Tears rolled down Smile’s eyes, Slaymama deep her hand inside her pocket and brought out her phone, her palm wrapped around Smile’s d—k jerking him. She saw the caller ID and grinned.
“Am heading to Badmus” a voice in the phone’s speaker said.
“Good girl, am even jerking him sef” Slaymama told the caller and let out short laugh.
“What the f–k!” Eva cursed angrily.
“Chill lover girl, am not hurting him, is just that I want to b–ng him till he can’t breathe anymore” she said and laughed wickedly, Eva ended the call angrily.

She grinned and deep his d—k back inside his boxer, she stood up smiling. “Take good care of him, we are heading to finish the business we started” she told her girls, and she left with two girls, while three girls remained behind.

The girls who surrounded the uncompleted building left with her with cars as they drove out of the compound.


Eva was driving on a less busy road when she received a call, she pulled over at the road side and picked the call.
“Li wetin happen?” She asked annoyed by the distraction.
“See no go, me and Tasha dey go rescue Smile” she told Eva who exhaled in relief.
“Please, make sure bullet no near am” Eva said closing her eyes, she just wish all these troubles should go away from Smile.
She quickly reversed the car and drove back.
An informat of green landers, a guy who sat in someone’s shop pretending to be buying something, brought out his phone when Eva reversed and drove away.
“Hello, slaymama. Eva don move oh!” He said into the receiver and the call ended, he flagged down a bikeman passing through the road and entered, he went after her.


The cars on the road halt, Slaymama is on the front seat of the car at the front of the seven cars lined up on the road. She was looking furious after she received the call, “Lucy, reverse!” She shouted angrily at the driver who is her eder one.
She breathed fury, the driver quickly swerve carelessly on the road and reverse, running down the road speedily as other cars behind sped with it.


The three girls in the uncompleted building with Smile, were busy smoking as they gossip at the empty window frame.
“This guy fine oh, no wonder Eva wan die for am” the black one, with tribal marks on her face told the two of them with her.
The one chewing gum recklessly look back at Smile once again, “I wan f–k the guy” she said carelessly not minding the impression she just made.
“Them go insert pin for your p—sy” the fair one with piercing all over her face replied, it was sudden loud gunshots was heard in the compound and bullets was directed to three of them.
They fell one after the other on the ground close to the incomplete window frame, bleeding to death. Smile eyes widen in shock, he prayed everything should just be a nightmare, he closed and opened his eyes repeatedly.

Li and Tasha, with many girls stepped into the uncompleted building cladded with whites, with guns in their hands.
“Hi, Smile” Li greeted and chuckled, Smile’s eyes widen in recognition.


The eighth cars filled with green landers drove into the uncompleted building roughly, Slaymama came down from the car with gun. Others joined her, as all of them walked into the building gingerly ready for any surprise attack.
She stepped into the room that she kept Smile tied to a chair, and find her girls dead beside the empty window frame. She became angrier when she saw the chair she tied Smile to empty.

She brought out her phone and placed a call to Eva, she placed the phone on her ear.
“F–k you Eva, am coming for you”, she shouted at the receiver angrily, “mad mama” Eva teased and laughed loudly, “come get me b-tch!” Eva said and laughed then ended the call.
She removed the phone from her ear and breathed dejectedly.


After Smile has eaten and taken his bath, he knelt beside the bed and prayed. After the prayer, he sat on the bed and meditate on the words of God. The door pushed open by Eva who wore bumshort and a loose top, Smile shivered in freight when she saw Eva.

She closed the door behind, and laid on the door. She closed her eyes and breathed before moving towards him, she sat beside him. “Am sorry for whatever I made you pass through” she told him.

“Am not .. an.g..ry, ca..n I go b..ack t..o hostel?” Smile asked her stuttering, she quickly flashed him a quick look, Smile shuddered.
“Why? Here is safe for you” Eva replied, plea in her eyes.
“I can’t stay here, please let me go” Smile begged tears gathered in his eyes, Eva shrugged. She leaned for kiss, Smile turned his face. She touch his chin and directed his face to her’s, their lips clicked and they kiss slowly, Eva disengaged the kiss looking deep into his eyes.

Eva stood up from the bed “fine, tomorrow. I’ll take you to the school campus, but please don’t leave the campus for any reason” she advised him and left the room, Smile sat on the bed and prayed for forgiveness.


Eva’s car pulled over at the front of the hostel, “we are here!” She announced happily, Smile looked at her. “Eva, please stay away from me. My Bible tells me if my left eye will make me sin, I should remove it. Please, stay away” he begged and came down from the car and walked away, ignoring Eva who was calling out to him.
Eva became furious, she reversed the car angrily and drove out of the campus.


all these kisses Sha…πŸ˜’ona no go gimme kiss too?

πŸ˜•Our Eva is angry, Smile why?😭😭😭


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