Episode 23

Outside the compound, the incessant shooting at the vans made it caught fire,
all the vans on the role blow up killing most of the soldiers and others who were able to escape the fire lost consciousness.
“Gbuu!” one of the cultist shouted.

“War!” others echoed jumping up happily.

At the gate, the two cultist station there, were at the gate,
when they saw a different troop from the normal day to day soldiers.
“Gasala don burst, movement!” One of them shouted at the one who was busy smoking inside the security post room,
he was watching outside standing at the gate made of iron bars.

He came out quickly and looked towards the gate that is arranged in bars,
he saw the vans and the soldiers.
“I say chase!” the other one shouted and cracked his gun.

“You dey mad? na special squad be that” he replied angrily holding his shirt’s collar.
“Movement” he drag him along, as both of them ran off from the gate,
a phone placed to one of them ear “Jaja, don lap oh..we don disembark, we go dey on second deck” he spoke into the receiver breathing heavily as they ran ahead.

Inside the room, the shoulder man grabbed Igbudu neck strangling him. He struggled to breathe,
he brought out a knife from his trouser pocket and stabbed his leg.
“Aaahh!” he groa*** in pain.
He still clenched his teeth in pain and held on to his neck,
he brought out another knife from the other side and stabbed his other leg.

“Aaahh!” he cried out and let go of Igbudu,
who turned immediately and shot the soldier man thrice and he fell.
He looked around the room,
And smiled as the bead on his wrist emanate greenlight.

“Eyes no see, ear no hear. There is no murder force is greater than general Igbudu” he said boastfully and walked close to the wall.

“Taaarrrhh!” he shouted and slapped the wall twice,
The next one, he grabbed the VC out of the wall and kicked him to the floor.
He didn’t wait for him to beg him further,
he shot him twice and the bullet fell off from his body without ‘causing harm.

He chuckled and cracked his gun twice,
he removed a tied clothe from his wrist and tied it on the gun.
The VC scampered up from the floor and wanted to run,
Igbudu shot at his leg and he leaped.

He shot him thrice on his head and ran off,
The VC head was blown off by the bullets and fell off.
Igbudu climbed down the staircase and saw his men still on the floor on bad condition.

He shook his head, the two will slow down their escape “aye!”

“ayo!” he shouted raising his gun up twice and shot both of them dead.
He went out and met the other of his men outside the house.
They ran out of the compound and met the others preparing a bus to escape,
“Level don change o” one of them said and the others ran into the bus and it was driven out of that VC’s house.

After some minutes rugged looking military men with padlocks on their lips appeared in the scene,
they came down from their vans and went into the house.
After they were done ransacking the house,
They came out and drove towards the direction the bus ran off earlier.

The bus arrived on a wall, and all of them came down and jumped through the fence and landed the other side,
Speed boats were already there.
The two of their men who left the gate earlier was waiting for them,
Everyone took position on the speed boat and they sailed away.

The military vans arrived at the place were the bus was parked and came down,
when they confirmed the bus was empty, they all were scattered in group for the search of them.
Some of them went through the fence and saw a river,
The leader of the troop was with them.
He called the station.


The next day, the news was everywhere that Igbudu and his gang has killed the VC.
At government House, his father a minister came out of the Government house because of the rumours going around that his son has done something incriminating.

At the sight of him, press representatives ran after him “sir, sir, did your son killed the VC” one of the male press member threw at him.
“Is it true he has done all what he was accused of, killing the VC who declared him wanted days ago proves it?” another threw at him.

He faced them and pretended to be laughing,
“How can somebody who took a flight out of the country kill from were he is, we are looking into it. The perpetrators of this mean act will be caught and brought for justice, I promise” he replied their questions and walked away as his bodyguards formed blockade against the persistent press representatives who were still throwing more questions.


Igbudu was watching the press interview with smoke dangling on his face,
he stood up and smile.
“Tight old boy” he mumbled and placed the cigarette back to his lips.


After several Months of holiday, the school resumed back for another section.
Smile went out of the school campus to a self-contained apartment and shared with Cyril.

He moved in with his box when his parents drove him to school,
after some few weeks him and Cyril settled in the apartment.
Smile was inside the kitchen when Cyril came into the room looking famished and tired.

He fell on the bed,
what can be seen in the room is fan and reading desks with lots of books arranged properly.
“Oboy, wetin you dey cook for kitchen?” Cyril asked Smile when he heard clattering sounds from the kitchen.

“I dey cook rice” Smile replied. “Oooohhh… Why you cook rice na? na only Indomie and beans you sabi cook” Cyril flared up standing from the bed.

He went to the kitchen and met Smile struggling with onions,
tears was flowing down his eyes as he Smile slice the onions into reasonable size.
Cyril burst out laughing and a knock landed on the door immediately afterwards.

“Guy, go check who dey the door my continue the cooking” he told Smile, and snatched the knife from Smile’s hand.
Smile cleaned the tears from his eyes with his clothe.

He opened the door and gasped in surprise.



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