-Episode 25

Eva and Cyril stepped out of the examination hall smiling,
She brought her phone from her handbag and dialed Smile’s phone number and placed a call to him.
his phone rang and no response,
she tried it again,
again, again.
she sighed and walked towards her car parked under a tree at the permanent lecture halls environment.

She entered inside her car and Cyril sat beside her,
“You call your friend?” she asked Cyril and he nodded affirmatively.
her eyes narrowed in expectation “em no pick” he replied.
Worries graced her face,
she became restless as she geared the car into moving out of the campus,
she was about moving out of the school’s second gate when she saw that the school sheriffs stationed there,
are hiding inside their duty post rooms,
she slowed the car and killed the engine.

She walked to one of the duty post rooms that are opposite each other,
she knocked and heard muffling sounds from inside.
She knocked again and heard faint foot-falls coming towards the door from inside,
The door was opened by an old man who exhaled in relief when he saw Eva.
“Wetin happen for here?” Eva asked him smiling sweetly,
the man’s eyes still held fear and his lips trembled to speak.

“Na Igbudu kidnap one boy like that” he replied Eva,
her eyes widen and looked towards the direction the man pointed to,
a place were carbs park outside the school campus fence.
She walked towards that direction,
Cyril came down from the car and followed her.
When she got to were Igbudu kidnapped Smile,
she looked around the place and saw the lines the tyre created.

She picked Smile’s phone on the ground,
Cyril came out and joined her.
both of them stared at the phone like it was a ghost “na Smile be this” Cyril told her.
Eva tapped the screen and her picture displayed as the screensaver.
“Go check am for house” Eva said,
Cyril ran towards the main road and waved taxi.

A taxi stopped and he entered then drove out,
Smile became confuse as she thought of next action she will take.
She dialed a number of the commissioner of police,
he picked.
“Good evening, sir” he said into the receiver.
“Hadija, how are you?” the baritone tone replied from the phone’s speaker.
“Not fine, sir” she told him.
“Why?” He asked.
she walks into the campus explaining who Smile is to him,
and how Igbudu kidnapped him.

She entered inside her car “don’t worry Hadija, I’ll send my men to search for him immediately” the commissioner replied,
she ended call without satisfactory grin appearing at the corner of her lips,
she dialed another number “Li, send messages to all the units,
White Angels should search for Igbudu and produce Smile, immediately” she said into the receiver and ended the call,
she sped out of the campus.


Cyril arrived at the lodge he shared with Smile,
and saw Smile’s father standing at the front of the major entrance protector looking angry.
“Good evening, sir” he greeted the angry looking tall man,
tall black and chubby.
Even at the age he is, he still look handsome with his curled hairs,
he looks like half-caste.
“For God sake, where is my son?” He demanded sharply,
“He has been kidnapped” Cyril replied looking sad and almost close to tears.

“Jesus Christ!” He retorted,
he became confuse on what to do,
Cyril sat on the pavement of the apartment.
He clenched his fist and walked to his car without saying any word to Cyril.


In car,
Eva and Li with Tasha were the ones inside it.
she drove crazily and parked at a house gate,
she came down with Li and Tasha who trailed behind.
She knocked the gateway open with a kick and entered,
the sun was gradually leaving the azure sky completely.
She looked around and met no one in the compound of the house,
she went inside with Li and Tasha.

After searching the house for some time,
they came out looking disappointed and sad.
“We have searched everywhere,
Smile where are you?” she said loudly with broken voice.
Li and Tasha were concerned about her,
a call came into her phone and she quickly picked the call.
“Is it the commissioner of police?” Li asked and Eva simply nodded.

“My boys can’t find Igbudu in the state,
call other states commissioners” the voice spoke from the phone’s speaker.
“Thank you, sir” Eva replied.
She waved Li and Tasha,
and they left the compound together.


Inside a church,
Smile’s father knelt before the alter,
tears rolling down his eyes.
“Help my son, father!” He cried out,
the church was empty ’cause no other person is there with him,
the benches were empty and bulbs illuminated the vast beautiful hall.

Outside the compound is very dark,
as the bulbs placed outside the compound tried to illuminate the vast compound.
“You said those who wait on you,
Shall not be put to shame” his voice could be heard outside.


A car drove slowly on the bridge and parked,
Igbudu came down from the car with two of his men,
Two huge bouncers emerge from the car.
“Bring the sacrifice” he told the two of them and released smokes in the air,
Two of his men walked to the car’s booth and brought a person,
who was tied from behind and his legs tied together with ropes,
Sellotape sealed his lips.
“Throw am overboard” he told his two men,
and two of them carried Smile up from the ground,
he struggled with them but they are stronger.

A car headlights coming from opposite direction flashed out them,
The men threw him out of the bridge and he landed in the river passing under the bridge.

The car coming from the opposite direction slowed down and stopped,
Igbudu stopped smoking and watch the car closely.
All of a sudden gun shot was heard from that direction.



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