Episode 22

Immediately Smile was done parking and ready to go,
his parents took him out of the campus and his dad promised him to rent an apartment for him outside the school campus.

Students were leaving in great number,
before the time could tick 7:45am the hostels were empty.
Police officers and ambulance arrived at the premises to clear the dead body.

The school was highly engaged, as lecturers who are lawmakers converge to handle the situations at hand.
After a serious meeting in the Senate building the VC came out of the building with his entourage.

The press representatives went after him in their numbers “professor, we heard one of your students killed police officers…” they threw at him and several questions kept coming.
“Mind you, here isn’t prison. A criminal has no place in this great institution, thank you” he replied and walked away,
ignoring the other questions threw at him.

Later that evening he drove to his apartment in the school compound, the place is highly secured by securities well armed.

In the night, a big van drove to the gate and horned.
One of the security man peeped from his security post and wondered what a van is going to do by this hour in such a quiet residence.

He stood and took his torchlight and pointed at the van,
the headlights of the van was switched on and the security man struggled and covered his eyes with his hand.
Boys came down from the van and fly through the gate and landed through,
one of them brought out an axe and stroke the gate man with it on the neck.

“Aaaahhh!” His head rolled from his body, the other gateman who didn’t come out of the security room,
jammed the door shut and locked it.
The gate was opened wide and the van drove into the compound speedily,
The security man press an attack alarm and the whole securities in the area got ready for impending attacks with their guns.

The two men left at the security gate to enable them get free exit without much ado,
Hits the door “open this door!” they shouted behind the door,
incessant banging was unleashed on the door as the security inside feared for his life.

He stared at the open window, in no time he find his way through it and ran towards one of the street in the compound,
the door was broken and they entered looking round in search of the security man.

Two dangerous young men with heavy guns in their hands “the bastard don push!” One of them cried out regrettably,
In same residential community. The van sped towards north were the VC apartment is.

In no time, they parked by a gate and everyone came down.
Igbudu was the last to climbed down from the van with cigarette on his lips.
He stationed eight huge rugged looking niggas, eight of them held heavy guns with bullets rolled on their bodies.

“Vc, hope say you dey cry say make God save you from the hands of fine boys” he shouted behind the gate and laughed crazily, he lift his gun up and cracked it.

“Are we not rugged?” he asked his boys charging at them.

“We are!” They echoed

“Abi!” He replied.

They held their guns towards the gate and shot at it incessantly till the gate lost it figure,
Inside the compound are seven armed soldier men with one shivering sheriff who had escaped through the back fence when he heard the sounds of their guns.

The army men in the compound, stationed themselves on the wall, with their guns directed at the gate.
They were ready to shoot at anyone who will appear from outside,
the gate fell in the shape of scramble and a loud thud was heard.

The armed men waited patiently for them to approach,
The ten men and Igbudu who wanted to attack the house.
Just started shooting sporadically with reckless abandon.

The soldier men shot at them, but there guns weren’t yielding the desire outcomes.
They fired back at the soldier men and in no time, they laid on the floor dead.
They didn’t stop shooting,
they fired their guns till holes were all over the walls of the house.

In no time they were inside, outside the compound were the eight huge men that looks like club bouncers with big guns.
Immediately, the deployed soldiers vans were coming towards that direction.
They stood on the road with their guns pointed to the vans,
“Aro mate!” One of them echoed.

“Aro!” The others responded.

“Are we not bloody?” He asked further.

“We are” the response came.

“Arikperere!” He cried out dangerously.

“Fire!” the response came.

They directed their guns towards the vans and shot at them,
immediately the vans diverted towards another direction.

The bullets didn’t stop coming towards that direction,
The soldiers came down from the vans and retaliated.
The open fire was ‘causing the occupants of the residence great problems.

Inside the compound, Igbudu went inside the house with two of his men and the other eight stationed outside the house.
They climbed the stairs like they know where the man is.

Immediately they got to the up floor through the staircase,
four soldier men launch at them. It was a quick attack and very sudden, Igbudu disappeared and the one who wanted to catch him off guard stumbled on the staircase.

The other of his men were directly pushed down from the staircase with the soldier men,
He appeared at the head of the staircase and shot at them.

He killed the four soldiers who rolled down with his men,
his men were weak as they remained on the floor struggling to live.

He alone held the gun and went in to one of the room on the floor,
At the door is a soldier who was preparing to attack him.
He kicked the door open recklessly and entered without fear,
holding his gun gingerly as looked at a bead on his wrist indicating a green light.

The soldier man behind the door went at and held his neck,
Strangling him.


I did what I promised๐Ÿ˜Š

You know I can’t trade your love for anything๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜.

I wrote this out of stress and in a hurry to meet up your demand, any kind of error should be considered as not intentional.


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