Episode 21

Even with the loud serene coming from distance towards them,
Igbudu and his guys remained were they are.
“Nothing dey happen, the day isn’t afraid of the night neither the night afraid of the day” he said and shot thrice again in the air.

The police van parked at the tarred road that separated the hostel blocks from the lecture halls.
Police men came down from the van with their guns, seven police officers in number.
“Aro mate!” Igbudu shouted.

“Aro!” His boys chorused.

“Excess o” he said and shot several times in the air repeatedly.

“Bloody!” His boys joined him in shooting.

The seven police officers shivered at the sound of their guns,
“Who dey give all these children this kind gun?” One of the police officer asked.
“You dey ask me?” his comrade replied him with a question.

“The police are here, drop your weapons or face the wrath of Nigeria police officers” one of them announced with a raised voice.

“There are the chosen ones by Odin, amongst the chosen ones, there are selected ones and amongst the selected ones,
are the dedicated ones.
arikperere!” He shouted and started shooting in the air.

“Fire!” His boys echoed and joined him.
“Madness” one of the police officers told his comrade and spat.
They approach them and shot at them,
the light coming from the hostel’s window illuminated the environment dimly.

The retaliation was quick and Igbudu shot sporadically towards them with reckless abandon,
“Aaahh!” his bullet hit one policeman and he fell down flat bleeding,
others took cover in trees or other hostel blocks and shoot at them.

“Allow me o, allow me o, orientation matters a lot” Igbudu raised a song and his boys sang alongside with him,
They encircled him singing and shooting.

The other policemen who had gone into hiding, called for reinforcement.
Two police vans drove to were the other one was,
and several police men jumped down from the vans and fired towards them.


The hall chairman came down from the staircase,
and stopped at the second floor landing and knocked on the door were Smile’s stays.

No response, he turned the door knob and saw everyone laid under their bed shivering in fear.
He stepped in and roamed his eyes around, the gun battle betwixt Igbudu and the policemen was still going on and gun sounds could be heard from outside.

“Smile!” He called with his baritone voice, Smile almost peed in his trouser fearing it will be Igbudu “Jesus!” he shouted.

The hall chairman couldn’t help it, he held his stomach and laughed insanely falling on the bed.


Igbudu fired fearlessly at the police officers who were shooting at him, the police officers wondered if their bullets were really going towards their direction.
“I get children o, those boys get odeshi” one of the police officers who laid on the field told his colleague beside him.

“I don commot here o, how much them dey pay me sef wey I go die here” the other one replied, and stood up and ran inside the van.
The moment he started the van other police officers ran into it and the others vans too were started,
Then drove out of the main campus.

“I, General Igbudu I say nobody murmur, heads go roll, blood go flow!” He declared and shot twice in the air.


“Igbudu Laeaee…!” His second in command called his name and whistle around him.

He nodded, and walked to the hostel block that Smile’s stays in with his boys carrying guns behind him.
He walked pass the Sug lodge and took the stairs,
He got to the second floor and studied the doorpost were the rooms number are.

He nodded, and walked to one of the door. He kicked the door and it forcefully open,
“Smile!” He thundered and no response from the people laid on under their beds.

“Iffa count two, if ona no stand up from under that bed ehnn… I go blow ona head commot” he told them.
“One!” He counted mercilessly.
Immediately the three people under their beds were on their feet,
shivering before him.

He stared at their faces one after the other and placed a cigarette betwixt his lips, and lit it.
He started smoking watching them one after the other.
After he was done, he nodded and left the hostel room.

One of Smile’s room mate peed in his short, Cyril sighted when he was doing it and chuckled “guy, you don piss for boxer!” he exclaimed and the other of his room mate joined in laughing.


The hall chairman and Smile sat on his bed waiting patiently,
a call came in, the hostel chairman picked his phone and placed it on his ear “is he with you?” Eva’s voice asked from the phone speaker.

“Yes” he replied mumbling so that Smile won’t hear him,
the call ended. at this point of time Smile has already slept off.


In a big sittingroom,
a flat screen television fixed on the wall and a lady broadcaster was reading out news
“David Jeff, popularly called Igbudu and the leader of Fine Boys fraternity has been declared wanted by the school authority…” The lady said.

Igbudu who sat smoking unconcerned by the news on the couch,
His phone rang and he ordered his boy who held the remote to lower the volume
“Old boy, how em dey be?” He said into the receiver.

“What is wrong with you? why will you go about killing police officers?” the voice from the phone’s speaker asked angrily.

“Them challenge, no worry. I go soon delete that shaking tree wey be VC, just chill” he replied.

“If you are caught to call my name, hope you are making everything possible to win Hadija’s heart?” The voice asked.

“Yes” Igbudu replied dryly and the call ended.


As early as 5am the next day, the whole blocks were busy.
students were dragging on who to take his bath unlike before,
some people who has taken their bath earlier were carrying their boxes home.
others were making everything humanly possible to leave immediately,
several dead bodies of police officers were outside the hostel environment.
Parents drove in taking their children home,
the news of the gun battle has spread round the country and it is a thing of great concern to their love ones.
Smile’s parents were already waiting for him outside the hostel.




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