Episode 18

The three rugged looking intimidating figure who emerged under the tree with guns glared at Smile with a warning look.
The one who slapped Jenny and Smile stood face to face at each other, Smile clenched his fist.

The three guys that emerged from under the tree could pass for clubs bouncers,
Smile kicked against making trouble.
“You no go disembark!” One of them thundered at Jenny who scampered away in fear.
She ran as fast as her legs could carry her to Smile’s hostel.

“Bounce in” one of them told Smile, who obeyed and walked towards Igbudu who sat on the car bonnet smoking.
“Na you dey wrestle for love with me?” He asked Smile with his husky voice.

“Excuse me” Smile replied curtly, one of the mancho man behind him removed his two legs from the ground.
he lifted up and slammed on the ground groaning in pains.
“You dey mad? who goes you to cap when General dey cap?” He thundered at Smile who is on the ground staring daggers at him.

“Hey you, look here. I for light you instanta.. but, I get joy this evening. If you see Eva, run like say she be ghost wey dey haunt you. You hear me, pass am charge boys” Igbudu said and busy himself with the cigarette and alcoholic bottle beside him.

The four men descend on Smile with punches, “Jesus Jesus!” Smile screamed loud in pains.

Jenny ran as fast her legs could carry her, she ran into Smile’s hostel room breathing heavily and sweating. “Wetin happen?” Cyril who was only on boxer asked her.
“Smile, Smile” she breathed out his names.
“Wetin happen to Smile?” Cyril asked in confusion.

“Cult guys are beating him” she replied him catching her breathe, quickly Cyril wore his short and a T-shirt.
“For where?” He threw at her, he was impatient of her inability to speak fluently.
“Outside” she replied.

He hurried up to the third floor and saw the hostel chair coming downstairs.
A black tall mancho guy, with beards covering most part of his face. He looks more like a criminal.
“Chairmo, them dey fuck your boy up” Cyril told him, his eyes bulged and his muscles tightened in anger.

“For where?” He asked him, “outside” Cyril replied quickly.
Three of them hurried downstairs and came out of the hostel.
Jenny was running ahead two of them,
When they got closer, she pointed at them.
From were they stood, they could make out people raining punches on someone on the ground.

Cyril and the hostel chairman ran towards that direction, he wanted to pounce on the guys beating Smile but stopped immediately and held back Cyril when he saw Igbudu.
Cyril was boiling in anger “regard to my General, after you na you” he saluted Igbudu.

“Make ona free am, na your pikin be this?” Igbudu pointed at Smile who was already bleeding and groaning in pains on the ground.
“Yes, boss. The boy no know the old ways, avail mercy” the hall chairman pleaded on behalf of Smile.

“If no be you ehnn.. no wam” Igbudu replied and entered inside his car, his guys joined him in the car.
Igbudu swerved the car crazily and sped off, Cyril and the hostel Chairman Mike helped Smile up.
He called university shuttle passing through that route,
The driver turned and drove to that place.

“Baba, Mike” he hailed the hostel chairman, who carried Smile inside the shuttle.
He entered and Cyril also did “who do am that thing?” The driver asked facing the road.

“Na Jeff, abeg increase speed” the hostel chairman replied him, he put the car on the university express way and geared the shuttle down to the school’s clinic.


A loud horn was blared outside the gate, one of the green queen came out of the house hurriedly and instructed the gateman to open the gate.
He did, and a car drove into the compound.
Three men came down from the car, with rings on their fingers and a green head tie on their heads.

The girl who instructed the gateman to open the gate ran inside the house to fetch Slaymama.
She came out and stared at them in surprise.

The three men stood side by side, she walked swiftly and knelt before them.
“Regards to my superior, the German ship pilots” she greeted them. The three men weren’t smiling.

“What is the message that Augustine old boy sent to him” one of them asked her, she slowly lowered her head in shame.

“Never to hang leg in face of war” she replied slowly with a low voice.
“German! Why have you betrayed the ship?!” One of them thundered at her.

“I can’t, the blood of bobos runs in me. the skeleton hasn’t risen” she pleaded, they stared down at her and nodded.
They didn’t say a word and left the compound, Slaymama stood up touched her forehead.


Three weeks later, Smile has finally healed and Eva isn’t yet back.
He returned from church that evening from midweek service.
After taken dinner with Cyril, he studied for an hour and slept off.

***In dream***

Smile saw himself walking barefoot on a breach, the cold night breeze hits him and he shivered in cold. He looked down the water and admired the moonlight that filtered inside the water.

Suddenly, he saw ropes tied around his hands and legs.
He tried to scream but sellotape has been sealed on his lips,
He struggled but felt a force pushing him into the big water body.
He sink deep inside the water and drawn.
Smile eyes opened wide in the darkroom, his body drenched in his own sweat,
breathing heavily. He knelt beside the bed and started praying.
He prayed for an hour, he got up and went outside the hostel ‘s room and looked at the moon in the sky.

He couldn’t sleep till the day break.


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