Episode 3

The happy sun in a shape of arch smile down from the azure sky, Eva stepped down from the car. Firstly, her white canvas came into view before the others. Cladded in white, she walked to the front of the car with a gun and a handkerchief, and sat on the car’s bonnet.

One of those five men who tied a red piece of clothe around his head stepped forward, the five men wore only red pant on the lonely tarred road. “Aro mate!” The heavily built man that is their leader shouted.

“Aro!” They chorused.

“Are you not a cultist?” He charged on them.


Five of them walked to Eva’s car gingerly with their guns, she shot at one of them but the bullet didn’t penetrate.

She removed a ring from her finger and attached it on the gun’s mouth and shot at one of the men “aahh” he groaned and fell face down as the bullet pierced his forehead. The others were afraid and they fired at Eva, who stood from the car’s bonnet.

She waved the white handkerchief she held and the bullets headed to different directions, those men ran towards her shooting. Eva faced her back on them and those men couldn’t find her while she stood just beside them.

“She don miss” one of the men complained, as he turned back. He saw Eva moving to the opposite direction her back facing them, they ran after her but were surprised as two bullets hits two of their men from behind. The remaining two turned and saw that they were after illusive Eva at first, they ran into the bush.

Eva went into her car and took a cigarette, she lit it and sucked on it before puffing at smoke that dangle on her face. Her eyes red like the blood moon “Straffer you don challenge” she said and put the car in motion and drove off crazily.


The class was filled to the brim as students occupied benches, three fans were lined in two columns also followed with light bulbs, at the extreme side of the class Smile and Cyril sat on a desk with two other people.

Smile kept on looking out momentarily and Cyril noticed this new habit “who you dey wait for?” He asked him, Smile exhaled reluctantly “no body” he replied and smiled.

The lecturer came in, two hours later the lecture was done. Smile and Cyril decided to go to the hostel since is a walkable distance, the hostel has three floors and five rooms each sides making it wings.

Smile and Cyril, went inside their room and sat on their various beds. Smile decided to sleep since the next class is two hours later, after he dreamt last night. He was unable to sleep so he read till dawn and prepared for school.

He had not slept for some minutes when his phone rang, he picked it angrily.

“Hello” he said into the receiver, but there was no response.

“Hello” he repeated himself.

“Are you Smile?” The caller asked.

“You again?!” Smile asked unwittingly, he will never forget her smooth voice that sound like musical instruments to his ears.

Eva simply giggled and ended the call, Smile was surprised on how she was able to get his number. He thought for awhile, he never gave his number to anyone especially girls talk more of Eva that dress like Jezebel.

He exhaled sharply when it came to him that he gave someone’s his phone to call, the person had begged him to do so. Smile didn’t know Eva’s name so he saved her number as ‘don’t pick’.


Panties, trousers and tops were on the floor with bottles. The room was aired with loud groaning and m-aning, as two uncladded persons were having s-x.

Straffer held her both legs on his hands and placed her back on the wall, his h—d d—k going in and out of her P—sy in a fast thrusts manner. Their body sweaty “you are a slut!” He groaned as he increased his tempo as his hard member went in and out of her w-t p–sy in a faster manner “yes! Yes! f–k me as a sl-t!” She moaned loudly.

He lift her to the bed and placed her leg on his shoulder, he positioned himself in her opening and gave her a sharp thrust in her w-t c—t. He started f–king her again “ah ah ah!” She moaned loudly.

In the compound of were Straffer is having s-x, two men stood at the entrance with guns. They didn’t notice that the white Angels have position themselves properly around the house, the two men sat on the floor and start gambling with whot smoking too. Their two were shot and killed unawares, as two girls opened the entrance for Eva and two others.

They stayed behind watching if anyone will come. Inside the room Straffer bent and took her n-pples inside her mouth and sucked, his waist moving up and down in fast motion. The door burst open by Eva and two others, the girl pushed him off with all her strength and gathered the bedsheet herself in freight.

Eva, and her friends laughed mockingly “em thing too small” one of her friend named Li said, she has piercing on her nose and ears. Straffer stood angrily “wetin be this?” He asked annoyed by his unwanted guests. Eva kicked his groin and he bent holding it in pains “shut up!” Eva thundered.

One of the girls sprayed sedation on his face and he fall then slept off. Two of the girls carried his unclad body outside, Eva locked the door behind them. The girls that waited behind has brought a car inside the compound, they placed him in the booth and drove out of the compound.


Straffer was tied to a chair, he was asleep as girls surrounded him with guns. Eva sat on a chair before him with Li and Tasha behind her smoking, “pour am water” Eva told one of the girls that held a bucket. She walked to him and emptied the content of the bucket on his head, Straffer shivered in cold as he was baptized with a bucket of water.

He wanted to scream as his eyes bulged in his socket, “shebi na Eva you wan rape?” She asked him, he couldn’t reply ’cause his mouth is sealed.

Eva gave his girls signals, as five of them removed their clothes and became unclad just like Straffer tied to the chair.



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