Episode 15

Li and Tasha were looking down from the window in the room in the upper floor, they saw Igbudu and Eva together. “This mad man don come” Li said and chuckled, “no make mistake one day, tell am for em front oh” Tasha replied. “why you no pick my calls, Eva!” he yelled at her clenching his fist, Eva looked at him and frowned. “Igbudu, fuck off” she replied him and turned back facing the pool, he couldn’t control his anger.

He pulled out a gun from were he has tucked it earlier and shot Eva, the bullet hit her shoulder blade “aaahh!”
she groaned and fell inside the pool, Eva struggled in the water drowning, he dive into the water and swam out with Eva who laid unconscious on the floor.

“Get your f–king hands off her!” Li yelled and pushed him off Eva’s unconscious body, Igbudu drenched with water staggered backwards. Tasha carried Eva in her arms to the car “open the gate!” She shouted at the girl smoking beside the gate, she was almost in tears.

“Na me you dey shout for, Li” Igbudu said to Li who was almost regretting her actions, she hissed at him “you are causing so much troubles in her life, just leave her alone. Now you have killed her” Li replied shouting at him with tears.

She hissed and ran into the car moving out of the compound, Igbudu stood transfixed beside the swimming pool staring at the waters mixed with blood,
Several thoughts in his mind. He wondered how the gun was able to penetrate into her body.
He shake his head regrettably,
He later drove out of the compound.


Smile came down from the car and went to the car booth, his dad opened it from inside. He carried his luggage from the car booth and dropped it on the floor, her father stepped down from the car.

His mother was very happy to see him, she started singing immediately she came out of the house.
“Praise thou Lord!” She raised her voice.
“Amen!” Father and son chorused.

She hugged Smile passionately, “welcome son, your mom has prepared your breakfast” his father told Smile patting his back.

Three of them went inside the house.


Eva sat on the hospital bed, with Li and Tasha be side her rest bed. They were gisting when her phone rang, she picked it.

“Hello, daddy” she said into the receiver.

“Your mom said you are not home yet, why. Hadija?” the bossy voice sounded harsh on the phone’s speaker.

“Dad, am on a sick bed” Eva replied softly.

“What? How!” The bass voice soften immediately with affection. Eva giggled.

“With malaria dad, I’ll be fine. Sweet” she told her father sweetly. “Umhh.. sure, shouldn’t I send bodyguards to bring you home” he replied her.

“No, no, dad. Am with my friends, I’ll be fine” she replied sharply, they ended the call with ‘I love you” coming from both ends.
The door pushed open immediately with Igbudu carrying flower and his boys behind him.

His boys busy themselves decorating the room with lots of flowers, when they are done. They left the room, Li and Tasha remained in the same position watching his moves.
They seem not to trust him a bit.
“I’ll be fine, Li and Tasha” Eva told her friends when they refused to give Igbudu the privacy he was itching to ask for.

“Sure?” Li asked her, she simply encouraged her two friends with a nod. Igbudu got hot glare from the two beautiful girls that left the room, “hi” he said nervously to Eva scratching his head.

She rolled her eyes “I have forgiven you, just stay away” she replied him inhaling sharply. “I wish I can, you know I love you” he said kneeling down beside her sick bed, making Eva surprised. She laughed, “see me see trouble, I thought you broke up with me ’cause you don’t love me anymore, even if the love is back. I don’t love you, just go away!” She replied with a scream almost harming herself.

She coughed hysterically that Igbudu offered her water, she gulped the whole water in the cup into her throat.
Li and Tasha entered, Eva was catching her breathe. “She isn’t strong enough to talk about that, General” Tasha begged him with low voice. He nodded and stood up straightening his trouser “I’ll be back, my love” he promised and left the room.

Immediately he left the room Tasha and Li started laughing “I’ll be back my love” Li repeated his statement mimicking his voice, three of them burst out laughing. “The guy don sniff in South Korea or Philippine cocaine, em don turn lover boy” Tasha added and Eva grinned.


Igbudu was smoking and walking around in a circle in his room, the door opened and someone came with a phone.

“Who?” Igbudu asked his first in command who brought the phone with him.

“Your father on the line” he replied, Igbudu sighed in displeasure. He took the phone and placed it on his ear.

“Have she agreed?” A voice from the phone’s speaker asked.

“No, I’m…” He replied but couldn’t complete his statement before the voice cut in.

“Foolish boy, do whatever it takes. Her father will be the next president of this country, don’t mess things up or you will regret it” the voice warned sternly and ended the call, Igbudu smashed the phone on the wall and clenched his fist boiling with anger.


In Smile’s room, he is the only one alone. He was studying, his parents has gone to church camp and his parents didn’t take him with them because is an adult camp meeting.
The door knob turned and Grace stepped in.

Smile raised his head up and saw her, she bite her lower lip seductively and started playing with herself.
She pulled her gown zip down and stepped out of it with just her panties.

“I know you will like to f—k me hard” she told him and unclasped her bra, Smile watch her in awe. “I know you haven’t had it since you have done it in the campus” he told Smile and climbed the bed, and crawl towards him seductively.

“Get behind me Satan” Smile rebuked immediately she tried to touch his leg, he jumped out of the bed and ran out of the room like someone who has seen a ghost that wants to kill him.


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