Episode 10

Smile looked at them frighten by the guns they held, he almost peed in his pant. The three girls wore green barret, “blaze in!” One of them commanded him, she pushed him into the car. Smile started praying inwardly, as they spray gunshots in the air.

Cars coming to that direction quickly reversed and drove away, they market was deserted by traders and buyers. It looks like human beings have never been there before. After several hours people started coming to that vicinity, police officers came around to investigate what has happened.


In a bar, people sat in tables as they drink and gist. Some are on their feet swinging to the musics playing out of the speakers, it was evening as the bartenders carried drinks to serve customers.
At a corner of the bar is aired with smokes, a boy sat alone in the corner. He wore simple jacket, that shows his muscular body. Bottles stood on his table, some empty and some filled, while he is drinking one of it.

He was busy smoking, when the white Angels of death came into the bar. The three girls, immediately brought out their guns. Some people jumped out of the bar through the window, and some laid face down on the floor shivering.

The boy who was at the corner stood up and ran, they released bullets at him. The bullets that touched him, did no harm him. He flee the window and ran away, “f–k!” One of the white Angels death cursed under her breathe, three of them pursued after him with their guns.

He ran on the busy road that the gun shots has scared people away, he wanted to enter another road that connects the T-junction when a car speedily hits him “aaahh” he groaned in pains as he fell hard on the tarred road close to the gutter.

Eva came down from the car smiling, “chief pilot, hahaha!” She said and laughed mockingly watching him struggle on the floor, blood filled his mouth. She pointed the gun at him and shot him repeatedly till he can’t breathe anymore.

She quickly ran into her car and reversed crazily then drove off, as people peered from their hide out.


Slay mama and two other girls were smoking and drinking in a room, when two girls walked into the room that guns and bottles laid on the floor. They greeted and hailed each other, they paid obeisance to slaymama who busied herself with the cigarette she held.

“Ona dey with the fine bobo?” She asked them basking in the cigarettes she held. “Yes, slaymama” they replied her in unison. She simply nodded, and the girls left her with her companions. Her phone rang, she picked it.

“What!” She screamed into the receiver, as the news of the death of the pilot was informed to her. The call ended, she stood walking around in a circle breathing anger.

“Eva!” She breathed out in anger with clenched fist. “Slaymama, wetin happen?” One of the girls with her asked, “Eva don fall Jaja!” She said within her teeth furiously. The two girls were shocked with the news, she grabbed her phone and left the room with the phone placed in her ear.


A car pulled over in the front of the four floors hostel, Eva came down from the car and placed dark shade on her eyes. It was Evening, as the sun set in the sky.
She hasn’t step twice into her direction when her phone rang, she saw a private number as the ID on the screen.

She picked the call and placed the phone on her ear, “hello!” She said into the receiver.

“Eva, Eva, Eva!!” Slaymama replied on the line, Eva giggled.

“By now you have check his hostel if he is there, well he isn’t. He is with me” she told Eva, who frowned in confusion. Her brain clicked that she is referring to Smile.

“You are a coward, why don’t you face me?” She shouted touching her forehead.

“Easy, lover girl. I never touch am yet, by tomorrow if you no show for Badmus, I go drop am and the matter no go reach anywhere, goodluck” Slaymama told her and ended the call.
Eva entered her car and drove out of the premises.


Smile sat on a chair his hands tied behind and his legs tied to the chair legs, his eyes blindfolded by his captors. Four girls stood with guns, Slaymama came into the room with two girls behind her.

“Slay mama!” The girls guarding the room hailed her.
She waved at them and placed cigarette stick betwixt her lips and lit it, she ordered them to remove his blindfold.

Smile saw the dangerous looking beautiful ladies and shivered in fear, “this guy fine oh, chai… My pant don wet” Slaymama said and dropped the cigarette on the ground, she stepped on it and quench the cigarette.


Eva smoked helplessly sitting on her bed, she wore only white panties as she waited for response from Li and Tasha, the two of her friends came in. She sprang up “what’s up?” Eva threw at them.

“Nothing come out Eva” Li replied and slummed on the bed beside Eva, Tasha sat on the sofa in her bedroom.

Eva stood up from her bed and wore a white trouser, and white shirt. She took a black band and tied around her forehead, she wore a black shoe and tucked guns on her body.
Li quickly stood up “where you dey go?” She asked Eva, who ignored and took the smoking cigarette.

Fear graced Tasha face as she looked afraid of what Eva is about to do, “you wan face all green landers alone?” She asked her unbelievably, she ignored her and took her gun, with some charm amulets and walked away, slamming the door loudly behind her.


Slaymama walked close to Smile and pulled off his trouser from his waist, “please, suffer not my soul to sin” Smile cried out and the other girls laughed loudly, Slaymama looked at him confused and laughed.

She ordered her girls to block his mouth from speaking, they did. She pulled his boxer and his innocent sleeping fine d—k laid on his laps appeared, she held it and grinned “this kind d—k need to be s–k like lollipop” she told her girls and they laughed.

Her phone rang while she was jerking him up and ready to take his size into her mouth.


Smile will you keep quiet and enjoy the blowjob!😒

Slaymama, if he doesn’t want. Me i want am bad bad🤷



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