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💖 Anne’s POV 💖
Jeremy are you really serious?” I asked with an arched brow, words can’t just explain how befuddled I am this moment, this is a school I came into by mere luck,
I’m not rich or sophiscated.. every girls which are from rich background are here and they would love to be the girl to act that scene..
What would really be of me when they hears that me a mere hawker is the girl choosed by Jeremy..
This is ridiculous..
“Anne, I have been the guy acting that scene time the world and I’ve been doing that with Sophia but this very time, I want it to be you and you alone” Jeremy said solemnly,
“Who is that Sophia?” I asked anxiously,
“She is my ex..” he replied scratching his head,
“She is your ex? Where is she and..please explain to me well, I’ve nothing and accepting you is a great risk to my life you know” I said peering into his sparkling eyes,
“I am also taking a risk being with you” he breathed with his head resting on his palm,
“Really.. how?” I asked
“You see, I…”
“Jeremy!!” Someone called from behind,
We both trailed the voice and found the person to be the drama instructor,
“Ugh..” Jeremy replied slowly,
“Please I want to talk to the both of you, I would love if you would spare me few of your time!” He beckoned
Jeremy turned to me and I nodded,
We both followed the man to his office,
“Thanks for answering my call..em.. Jeremy who do you have in mind for that drama?” He asked with a serious tone,
“Why asking?..”
“Tell him your mind” I interrupted immediately making him make a sigh,
“She is the one” Jeremy breathed pointing at me and the man smiled,
“I have always been watching you act on the stage and you have been acting that scene with that girl Sophia right?” He inquired and Jeremy nodded,
“Who is that girl to you?” He queried and Jeremy’s face went berserk,
“You don’t have any right to peep into my affair you know?” Jeremy said and the man smiled,
“Are you in love with Anne?” He asked and Jeremy sighed again,
“Uhm., why do you ask?”
“I am an experienced man and I have gone through many things in my teen age, I just want you to come to me for guidance and advice whenever you find yourself In a deep confusion in terms of your relationship affairs” the man said and Jeremy hissed and stood up,
“Thank you sir” I said and we both walked out,
“Jeremy I think that man has a point” I said
“He is talking gibberish” Jeremy said walking to the class,
“Don’t you think that Sophia of a girl may..”
“Shhhh..she would do nothing, stop stressing your self” Jeremy assured with a smile and pecked my cheek making me giggle,
We both walked into the class and sat down although break time wasn’t yet over, Lisa wasn’t even in the class and I really thank God for that, at least let me have a little peace of mind,
“Jeremy have you even tried reading your books” I said to Jeremy who was busy moping at the board,
“Uhm, I’m more intelligent than the teachers in this school” he replied with a chuckled
“Bloody liar!!” I half yelled making him laugh,
“Ask me anything” he said bracing up,
“Anything at all?” I queried with an arched brow,
“Yeah, anything you can think of” he said with a gloating smile,
“Okay, uhmmm.. define the term Standard electrode potential?” I asked smiling gloatly,
“Hahahaha, that’s is a simple question dear.. it is defined as the measure of the tendency of an element to form ion in solution relative to the tendency of hydrogen atom to form ion in solution at standard condition” he answered without ease,
“omg!!, Jeremy, how..did you know that easily” I asked really amazed
“that’s how intelligent I’m for you” he said proudly then held my palm,
“so do you agree to act that great scene with me? he asked happily
“emm, okay then I..”
“Anne!!!” someone bawled immediately interrupting me
I looked up and saw a young girl staring at me with her arm akimbo,
“what is it?” I and Jeremy said in unison,
“I never called you Jeremy, Anne your attention is needed, the school proprietor want to see you” the girl said angrily,
“uhm, really? okay let’s go” I said and stood up,
“I’m following you” Jeremy said
“no, she isn’t your wife that you’ll be following everywhere, you aren’t even ashamed befriending this poor girl” the girl said with digusts,
“shut your trash, I’m coming…”
“Jeremy, don’t worry, the proprietor is a good man, I’ll be fine” I said calmly and Jeremy sighed then sat down,
“no problem” he said and fondled my cheek,
“be back fast please, I’m bored without you” he said and I smiled,
I followed the girl out of the class, it was break time and almost everyone are all out of the class room, the truth is that as much as I am happy to meet the proprietor, I was still somehow nervous and some kind of anxiety was growing deep inside me,
“please walk faster!” she urged as we walked through the hallway,
“okay no problem” I mumbled and increase my pace,
Just as we walked further a little bit, someone came out of nowhere and grab me into one room at the corner,
As we got into the room, he released his grip on me and what I saw left me trembling,
sitting on a sofa was Lisa and around her was many student which are mainly my classmate,
“Lisa what is the meaning of this?” I asked angrily standing up,
“you don’t know the meaning? okay I’ll teach you what it means..” she said and snapped her finger,
just then, two boys walked up to me,
“what is it? what!!..” a hot slap landed on my cheek and I found myself sprawling on the floor,
that was when it dawned on me that I was in a hot soup, the proprietor wasn’t calling me, I was just tricked into Lisa’s trap,
with speed, I made to run out from the closed door but one of the boys grabbed me by my neck tightly, the other guy gave me another slap and this time blood forced itself out of my mouth,pain surged though my whole body,
“Lisa what is my crime!!” I bawled
“you insulted me by disrespecting my order, you think I’m a fool right?” Lisa replied and laughed out evily,
She stood up and walked up to me,
“leave me alone, I did no wrong to you!!” I screamed in pain,
A full bucket of water splashed on my whole body leaving me drenched,
Lisa slapped me thrice and the boys tore my cloth and started lashing me mercilessly, excruciating pain surged through my whole body,
I was still trying to absorb the pain when I heard the word that left me choking,
“Rape her!!” Lisa’s voice sounded,
“No oooooo!! please I beg you don’t do this to me, I promise I’m not gonna go near Jeremy, please don’t…”
“there is no need for begging..” Lisa laughed,
“do as I said now!!” she said to the boys who happily rushed to me lustfully, the girl was just making jest and laughing at me to scorn,
I layed helplessly..
tears filled my face, the boys rushed for my shorts and made to tore it,
I struggled but couldn’t restrain them,
but just as they made to go ahead, I heard a voice, I heard the voice like that of Jeremy,
“What are you boys doing!!!!” The voice growled and turning sideways, I saw Jeremy’s figure at the door post..

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