Episode 20

Smile breathe quicken as Eva wrapped her hand around his ha** d*** and jer*** him slowly, he gasped and beads of sweat formed around his forehead.
“ i..s” he stuttered in pleasure, she giggled innocently and released his h*** member from her hold.

She unbuttoned her bumshort and slipped it down to her legs,
“What are you doing?” Smile asked innocently, Eva giggled in response and sat down on his abdomen.
She shifted her p*** aside,
and held his ha** d*** and positioned it in her dripping w** opening.

she lowered herself on it “ahhh” she exhaled in pleasure sighing,
Smile tighten his face in pleasure, Eva giggled at the funny look plastered on his face.
she rode him slowly and increased her pace every calculated minute, loud gro*** and mo*** filled the air.

“Aahhaaaaaaa!” Smile gruntled moa**** within clenched teeth making a funny face as he thr*** in deep involuntarily and spurted his c** deep inside her pu**.
His throaty gro** and explosion triggered Eva’s om**, her om** washed all over her body.

She grind on him insanely as she clima***, “phewww!” she let out a pleasurable sigh, and laid on the sand beside smile.
both look up to the sky, “we have sinned” Smile mumbled.
Eva looked at him and saw the sad face he wore, she kissed his forehead “isn’t sin, is just our hormones” she replied and giggled.

Smile and Eva roared in laughter, they became quiet staring up into the sky that the moon positioned on it.
“Who is Jeff to you?” he asked her.
Both of them were quiet, as the wave was the only rumbling sounds that you could hear from the dimly lit environment by the moon.
Eva cleared her throat “he was my childhood friend,
We were inseparable even if he is older than me.” she let out a hot breathe.
“I was in my senior secondary when the attraction we had for each other became likeness,
then we fell in love with each other” she told him and cleaned the tears forming in her eyes.

“Things fell apart, when we started dating. He will initiate me in different kind of bad habit,
like smoking and going to club, I couldn’t tell anyone. I was afraid to loose him” she said with her broken voice as memories replayed in her mind.
“He threatened me to be a cultist or we will breakup,
I was so scared of loosing him that I became a cultist. I was brutally f*** in turns that night that I ceased to become daddy’s little Hadija” she told him and started laughing insanely as drop of tears tickle down her eyelids, Smile held her close to himself.
“It is fine, my love” he said to her, she raised her head up from his arms and looked deep inside his eyes.
He nodded slowly, and both lips entangled for a sweet kiss.


At Eva’s compound, the night was dark as Li and Tasha stayed out waiting patiently for her.
They wondered why she isn’t picking up her calls.
Car horn was blared outside and one of the White Angel went and opened the gate.
A car drove in, Li and Tasha stared at the car expectantly but were surprised to see Slaymama came down from the car with some of her girls.

Li hissed disgustingly and touched her gun if it is were she has kept it earlier,
She nodded in satisfaction after she confirmed her curiosity.
Before Slaymama could even get closer to them, “why are the bangas out tonight?” Li threw at them.

“Eyes no see, ear no tell” Slaymama replied and she nodded.
“When men were men where were you?” Li asked her narrowing her eyes.
“Li!” Tasha called her name and gasped.
Li raised her hands up in surrender,
“I was hiding in the shelter of my senior men,
who made me a man,
who ordained me,
who makes me who I am,
orders me to stand by under the shadow of the gods Odin.
so that I may not be affected by the kutokuto that happened on that rugged day,
that bastards blood were spilled” Slaymama replied her.

“Rugged you General, after you na you o! Ag’s mate!” her second in command shouted.

“Rugged!” her girls chorused behind.

The gate was opened and Eva rode inside the compound with her power bike, she removed the helmet she wore and straightened her long and smooth hairs.
She saw Slaymama and her girls, “babe, how far?” she threw at Slaymama like she has been her friend all the while.

“In the face of war, brothers become brothers,
foes become friends. I pay my undying regard to you” she told Eva who shook her and giggled.

She raised her eyebrows at Li and Tasha, both of them responded with innocent shrugs.
she asked them to come in and they all went in,
Eva went inside and took her bath, while the green queens were entertained at the sittingroom.

She came down with a white robe tied around her body,
with a shower cap on her head. she radiate beauty that appeals the soul to contemplation.
she slummed on the couch that Li and Tasha are, the room became tensed as everyone listened.
“Eva, firstly I apologize for what I did, as of now. We have one common enemy, I am here to sail with the ship that haunt the bloody rugged shaking tree” Slaymama spoke calmly as everyone listen.

“Isn’t easy, the rugged old spirit you seek to fall. knows the jungle more than anyone,
but every beginning has an end” Eva replied and stood up.

“Are you saying we can’t defeat him, even if we join forces together?” Slaymama asked Eva unbelievably. She nodded slowly.

“But… I have a plan, let’s just wait” she told Slaymama and went upstairs as the room became noisy with murmurings from every corner.


In the hostel, after the second semester exam.
there was a loud music playing from the common room as people party to mark the end of the section.
when a gun shots was heard outside, people started running for their life, the gunshots continued as people in their hostel rooms started wondering what is going on.
“I, general Igbudu. nobody challenge” he shouted outside the hostel, a loud serene was heard from distance as the new VC has determined to end the terrorism of cultism in the school.

😁😁Government don show.


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