Episode 14

Smile jerked up from his bed making Cyril to laugh at him, his eyes hold fear. Beads of sweats formed on his forehead, he stood up from his bed and went out to the second floor balcony.
He dialed a number and placed a call to Eva. There was no response from the other end.

“Pick Eva!” He mumbled silently to himself.

He so much fear his own dream, he typed a message and sent it to Eva. He went inside his hostel room and prayed.

In the evening he came out of the hostel, he walked down to the university stadium. When the gate keepers saw him, they let him in ’cause of Eva.

He sat on the field silently and waited for Eva to come, he kept on turning his head around to see if she has arrived.

He stayed there for an hour, it was getting dark but he didn’t intend going back to the hostel.

“You don’t give up, do you?” Eva said behind sitting Smile, he quickly stood up with wide smile plastered on his face.

“Am sorry for disturbing you” he replied, she simply shrugged.

“So, why am I here?” He asked him walking closer and squatted on the field. “I dreamt were you were shot, I was so terrified and it was so real, it felt like you are gone” Smile blurted out confusingly, Eva started laughing.

He looked at her in confusion “what is funny?” He asked her, she simply shake her head and stood up properly, looking very serious.

“Do you love me?” She asked him, the question was a shock to Smile who went mute immediately. “I don’t know” he replied her. She turned and walked away “call me when you are a man” she told him and left the place. Smile stood there for sometime before he walked away.


A car drove crazily inside a compound, someone at the back seat came down from the car and shot thrice in the air “call me Igbudu” he said and shot once again in the air.
Boys on red came out of different corners of the house to welcome him, “Igbudu leee!” They hailed him.

He dragged the cigarette and puffed out smokes that dangled on his face, “you see this town, Igbudu has come” he said and shot thrice again in the air. He climbed the car and stood on it, he shot once again in the air “we go party tire” he said and shot once again in the air.

He jumped down from the car and went inside the house accompanied with two rugged looking guys, alcoholic drinks were distributed to his boys with cigarettes.
Igbudu entered a room and removed the jacket he wore, he took a triangular little bag filled with white substance from his bed head.

He tore it with a short knife and emptied it on a saucer that it is on a table beside the bed, he bent and sniff it. Hitting his head with his hand anytime he raised his head up, one of his guy with him in the room. His back rested on the wall looking at him, “you wan party without white Angels?” He asked Igbudu raising his eyebrows up.

“Yeeee! Eva my baby, call her” he replied and kept on sniffing the white substance, the mancho guy whose back is on the wall called Eva.


Li pushed open the door and stepped in, she show Eva on her bed reading with books scattered on the bed. She sat on the bed and faced her friend who is busy with her books.

“You don hear say, Igbudu dey town?” Li asked Eva. “You say?” Tasha asked she overhead Li while she was opening the door, Eva didn’t raise her head she acted like she never heard what they were saying.

“Eva honey is back” Li replied Tasha and both of them laughed, Eva raised her head and glared at them. “That was then, that guy no go fit be my boyfriend, em dey even call me” she took the phone and displayed the screen to their faces, both of them shivered.

“Go meet am, that guy no normal oh” Tasha begged, she is tired of incessant troubles. Eva ignored her and busy herself with what she was doing.


After Smile was done writing examination for the day which was the last paper for the semester for his department, he walked to Eva’s car and waited.
After some minutes Eva came out of the hall and saw him, she smiled graciously at him.
“Hey, Smile” she said to him.
Smile scratched his head nervously, “hey, Eva” he replied and exhaled.

“Do you want to tell me something?” Eva asked him sweetly, beads of sweat started forming on his forehead.

“Yes, I… I. . I..” Smile stuttered, Eva couldn’t help it, she laughed.

“Tell me when second semester starts next week, have to go” she told him and pecked him, she entered her car and drove away. Smile waved goodbye to her.

Eva hasn’t gone far when she received a call from her dad, “hello, father” she said into the receiver.

“Don’t father me” he replied Eva and she giggled. “Hadija, when are you coming home?” He asked Eva with his baritone voice.

“Tomorrow, sir” she said and grinned, “I missed you sweet” he told her. “Am on the wheel dad” she replied him, “sorry honey” he replied and ended the call, Eva chuckled.


A car drove crazily into the compound when one of Eva’s girls opened the gate, Igbudu came down from the car hurriedly looking angry. He held a gun in his hand with cigarettes betwixt his lips, he removed the cigarette “Eva!!” He thundered.

He sighted her on the pool side, he walked swiftly to where Eva is. She wore bikini and her legs deep in the swimming pool, she was swinging her legs inside the water.

“Na me you dey ignore” he yelled at her, Eva didn’t even bother looking back at him. She ignored him completely.

“Gbuuu!” Gun shot was heard.

And the swimming pool water was mixed with blood.


🤷Only to say I love you Smile.



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