Episode 2

Smile face remained like someone who has seen a seasonal ghost, Eva phone rang. She opened her purse and brought out her phone, saw her mother as the caller “umh… sorry, excuse me” she told Smile and hurried out of the hotel, Smile didn’t respond.

She entered inside her car and block the songs playing out of the speakers “good evening, mom” she made her voice lazily like someone who has been asleep for a longtime. “Hadija… You are sleeping while your mates are reading” her mother voice sounded from the speaker loud and clear like she yelled. Eva laughed.

“You don’t expect me to read while on call with you” Eva replied simply, both of them giggled. “What of dad mom?” Eva asked her mother “you mean my husband, he isn’t at home” her mother told Eva. They talked about different things and ended the call with promise of sending money to Eva who simply rolled her eyes, she has too much money in her bank account already.

She came down from the car, she simply wore bra but covered herself with a jacket. She entered the hotel and looked around if she will catch a glimpse of Smile who isn’t where she had earlier talked with him.

She went to the pool side where the party is heated, she couldn’t get Smile off her mind. She lost interest with dancing with anyone, she simply stripped to her panties and delve into the pool. Eva have the habit of thinking while swimming.

Why this strange feelings?

When did she starts loving?

Oh, damn… Not with a neophyte!

You are not helping, she screamed in her head.

And deep herself inside the pool of water.

Smile came out of were he has hid himself, he looked around if he will still see Eva. He didn’t, so he went back to standing on the gate side. He felt uncomfortable and checked his time, is almost 8pm. He has never stay out more than this without his parents, and the only place he could stay till this time is in the church.

He contemplated on leaving, Eva left the depth of the water and saw him, she grinned. She came out of the water, her long legs stretch her like a model. Her wide hips and flawless skin gleam under the light, she drips wet with water. Smile lost his self control as he felt that unknown sensation on his groin, “hey! You are?” Eva asked Smile when she got close to him, his mouth slightly opened and he shivered ’cause he didn’t realize when Eva got close to him, Eva enjoyed the expression of surprise on his face she grinned that she has that effect. She could even make a homosexual womanizer, she could make a priest thrash celibacy.

“To your tent oh Israel” Smile mumbled and ran out of the hotel, Eva laughed hard. She find him intriguing and funny, she even overheard him saying what he said. Her two friends came to her “babe, you no like the party?” One of her friend that has many piercing on her face asked. She still looks extremely beautiful with those piercings “do you know that boy?” Eva asked her two friends who came to her.

They simply said no, she told them that she has lost interest in the party that they should leave. The three of them left.


Eva large bedroom has balcony on the window side, that she will climb down from the window and watch the glorious City of Port-Harcourt. She lives in an executive area of the Government Reserved Area.

When she felt cold, she went inside. she wore white panties and white robe covering her body, her door burst open by a handsome guy with tattoo on his nape and wrist. He was cladded with black, his eyes sparkle in lust when he saw Eva. Eva face harden as she saw him “I don’t invite you Straffer, wetin you come do here sef?” Eva asked him, she tied her robe around her body properly.

He walked close to Eva and crossed his hands around her waist, “that isn’t how to welcome your boyfriend” he replied her and inhaled her scent, Eva removed his hands around her waist and laughed, her face became serious all of a sudden “White angels have no boyfriend, see forget about say I f-ck you that night. Your thing too small, stop acting like a kid. You nofit be my boyfriend” she told him, he wasn’t happy.

He tried to get close to Eva maybe if he kiss her, she will let him have her again. Eva was furious by his insistence, she went to her drawer and took a gun points it at him “your brain na oil, get out!” She said her eyes narrowed at him. “The Crocodile tears shall rain on your roof, prepare” he told Eva, “I don’t stand in an island” Eva replied and he simply nodded then left.


Smile knelt beside his bed, his eyes filled with tears as he cried and prayed. “Lord help me, I know am a sinner, please forgive me” Smile said. One of his room mate entered and saw him praying zealously, he couldn’t help it but laugh.

“Smile take am easy oh” he said and laid on his bed and dozed off, Smile prayed for an hour before he stood up and took his text books starts reading, he also brought out a note and pen, he reads memorize then jolts it down on his own language.

His phone rang and pick it “good evening, sir” Smile said into the receiver “how are you?” His father asked him. They talked for sometime “hope you are reading your Bible and praying?” He asked him “yes, dad” Smile replied. He ended the call with a lengthy advice on how to live in the ways of the Lord.

Smile took his bath and slept at 12pm when his friend Cyril is back from the party.

Smile stood and watched Eva, she stood with white garment but tears of blood flood down from her eyes, he quickly woke up breathing heavily in the dark room.


Eva was alone in the car as she drive on un-tarred road, she sang along with the song she played in her car. Five men came out of the bush that is along the road with A47 guns, they lined on the road with their guns pointed at her car. Eva slow down and killed the engine.


Smile na wow for you oh😣, if na me and Eva. We die there🙄

I see war, what do you see?🚶🚶🚶



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