Episode 12

Smile stood before the gigantic hostel and exhaled, a boy came out of the hostel ‘s third floor balcony and saw him. It was sun dawn as it is evening.
“Pastor Smile is back oohh!” He raised an alarm, students started coming out of their rooms, the rumours of his kidnap has spread the whole school.

“Where am?” Some one who respond to the alarm inquired, he simply pointed down to the ground. His vision fell on Smile who was walking towards the hostel block, “one gbossaaa! For pastor Smile” he shouted.

Many others came out of the rooms and chanted happily, “mandelites are we joking here, one gbossa for pastor Smile!” He shouted. Smile shook his head and a smile played in his lips in appreciation for the warmth home welcoming.

“Leave me! leave me!!, I wan jump down die oh” one of the boys shouted as he stood on the balcony making funny moves, a head pop out of a room in the corridor he stood “nobody dey hold you, jump down die quick” he advised him and people around roared in laughter.

The moment Smile arrived in his room, his other room mates jumped on him. Asking several questions but he only said God is the one that saved him, when his arrival ceremony has cooled, Cyrill and him sat on his bed. “Guy, lecturers dey ask about you oh” Cyril informed him. Smile shrugged without saying anything, “them even cancel test because of you” Cyril told Smile who looked shock by what he was told.

Cyril stood up and left Smile’s bed, he walked to his locker and brought out a pot, then stove. Smile was deep in thought, he went on his kneels and prayed. Cyril placed his stove on a wood kept outside, and lit the stove. He placed the pot on the fire, he took it down when it was warm and quench the stove with breeze. He carried the pot inside, and placed it on a paper he laid on his bed side.

He went to his locker and brought out a bag of garri with sugar, and pure water sachet. He mixed garri to sip, “can I have some beans to eat?” Smile asked Cyril who didn’t bother to raise his head, “the kidnappers no give you some beans to eat? go ask them na” he replied him and started eating, Smile ignored him and went inside his locker. Took a spoon and joined him in eating the beans.


Eva drove crazily into the compound after the gate was opened by one of her girls, she walked inside the house ignoring greetings from other lower ranked white Angels. Li and Tasha were plotting how to lead a mission before she entered the sittingroom, she saw them and climbed the staircase leading to the upper floor ignoring them.

Li was quietly looking at her before she took the stairs at the staircase landing “excuse me, girls” Li told them and went after Eva, she climb the stairs and appeared in Eva’s room. She saw her smoking with just her white panties on “Hadija, what is it again?” She asked her, Eva always smoke for a reason.

“Nothing, I just want to be alone” Eva replied allowing the smokes to dangle on her face, Li knowing the kind of person Eva is left her room with immediate effect. When Li left her room she clad herself with her red robe and went to stand on her balcony, she looked up to the sky and watched the moon.

Smile couldn’t sleep, he felt like a part of him is taken from him. He stood up from his bed and went out of the room, he stood on the second floor balcony and watched the moon.


It was a sunny day, Cyril was tasty so he went to a kiosk close to the ICTC building in the campus. He ordered for a sachet of pure water “take your money” he told the seller who was busy attending to a female customer close to him, “don’t worry, I’ll pay for you” the girl beside him told him and smiled at him.

Cyril felt like he is dreaming, he wondered when girls started spending on boys. “Thank you!” He told her and walked away from the kiosk, before he could walk away he heard someone calling his attention from behind,
he looked back and saw the girl that paid for the sachet of pure water was the one calling for him.
He said in his mind that she shouldn’t ask for the money she paid for the pure water ’cause he won’t give her.
“Am Hannah, you are Smile’s friend right?” She asked him.
*She even knows Smile name but didn’t know my name* Cyril thought, he simply nodded.
“I like your friend, can you, you know na” she said.
“I don’t know na” Smile replied and shrugged.
“I’ll give you money, please help me” she begged Cyril, he licked his lower lip as the girl brought out five hundred and gave him.
“Na now you come” Cyril said when he received the money from her, she gave him her number and both of them departed.


It was pitch dark and the road lonely, a car was driving past with a loud music playing out from the car. The leader of the green landers was on the wheel smoking.

Li and Tasha stood on the road with guns directed to his car, they rained bullets on the car. He jumped out of the car and rolled on the floor, he had injuries.

Li and Tasha shifted from the road as the gun ran through their middle and jammed a PHCN pole, Scorpion grabbed a grass and disappeared. Li and Tasha checked around and notice he has left already.

Scorpion appeared in his dark room groaning in pains, he limped to his bed and sat. the light in his room was switch on by a white Angel girl close to the door, “my general” Eva hailed him.

His eyes widen as he saw white Angel girls surrounded him with guns.


Cyril the business manπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Eva mean war oh🀷



  1. This writer is so good, el Victor. I followed u on about 4 website . u arr gud. Keep d gud work. This story is so real. I miss ur other story Amina sea season 2. U can hit me up via email, pls

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