensive Lamborghini drove into the yard.

The gateman saluted, the car drove slowly and halted at the parking lot. One of the guard stationed in that area, opened the car door gingerly.
A young man stepped out, dressed with an expensive Italian suite with a shiny Italian shoe, his looks was breathe taking.

“My son” the woman who was out earlier said, and embraced him warmly.
“What of dad?” Smile asked, looking around the compound to see if he is anywhere close by.
“You know this political stuffs how it works” his mother replied.
“I missed you, mom” he said, and the woman went in with him.


In a room, the room was well decorated.
Large and oozing wealth, the large bed smelt wealth,
the walls sparkling like crystal, just at the edge of the bed is Smile who has grown into a young man.
He wore only a white t shirt and a short.

His head bent down and one of his arm push forward,
following his eyes, he was staring at a picture he held.
In the picture the image of smiling Eva is in it with him beside her.
His eyes formed tears, he used his back palm and rubbed his eyes.


In the sittingroom, Smile’s mother was sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper when the doorbell was rang.
“Mark, check who is at the door” she instructed the bodyguard standing close to her,
he bow slightly and walked to the door.
He opened it and Jenny stepped in, Smile’s mother tilted her head and saw a beautiful lady with the guard.

“Young lady” she called out to Jenny, who walked confidently towards her. “Good evening, ma” she greeted, the woman nodded in acknowledgement.
“Do I know you?” the woman asked.
“I guess ma, doctor Jenny” she replied and stretched out her hand for shake.
the woman responded to the gesture, “you are welcome to my humble abode” the woman told her beaming.

“Am your son’s friend, Smile. Is he in?” she asked.
“Yes, take her to Smile’s room, Mark” she instructed the guard, Jenny thanked her and followed the guard to the staircase.


In the night same day, Smile’s family were all present in the dinning table,
immediately they drop their dinning spoons and forks, with knife.
his father drank water and exhaled in relief,
“Bless God” he proclaimed, and the entire family followed.
“Don’t you think is high time you get married son, especially to that Jenny. She has been your childhood friend and now a well renowned doctor, son make a move while the sun is till in East” Smile mother said smiling graciously,
as he son gave her a playful frown.

“She is right son, you have achieved all you ought to achieve, is high time you show us your baby” his father said, chuckling.
Smile raised his hands in surrender, “alright, dad… Give me time to think about it” Smile replied both of them, they all nodded.

“That is my boy” his father said said and patted his back.


At Jenny’s house,
it was Friday and she wasn’t engaged in the morning and noon on Fridays,
she was relaxing in her house garden, when a car horned on her gate and the gateman rushed to the gate, to open it.
A car drove in and Smile emerged from the car, with his expensive casual wear.

“Who do we have here? The youngest CEO” she said grinning from ear to ear.
Smile laughed and both of them embraced,
“You never changed a bit, Jen” Smile said and kissed her cheek,
both of them went into the house instead of the garden.
When they got into the sittingroom, Jenny waved Smile to a seat.
and she sat, he stood in the middle his hands in his side pockets,
as he looked around the room with admiration.
“You have a nice house here” he complimented,
“Thank you” she replied, he walked towards her and she raised her eyebrows in confusion.

He knelt before her and brought out a ring box,
“Will you marry me Jenny?” he asked,
she covered her mouth with her palms, and tears rolled down her eyes.
“Yes, yes!” she said happily, and gave her hand to him.
He slipped the glittering gold ring in her finger,
and she kissed him.

“Promise me, you won’t leave me for anyone” she told him, “yes, I promise” Smile replied.
they kissed again but this time, their clothes were leaving their bodies.


The next day evening,
The banquet hall was a big one, as men of honours were present. The president daughter’s birthday brought so many men of prestige together,
Smile wouldn’t have come but his father insist ’cause the president helped in graciously during his gubernatorial election.

Smile and his parents stood with his parents talking,
when the president appeared behind them.
A vibrant man who is full of energy, he respected everyone and associates with everyone like his own family.
He didn’t regard himself highly, that is why he attained the position.

“My good governor” he called out to Smile’s father, who turned sharply.
“My president” Smile’s father replied, and shook hands with him.
“Is he your son?” He asked nodding towards Smile.
“Good evening, your Excellency” Smile greeted with admiration and shook hands with him.

He bellowed with laughter, when he was asked about a joke he cracked on the TV one of his leisure time.
“Meet my heartbeat, Hadija, my daughter” he said and a young beautiful lady appeared beside him, Smile glass of wine dropped off from his hand.



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