Episode 19

His thoughts occupied of Eva, he looked up to the sky and drowned in contemplation.
-has she left him?
-is she okay?
-does she really worth fighting for?
These were his thoughts, he couldn’t sleep. He stayed up thinking the whole night,
Till the night fade into a day.


The sittingroom is spacious and contains lots of expensive electronics.
The walls painted artistry with alluring colors,
and the curtails were the ones not for common men.
around the room, flowers were decorated adding artistry beauty to the room.

The landing of the staircase in the corner of the room is done majestically,
putting a lot of design for just beauty alone. A woman strode the staircase slowly with a beautiful smile glued to her face.
She could take a place of older Eva, but her little piercing eyes distinguished her.

“Happy birthday, honey” she said, a beautiful smile graced her face. Right at the expensive red couch, is a huge man with Eva glued to his body.
“Your daughter wants to travel back to school” the huge man with remarkable pot-belle threw at the woman who just came down from the staircase.

She exhaled and sat on the sofa adjacent to the one her husband is sitting, “so, she is now my daughter ’cause she wants to go back to school?” the woman replied with a question and grin registered on the corner of her lips. “Hahaha!” her husband bellowed in laughter.

“Dad and mom, you wanted me to stay back till it is my birthday, I have done so. Please, can I leave today?” Eva asked the both of them straightening up on the Sofa, her voice soft and her eyes lowered in plea.
The woman simply shrugged but her husband let out a short laugh.
“Is fine darling, you can go today, I’ll be travelling” he replied and rose lazily from the sofa, he struggled to bend and kissed Eva on the forehead.
“Ain’t you taking your daughter with you?” the woman threw at his disappearing mighty figure, he didn’t respond. But he chuckled as he exit the sitting room.

“I have to go, mom” Eva told her mom and dropped a quick peck on her cheek and took the staircase, “are you sure, you don’t want a birthday party?” her mother asked behind her with her raised voice.

“No, mom” Eva replied with a raised voice from the staircase.


In the hostel’s room occupied by Smile and Cyril, with two other boys that are not in same department or level with them.
A Bible is placed betwixt Smile’s legs as he watched confusingly on what the three people who are his room mates doing on the floor.
“I don check!” Cyril declared raising his hands up.
“Check kill you there, you hide card” of one them replied Cyril, glaring at him menacingly.

the other boy was looking at them arguing,
with clothe serving as fan on his right hand. The light has just gone and the room is hot, ’cause of one of them who cooked inside against the school hostel’s policy.
“Onushi .. see the card” the one who accused Cyril of trying to outsmart them shouted at Cyril.
as he brought a card under Smile’s bed, Cyril argued that the card he brought out isn’t his.

They were shouting when the hall chairman appeared on the doorpost, all of them turned quietly towards him.
“Smile, come” he called Smile ignoring the others, Smile dropped the Bible betwixt his legs on the bed and followed him.
“You wan use Igbo sense” the one who was arguing with Cyril fired at him, Smile followed the hall master quietly till they got to downstairs were the SUG lodge is situated.

They walked to the common together, Smile stopped walking and a big frown appeared on his face as he saw Eva sitting on, one of the desk in the common room.
The hall chairman excused them and others who were reading in the common room were asked to go out by the hall chairman.
“Why are you here?” Smile asked Eva angrily, she smiled sweetly at him and he soften a bit.

All the angry words he has rehearsed seems to abandon him when he needed them the most, he charged in anger confusingly staring at Eva who was smiling and her eyebrows raised expecting more reactions.
“Forget it, just go!” he said defeated, he wanted to walk away when she hugged him from behind,
his anger melt away and a huge smile appeared on his face.

“Come with me” Eva told him and held his wrist, they walked out of the hostel quietly with their hands locked with each other.
she climbed a power bike and asked Smile to climb on.
He did, and she rode them out of the campus,
“You are har***” she told him and giggled, Smile looked away blushing in embarrassment.


A thatch bar in beach, close to a river bank. A bulb hung at the top, and a table underneath, two people sat on a plastic chair under the illumination of the light bulb.
“He did that to you?” Eva asked unbelievably,
Smile has just narrated what happened when she wasn’t around.
“I also had a bad dream, that I was thrown into a sea tied up to drown” Smile told Eva who looked serious and agitated by what he was saying.

She felt bad, her eyes soft as she looked deep into his eyes. She touch his cheek “am here now, nothing is gonna happen to you, okay” she told him and Smile nodded.
She stood up and gestured Smile to stand up, he did.
Eva was the first to run off on the river bank towards the side that is dark, Smile followed. the moonlight lightening their paths.

When she got to were no eyes can see them or people will think of coming, she fell on the ground and exhaled rapidly.
Smile fell beside her, and both of them laugh happily.
Her face became serious, she faced Smile.

A smile graced her face “promise me, you won’t forget or will always remember me of this moment, when memories fails me?” She told him smiling, Smile nodded slowly and muttered “I promise”.
She ki** him softly on the li**, and strad*** him.

His hands roaming her back as the ki** became intense, she removed her armless shirt and unclas*** her br*, Smile moved his hands around her body confusingly not knowing what to do.

She helped him lower his short and boxer, she bent and ki*** him slowly nibbling his ears.
He groaned in excitement, she directed his hands to her bo*** and he squeezed gently.
“Aaahh!” she sighed in pleasure letting out a low mo***



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