Episode 16

Grace pushed open the room, she wore a red handless gown that stopped just above her b—bs region. Smile raised his head up and saw her, he groaned in displeasure.

Grace winked at him, and unzipped the gown that stopped just before her kneel. She licked her lower lip seductively as she stepped out from the gown that has formed a heap on the floor with just her panties.
She unclasped her bra and bite her lower lips, she held her n-pples within her thumbs and gave a light squeeze “aahh!” She moaned.

As her twins stood gingerly on her chest, Smile watch in awe turned on by her caressing herself before him. “I know you want to f—k me hard” she told him and climbed the bed, she crawled towards him seductively.

“I know it has been long you did it ever since you did it in campus” she said rubbing his legs, Smile jerked his leg and jumped down from the bed. “Satan get behind me” he said and ran out of the room like someone pursued by a ghost.
Grace was shocked, she kicked her legs in the air groaning in displeasure.

She placed a finger on her lips “which kind celibacy be this na” she cursed within her clench teeth. She climbed down the bed and wore her bra, then put on her gown and left the room.


In the hospital, Eva leaned on the wall as Li and Eva were talking with her on their next actions.
“Slaymama, don enter town” Li informed Eva of the arrival of the green queen.
She simply shrugged.

“We don’t hav…” Eva replied but her ringing phone didn’t let her complete what she was saying, she saw the number and smile “excuse me” she told her friends.
“Hello, Smile” Eva said into the receiver and smiled sweetly. Giggling momentarily as she talked on the phone with the caller.

Li and Tasha glanced at each other, immediately the call ended they laughed and Eva raised her eyebrows at them.
“Wetin?” She asked Li and Tasha who were busy laughing.

“Na your pastor boyfriend call or the other one?” Li asked Eva, she glared at her and three of them laughed happily.
Eva cleared her throat “as you can see he is coming to visit me” Eva announced and two of them cheered her.


In a party house, a long hallway that has the only exit and entrance of the party hall.
Igbudu was going out of the dance hall using this exit.
With his men on red barrets behind him, he was smoking as he strode on the hallway.
Slaymama entered the hallway with her girls behind her.

She wore a very skimpy gown that her curves is obvious to the eyes and her laps showing more flesh.
Immediately she sighted Igbudu she shivered.

Her girls were terrified too, Igbudu saw her and licked his lower lip.
“How far, Queen?” He greeted her.
Looking lustfully at her.
“Baba, I dey oh” she replied cheerfully.

Igbudu admired her and came closer, she shifted backward.
He was looking dangerously at her. “Make we do quickie, you want am here or you wan follow me” he whispered to her.
“My bf dey wait” she replied looking fearfully at him.

She has heard so much of his rape habit, she prayed inwardly not be a victim.
“You dey mad? You want am here or you wan follow” he yelled at her almost choking her,
as his palm encircled her nape.

The three girls that came with Green queen made an attempt to rescue her, the four mancho men that is with Igbudu pointed guns at them.
Slaymama girls raised their hands up in surrender.

“Leave me ha…n” Slaymama struggled to be free.
“Shut up!” He shouted at her holding her both hands and slammed her back on the wall.
He pressed her body on her’s and unzipped his zip.

She tried pushing him off but he is stronger, he turned her over and held her head to the wall pressing it.
“Aaahh!” She groaned in pain.
He dragged her short gown up, she tried bringing it down.

He caught the hand and hit it on the wall “aaahh!” She winced in pain, he kicked her legs to separate.
He put her both legs betwixt her, he grinned in satisfaction as he watched her struggled in pains.

He tore off her g-string p-nt with just a drag.
He positioned his d–k in the entrance of her sweet canal and penetrated sharply.
“Aahh!” He gruntled in satisfaction, he started thrusting in and out of her sweet canal.
His waist moving forwards and backwards as he increased his pace.
“Aaaahhh!!” She let out a throaty m-on as he increased his pace.

She couldn’t conceal the pleasurable painful impact his hard member is doing in her sweet canal.
Igbudu watch her a-s in satisfaction as it reverberated in every thrusts he made.
He sp-nked her a-s and she groaned in response, “I know slut like you will like it” he groaned those wordings within his clenched teeth and emptied his seeds.

He pulled out of her creamy sore p–sy with his c-m and laughed as a maniac.
He left with his guys behind him, Slayqueen was on the floor as she rained abuses on him.
Her girls helped her up and they left the party house together.


Eva was on her sick bed reading a book, her injury is almost healing as the doctor had told her earlier.
The door opened and Smile stepped in, he wore a sad face.

He walked briskly and sat beside her “what happened to you?” He asked with concerned voice.
“Am fine” she replied simply and smiled at him.

He inhaled sharply “I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if my dream came to past, because I wanted to tell you something” he said and scratch his head. Eva raised her eyebrows cutely urging him to speak.

“That i love you” Smile didn’t realize when he said it, the room became awkwardly silent. “Does that mean am your girlfriend?” Eva asked raising her eyebrows cutely enjoying the nervousness he is in.
He nodded, he bent and their face were closer.

Both lips clicked together seamlessly in a sharp kiss, Smile pulled out of the kiss and grinned happily. Eva opened her eyes and a smile played on the corner of her lips “since we are now dating, don’t you think we should start f–king” Eva told Smile and his eyes almost jumped out of his socket making Eva to laugh.


🤣🤣🤣Eva come and gimme oh.


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