Episode 27

“Are you ready!?” she asked Eva with thunderous voice,
“Yes” she replied.
“You shall know no man except him, if you do, he will kill you and the only way to kill him,
is to make him respond to his name” the woman finished speaking and the smoke in the room gone off.

“Thank you, mother” Eva said to her and bowed before leaving.


On the hospital bed is Igbudu with his men smoking beside him,
two of his guys were smoking with him as bandage were on the places he had cuts.
A nurse walked in,
she glared at the two other rugged looking guys and walked to Igbudu.
“Here is a hospital can you guys stop smoking?” she asked looking at their faces one after the other.

She has been transferred to take care of him,
for the week and she started that particular noon that she walks in to see them smoking.
They acted like she never existed in their midst as they allow the smokes stride to form a rope,
ashtray is on the refrigerator in the room.

“Is time for your injection” she told him and readied the needle,
he gave one of his men beside the refrigerator his cigarette and stretched out his hand.
“Aaaahh” he groa*** playfully as someone who was about to clima*** when she injected him.
“Hahaha!” the other guys with him laughed.

The nurse squeezed her face angrily,
she wore frown and readied to leave when Igbudu grabbed her b** and squeezed “are you mad?!” she thundered and allowed the medical tray she held drop to the floor,
she slapped him and the whole room stood still.

Igbudu shook his head repeatedly to recollect what happened and the nurse kept on eyeing him “I, general Igbudu, you get liver slap me?” he asked looking dangerously,
the nurse shivered but stood her stand “don’t try that nonsense with me” she replied and hissed,
she tried to leave but the door was already locked and the key is with one of Igbudu ‘s men.

She wanted to snatch the key from the other man’s hand,
when Igbudu stood up from the bed and ripped off her nurse pinafore “what!” she exclaimed.
he gave her a slap and threw her to the bed,
and pounced on her.
He ripped off her pant within a minute,
“Rape!!! Help!!!” she cried out.

He removed his short and joined her on the bed,
she tried to kick him off but he held her both legs looking very angry,
and dragged her off from the wall to himself.
He spread her legs and thrus*** in without caution,
“Aaaahhh! Aaaahhh!” she cried and mo***,
As he fuc*** her h*** and roughly,
making her springs bounce up and down.

The two of his men pulled their trouser and were on their boxers,
they brought out their d*** and jer*** pleasurably waiting for their turn,
The room was aired with loud gro*** and mo***,
Igbudu let out a throaty gro*** as he cu** deep inside her w** pu***.
He stepped down from the bed and one of his men took over.


Eva strode on the hallway,
she has just met the receptionist and she has directed her on where to go.
she was checking the doorposts one after the other,
a door opened and someone was pushed out,
Eva narrowed her eyes on the nurse who fell on the floor with her ripped pinafore,
her p*** was flung to her,
she cried uncontrollably getting up and limped pass Eva.

She walked to the door and knocked,
the door was opened wide by one of Igbud’s men,
he was surprised by the presence of Eva.
Igbudu smiled broadly and triumphantly,
she walked in graciously towards him with a bag.
“Make ona free husband and wife” he told his guys who hesitated to leave but he assured them with a nod,
both of them closing the door behind them.

“Did you rape her?” she asked him pointing towards the door,
he exhaled hot breathe and wiped out beads of sweat on his forehead.
“Forget about her, am hungry” he told her and yawned.
he took the bag she came with and took the packaged food inside,
he brought out the food and devoured hungrily.
“Umhh.. deliciou..s, that is why I missed you” he said and pieces of rice flee out of his mouth,
Eva blushed in pretence.

He chewed and dug the rice hungrily,
until the plate is empty,
She gave her the juice she bought and he opened it and gulped down half of the content,
he breathed out excitedly and beamed.
“I love you, Hadija” he told her.
“I love you, Jeff” she replied.


Cyril came down from a taxi and paid the driver,
he turned and faced a compound fenced round with an old gate.
at the wall of the shoe is a young lady under an umbrella selling recharge card,
and some other shops with a man working on a machine at the front of his shop.
Cyril exhaled sadly and walked inside the compound.

He mumbled in response to some greetings,
he was still grumbling about what he read from the library when he notice some sudden changes,
the padlock he placed on the gate before going to school was no longer there.
he walked hurried and opened the protector,
he turned the door knob slowly like he is expecting a thief to be inside.

He stepped in and his eyes hovered around the room sharply,
his eyes widen and his mouth went dry,
as he gasped in surprise.


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sorry for the delay.. exam fah.. guys need to jack.



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