-Episode 24

Smile gasped in surprise and chuckled,
Eva giggled and went into his arms and their lips clicked.
They started kissing as they walk in sluggishly and fell on the bed,
Eva on top of Smile.
Li walked in slowly and looked around the apartment,
Eva sniffled in and smelt the scent of the food coming from the kitchen.

“Wow, my baby is cooking” she blurted out and stood up then start walking towards the kitchen,
Smile stood up from the bed and walked nervously towards the kitchen.
“Cyboy, wetin you dey cook?” she threw at Cyril who is about putting the washed rice inside the pot on fire.

“Rice o” he replied,
Smile appeared at Eva’s side and leaned beside the doorpost.
“I think say na em dey cook am sef” Eva chipped in eyeing Smile who shrugged his shoulder.
After the food was brought down from fire,

All of them moved to the room from the kitchen and gathered around the dished out food on a big plate,
in no time spoons started digging inside the food.

When they were done eating,
they settled and started gisting. Towards evening “baby, let’s go to my house” Eva told Smile lying on his body.
“No problem” Smile replied but he was still afraid of going to that house.
“I wan come o” Cyril said.
Smile eyed him, the four of them came out of the apartment.
They entered inside Eva’s car and drove out.

The car drove into Eva’s compound and stopped,
Eva was the first to step out of the car.
“Welcome to my humble abode” she told Smile and Cyril spreading her hands,
Cyril looked around in amazement.

They went inside the house together talking and laughing,
When they are in the sittingroom.
Eva grabbed Smile’s wrist and whispered with hot breathe “I need you”.

Both of them took the staircase leaving Li and Cyril behind,
The door to Eva’s room burst open and both of them walked in kissing.
In no time,
Their wears was flung off from their body and both of them fell on the bed

He laid on Eva and struggled to find her opening,
she giggled and held his h*** member and positioned it.
A quick thru*** he find himself deep in her sweet canal.

He started moving his waist up and down slamming into her w** pu***,
the room was aired with loud gro*** and mo***.
she rolled him over and sat on him,
her eyes flicked in pleasure.
she held his h*** d*** and let his tip slip into her,
she giggled and slammed in.

and groa*** excitedly repeating the same action,
she placed on two hands on his chest and rode him violently.
she slipped her hand to her nether and started rubbing her cl** vigorously,
she increased the tempo as the aired gro*** and mo*** became louder.

He spurted his warm c** deep inside her and she clima*** biting his shoulder “aahh” Smile groaned in pain.
Eva giggled,
“that is a mark of good s**” she told him and stepped down from the bed naked,
she disappeared inside the bathroom and Smile slept off before she could return.


The next morning,
Smile woke up and find Eva on him.
“Let me s*** you” she told him.
he shook head and she giggled,
“Sleepyhead, get up!” she said and climbed down from him.
They took their bath one after the other,
after they were done.
They came down for breakfast,
Tasha, Cyril, with Li are laughing loudly in the sittingroom.

Eva was in front as they descend the staircase,
“Mrs Smile, you look so happy” Li said and everyone laughed.
“I’ll not marry somebody that can’t give me morning s**” Eva replied and rolled her eyes,
everyone laughed except Smile who tried to defend himself.

After they settled on different couch,
Eva and Smile occupied one.
And Cyril sat betwixt Li and Tasha,
“Why are you sitting in the midst of them?” Smile asked Cyril who glared at him.
“Em concern you?” Cyril retorted and everyone laughed.

“Cuties feel free to touch me” Cyril said and relaxed himself,
he put his hands on their shoulders.
Everyone went into another round of frenzy laughter,
Tasha removed his hand but Li didn’t.

Tasha cleared his throat “the couples in the house,
listen. I have bought tickets for everyone to see a movie in a cinema tonight” she said and everyone clapped for her.

“What is the title of the movie?” Smile asked,
“Lovers pain” she replied and everyone cheered her.


In an enclosed hall,
A big screen on the wall displaying pictures and the spectators seat is dimly lit by faint blue light.
As everyone attention glued to the screen,
Li and Cyril sat close to each other while Eva leaned on Smile’s body watching the movie.

“If I’ll die because of love, I’ll Jonah. I love you so much… Gbuuu” these were sounds coming from the movie as the protagonist was shot.

√The movie was all about a couple who lives in different world,
and the protagonist who is a male from a very poor family met and fell in love with a girl from a rich family whose family doesn’t want him for their daughter.
After so many efforts from the girl’s parents side to separate them,
It all failed.
So, they killed the lover boy who is the protagonist and the movie ended there√

Eva leaned her face closely to Smile’s face “promise, you will never leave me” she told him.

“I promise, I’ll never leave you” he replied and their lips clicked,
after they disengaged from the kiss they saw Li and Cyril trying to have s*** in the cinema hall.
Smile whistled but Eva simply giggled.


After Smile was done for the exam for the Semester,
His father has instructed him to come to his lodge immediately he is through ’cause he will be waiting to take him home for the section.

He took a carb without checking if anyone was with him in the carb,
He called his father to confirm if he is waiting for him in his lodge.
He looked around the carb and saw no other passengers except him.

He exhaled and relaxed,
“Where are you taking me to?” He asked the driver when he drove past the carb park.
“I wan go outside school” the carb man replied and he relaxed.

When they got to outside school,
the carb stopped and Smile stepped out to see different people pointing guns at him close to the express.
“How far?” Igbudu asked and signaled his boys to take him inside the car.

He tried to run but one of his men knock him out.
They carried him into the car and zoomed off,
and the carb returned inside the school campus.



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