Episode 1

In a wide sitting room, Smile sat on a sofa. With text books and a Bible beside him, he has three days to write his own Post UTME in the university he applied for in Jamb.
His parents has left him all alone to attend a wedding function of a friend over the weekend, Smile came back from the church and wore a short with a top before he started his own preparation.

The door push open, a slim girl tall and fair came in. Her hairs long to her shoulders, she wore a very slim fit gown that shows her panties outlines. Expensive make-up graced her face showing an artwork beauty, the gown stretched to her legs but torn to her lap, on her right leg.

Smile raised her head up and saw her, frown graced his face as he glared at her “Grace, where are you going dress like this?” He asked her.

She dropped on the sofa and a smile played on her lips “to stay with you ofcourse” she replied him. Smile shrugged, he averted his eyes to the Bible and continued reading. “Are you the only one at home?” Grace asked him, he only nodded.

He had told her twice in the church, he wondered why she kept on asking him the same question. Grace snatch the Bible from Smile, “am here, you are busy reading your Bible” she told Smile angrily, Smile relaxed and folded his arms staring at her.

She shifted closer to Smile who shifted uncomfortably on the sofa, she giggled. She bent so that her face will come face to face with that of Smile, Smile quickly stood up.
“Grace! What is the meaning of all these? You came here almost dressed unclad, is it not written that the hairs of a woman is her beauty?” Smile said to her while he stood.

“Forget about the Bible Smile, you are handsome and I love you. We have been friends for years, let me just be your girlfriend. I want to give you sex before those University girls will take you away from me” Grace replied him standing up.

“Is it not written in the Bible that we should flee from fornication, it seems you have nothing to do here. The Bible says if your left eye will make you sin, pluck it out. Grace leave!” Smile pointed at the door.

“What! Smile, you are sending me out of your house?” Grace asked Smile.

“It is written in the bib…” Grace cut him off with her hand raised up.

“Hang it there! I no blame you at all, impotent!” She replied him angrily and took her purse, she walked fast to the door and slammed it behind her.

Smile knelt and prayed.


A Month Later, Smile ran into their fenced house happily. He went straight to the kitchen were his mother is preparing lunch “mama, I’ve been given admission” he shouted happily.

“May God be praised” Her mother sang happily as she dance around the kitchen, almost allowing what she was cooking to get burnt.

Smile watch happily, she removed the pot from fire.

“Go tell your father” his mother instructed him, Smile went upstairs to were his father is sleeping on the bed.

He jumped on the bed “dad, I made it!” He screamed happily waking his father, who pride smile graced his face. His only son always makes him proud, he prayed for him and also told him that they will give thanks to God during the family evening devotion before they will sleep.


Three Weeks Later.

Smile has already moved to the school compound, after he has paid his acceptance fee and School fee. With his hostel fee that he is allocated to a hostel in Abuja Campus.

After the freshers as they are fondly called, have done their physical clearance in the admission block and also done their medical in the school clinic.

The first day of Lecture, Smile and his room mate who is also his coursemate. The hall was large, since they are having GES. A general course, Smile was very early so he took a seat at the front.

Students of different courses troop in , in their various numbers. Male and female as they March in, the seats in the hall wasn’t able to get to everyone. Smile waited happily for the lecturer to appear but a student climbed the podium.

“The class has been cancelled” the general course rep. announced, Smile wasn’t happy. He has waited patiently for this moment to take his first lecture.

Several announcements were made by various course reps. Notable one is the one that is made by Smile’s course rep. That asked them to check their WhatsApp group forum to check the location that they will celebrate their fresher’s night.

“Cyril, what do they do in fresher’s night. Why must they do it in the night?” Smile asked his friend as they both walked to the hostel from the lecture ‘s hall.

“Only to know each other na, don’t you want to know your coursemates?” Cyril replied him with question, Smile shrugged.

“I don’t want my feet to go to where that will not please the Lord” Smile replied.

“I don hear oh, pastor Smile” Cyril replied and raised his hands in resignation.

They quicken their feet when the sun was up, two girls walked pass them whispering to each other about how handsome Smile is.

“No dull, those babes dey give you greenlight” Cyril told Smile, who glared at him and walked on “wait na, this your pastor sef ehnn… Person nofit follow you play” Cyril said as he ran to catch up with him.


Smile and Cyril stepped into the hotel that loud music is playing out of the speakers, Smile stood at the entrance and scan the pool side.

They were girls only on their panties and boys dancing with girls, some drinking and smoking. “Cyril, I can’t go in here oh, let’s go back” Smile raised his voice so that his friend could hear him.

“Your head is paining you oh, I nodey commot here till the party is over” Cyril replied with his voice raised. “Ooohh–!” He shouted and danced towards the merry crowd.

Smile stood from afar praying for God to forgive them, Eva and two girls walked in that moment. Eva tapped his shoulder, her two friends left her and joined the merry crowd.

Smile turned and behold Eva gracious face, her soft eyes, and attractive natural pink lips. Her long hairs dropped to her waist from behind, Smile didn’t realize his mouth was wide open.

“Jesu-!” He shouted when his eyes come in contact with Eva’s exposed cleavage. Eva couldn’t help it but laughed.


Is this boy a man😋

All these opportunities nofit pass me by oh😳


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