Episode 17

“Forget, just kiss me” she told him and curled her hand around his neck and draw him close to her, their lips clicked and they drank from each other fountain of mouth.


The room was a big one, with a big bed and television set, with sofa in the room. Properly arranged and pleasing to the eyes, Slaymama sat on the bed smoking and two of her girls sat on the sofa in her bedroom.

“Na me Igbudu f–k f–k anyhow like ashawo, Queen you don suffer” she wailed and released smoke from her mouth.
“Eva, you get mind send that bastard” she blurted out and her eyes threaten tears.

“Permission to cap” one of the girls in the room with her asked, “cap” she replied and placed the cigarette back to her lips.
“No be Eva send am oh, the guy even shoot Eva” the girl on green barret that took permission earlier told her.
Slaymama flashed her a quick look,
“That Igbudu don mad” she said and the room became quiet.
“Two captain can’t coach a ship, arrange girls, the dry skeleton has risen” Slaymama instructed.

The two girls stood up from the sofa and placed a hand on their chests and bowed in obeisance.
They left the room and Slaymama went into a deep thought.


Igbudu was driving on highway, he slow down and curved into a street that is on a bush path.
He is heading to a river bank to get cocaine.
Four girls appeared before him and started shooting at him.

He slowed down the car and halt it, he tilted his head sideways.
the girls shoot incessantly at his car but none of the bullets tempered his car, they fell on the ground losing fire power before it will get to the car.

Igbudu came down from his car with a sharp matchet majestically, he slammed the side door shut.
and walked slowly to the bonnet and sat, regardless of the shooting aimed at him.

“Gbuu!” one of the four girls that tied a red piece of clothe around her head echoed.
“War!” others chorused.
Igbudu brought out a red handkerchief from his pocket.
the four girls deep their guns mouth on the ground and shot at him.

He waved the red handkerchief and the bullets flee to different directions, he laughed.

“And those who died in Augustine shall have a celestial feast, Augor Augor!” one of the girls raised.

“Augustine aaa!” The others chorused, everyone of them grabbed a cut from grasses and stuffed them in their gun mouth.
and they shot at Igbudu, he bent and the bullet hit on the widescreen and
damaged it.

“Taaarrrhh! and when there is blood on the high sea, every shaking tree is a target” he shouted and raised the matchet up to the sky.

“If Odin could sacrifice his eye, whom am I not to conquer, Igbudu! Igbudu!” He said and turned in the circle, his assailants watched his moves.

“Igbudu leee” he shouted and bent down,
then disappeared. His assailants looked around in amazement.

A sharp cry “aaahh!” behind the girls, and a head rolled, the body of the neck spill blood.
The three remain girls look back in freight, “hahaha” he laughed.

he appeared close to the bush “on that day, peace to the bastards, spade to spade, blood to blood. Hahaha” he said and laughed, he disappeared immediately they shot at him.
he appeared behind another girl and cut off her head.
the others saw this and ran, he appeared and laughed insanely.

He walked to his car and brought out a big black bag.
he put the two heads inside it and dropped it in the car.
he entered and drove away.


The gate was opened wide as a car drove in with speed, if anyone was standing in the compound. that person will be in morgue by now.
Slaymama and her girls were standing on the house’s verandah, planning on how to bury their dead members.

Igbudu stepped down from the car with two mancho men with guns, he brought out the bag from the car and deep his hand inside it.
he brought out the human heads and threw it towards them.
“I, general Igbudu. no body challenge, no mother force” he shouted standing in the centre of the house with hands spread wide.
The two mancho men behind him “Igbudu, Igbudu leee!” hailed him and shot twice in the air.
They drove out of the compound without confrontation.

Slaymama watched angrily from were she stood.
she lit her cigarette and walked inside the house without a word from her to her members.


Two weeks gone from the second semester and Eva is yet to return, she travelled home immediately she was discharged from the hospital.
Smile and Jenny were talking and laughing happily,
when they came out of an empty lecture hall.
It was evening and the sun was at it state of rest, Smile carried his bag behind. He and Jenny came back from their afternoon study section gisting happily.

Both of them walked on a tarred road close to the permanent lecture hall and love garden.
Igbudu and his men were smoking and drinking under a tree close to the love garden.
Immediately they sighted Smile, one of his men stepped out of the tree’s shade.
“Psst! You lap!” He called Smile who looked at him in confusion.

“Why?” Smile replied, Jenny was already shivering beside him. He looked at him angrily, Smile shrugged and walked towards him.
“You disembark” he pointed at Jenny, she shook her head stubbornly and glued to Smile’s arm.

“Gbooooossaaa!” a thunderous slap landed on her cheek and she screamed, Smile out of fury charged at him.
“Wey you!” Three other of his men stepped out of the tree’s shade with guns, university sheriff in the vicinity disappeared.
Igbudu was silent as he watched them under the tree, he was busy smoking.

Students were heading to that direction saw the commotion and took another direction.
Lecturers who parked their cars around that area, sighted them and went back to their offices.


Smile wan fight๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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